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  1. ben2go

    Home electrical help please.

    My house lost partial power.Everything slowed down(fans),and the lights dimmed.At first I though it was a brown out, which I have never encountered before.I got up to go check the electrical panel and noticed,everything else in the house was working properly.So out comes the trust ole...
  2. ben2go

    Concrete pad,to seal or not to seal?That is the question.

    My father poured this pad 31 years ago.It had one of those Sears metal buildings on it.It rusted away many years ago.Now I am in the planning stages of erecting a stick built building on it.This building will house our personal effects while we remodel my father's old mobile home.The pad caused...
  3. ben2go

    Saw blades,circular and jig saw type.

    Yesterday I was cutting 23/32 inch OSB.Both my circular saw (skill saw) and my jig saw (reciprocating) saw kept kicking back.I have a steel ripping blade with hardened teeth on my circular saw.It has 3 to 5 cuts on it prior to yesterdays antics.My jig saw has a new standard fine tooth steel...
  4. ben2go

    Cutting out flooring close to a wall question

    I am replacing the sub flooring in a bathroom.The floor joist runs right below, and about an inch out, under a wall.I can't figure out how to get that last couple inches of the old sub floor out, so the new sub floor can lay on top of the joist.Anyone have any clever ideas,or should I suck it...
  5. ben2go

    Gravel foundation boarder questions.

    My property slopes toward the mobile home on it.I am planning to build a reenforced concrete block retaining wall under the mobile home on the slope side.After I do the retaining wall,I am planning to install french drains on the outside of it.I will back fill with crush run.I'd like to top it...
  6. ben2go

    Fence post spacing for non animal enclosure

    I have been having problems with people driving through my lot instead of using the roads.This had led to my septic tank caving in and my leech fields become so compacted they no longer work properly.Not to mention the ruts and roughness when cutting grass.So I am putting up a weld wire...
  7. ben2go

    How do I join ABS pipe to PVC pipe?

    I know I could probably "google" it,but I'd rather hear from people that have successfully done it.I am still working on the mobile home I been posting about the past few months.I just completed replacing the main sewer line to the septic tank after a back up ruined the bathroom and floor.Now I...
  8. ben2go

    WTB in Upstate South Carolina small older garden tractor.

    I am looking to buy a small older garden tractor in ready to use running condition close to Spartanburg,SC.I am looking for a tractor with around a 54 inch deck with a sleeve hitch and preferably a cat 0 three point.I need to pull a 48 inch box blade/back blade,a bucket scoop,dozer blade,and...
  9. ben2go

    How can I run a sewer line trench under a mobile home?

    I recently posted about a mobile home I own that has been having trouble with the septic system.After leveling the MH and doing a lot of other work,we decided to rerun the main sewer line from the MH to the septic tank.It had the wrong type pipe with to many bends and joints,it also to small for...
  10. ben2go

    Leveling a mobile home question.

    I am leveling a mobile home.When I have done it in the past I used a water level.This mobile home is on an incline and the frame on one end is below grade.I can't use a water level on the first third of the MH.What other options do I have to level the MH?I don't have access to a laser level and...
  11. ben2go

    Can someone name this house plant?

    My son got one of those Magic Beans in a can for Christmas.So far we have been happy with it's quick growth.I'd like to know more about the plant and it's name but I can't find a name on the website for it.This is what he has. Products Quality Assurance Can someone put a name to the plant?It...
  12. ben2go

    Leech Field Collapse-Repair Help

    My septic system leech fields drain lines have collapsed and caused a sewage back up into the house. My current leech fields are set up like this. I would like to flip it, run my gravel,then my drain lines with black plastic membrane over everything.There is a slope from the upper end of the...
  13. ben2go

    Pics not showing up

    I was going back through some older threads and the pics loaded into the forum (not from a hosting site) are only showing up as links.IS this something I can change in my personal settings or is it a new forum issue?
  14. ben2go

    Pricing bush hog and driveway/road work?

    I am trying to work a deal for a Ford 4000 tractor.I should have it by the end of Febuary.If it falls through I will take the next deal.Either way,I will be running a tractor around 50HP. Now my issue. In a couple months, a few companies will start taking bids for bush hog work and a local HOA...
  15. ben2go

    "SUPER LOAD" came through my area.

    "SUPER LOAD" came through my area.New Pics Super Load came through my general area tonight.I had to go see it.It's a giant stator for a Duke Energy power plant in Boiling Springs,NC.Here is the LINK to news footage.All the updates are listed below the video.I have helped move some big stuff...
  16. ben2go

    Older CUT tractors.What to buy?

    I have never personally owned a tractor.I have operated quite a few MF,Fords,and comercial grade JD,Ford,and Cat.Most of my experience is in general pasture work,drainage,and installing septic systems.I currently maintain our family property which is only two acres.It has two drives and a dirt...