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  1. jimmyj

    New galvanized trailer, how to protect from corrosion

    Hi all. I just bought a galvanized utility trailer and on the way home I had to drive on a gravel road that they had just graded and sprayed calcium chloride. I had planned to wash the guck off the trailer when I got home but I forgot and today when I went out I noticed some pretty bad pitting...
  2. jimmyj

    Roof replacement advice needed

    Hi gang. I need your advice about the work I am about to do at our home. I am going to get the local code requirements tomorrow but in the meantime I'm in a quandary. The house is not quite 30 years old and the existing roof is OSB sheets 16" OC. The OSB is frighteningly thin, I think it's...
  3. jimmyj

    Fluorescent light question, can i remove 1 of 3 bulbs?

    I have a retail store and it was just remodelled. The engineer recommended against LED lighting, which I wondered about as there are a LOT of light fixtures. The fixtures are brand new 4 foot long, each with one electronic ballast and 3 T8 32 watt bulbs (with a reflector). There are 311...
  4. jimmyj

    Bad car drive on flooded road - what was she thinking

    I mean I am glad people helper her, but geeezzz... Video Gallery - The Weather Network
  5. jimmyj

    Going to the 100th Indy 500!

    So my wife and I and two friends just got tickets to the 100th running of the Indy 500! I've been to NASCAR races but never an Indy race and the 500 has been on my bucket list for some time. Have any of you been to the 500? Any suggestions for what our "must see" or "must do" items should...
  6. jimmyj

    What type of vacation do you like?

    For about 30 years all my wife and I have done when we have time off work is stay home and work on one thing or another with the occasional day trip thrown in. There actually were two vacations we took, one just about 30 years ago when we drove around Quebec for a couple of weeks and 3 days we...
  7. jimmyj

    Well pressure switch not cutting in

    I'm having this odd problem and I wonder if any of you have any ideas. I have a convertible jet pump that works on a 60 foot drilled well. Water is down about 30 feet and the pipes go down about 45 or 50 feet. Standard rig, injector at the bottom. Pump runs on 110 15 amp circuit and is in a...
  8. jimmyj

    Video of worst roofing job ever

    Wow, all I can say is WOW?
  9. jimmyj

    Pig roast timing issues, can i cook the pig the day before?

    I know it is not the preferred method, but is there any health reason I cannot cook a pig (pig roast style) a day in advance of a party? Specifically, I would cook it, let it rest and then cut it all up and put into metal trays in the fridge. The day of the party I would transport it onto...
  10. jimmyj

    What guage wire to use

    Hi all. I have to power a new hot tub. The tub comes with a 40 amp GFCI and the wire run will be 55 feet. What do you guys think for the correct guage? Should I go #8? The wire has to come through the wall of the house from the panel, and will run in a zig zag route around the...
  11. jimmyj

    man cuts down protected trees on preserve to have a better view - genius

    I don't know if there is more to this story but it sure sounds like a remorseless selfish act. News - Man chops down 22 protected trees to improve his view - The Weather Network Thought some of you man find it interesting.
  12. jimmyj

    Hollywood legends, I like Audrey Hepburn. Who is yours?

    There are so many different people we hold in high esteem, albeit for different reasons. I've been watching a lot of old movies lately and am smitten with Audrey Hepburn. So classically beautiful, a war survivor, noble by birth, talented and filled with benevolence. She's the sort of...
  13. jimmyj

    Ferrari F1 engine comparison V6 V8 V10 V12

    The thread about "do you like the sound of your vehicle" made me remember this video. It is great!!! Which do you like best? I like the V12 and V10 way more than the V6 or V8.
  14. jimmyj

    CK30 won't start again, must be low voltage but where.

    So every fall my CK30 has the same issue. Turn ignition switch on, buzzing from glow plug relay, won't start. Have had good advice on this forum before but even after searching threads I cannot figure it out this year. Last year tractor would start no problem if I ran a jumper from negative...
  15. jimmyj

    Snow pusher ok for CK30 hst

    Hi all. I've been thinking of improving my snow removal by changing the front bucket on the tractor to a snow pusher or plow blade. I know the subframe blades such as sold by Michigan Iron are the best way to go but a recent ad for an items for sale near me looks interesting. Does anyone have...
  16. jimmyj

    SUV hit by train, what were they thinking???

    How on earth could anyone do this with their family in the car...
  17. jimmyj

    The 10,000th kioti won't start thread (sigh)

    Every year I have a problem at the end of the summer whereby my negative battery cable needs to be removed, the battery terminal cleaned, the frame rail connection cleaned and the cable reinstalled to keep my CK30 starting. This year, same old symptoms started to show up. 1. Turn key on...
  18. jimmyj

    Lost my senses of taste and smell!

    So this is a new one. I got a terrible sinus and chest cold about a month ago. It's still lingering a bit but one day about half way through the ordeal, I suddenly lost almost all of my sense of taste and I've lost all of my sense of smell. Has anyone else experienced this? Did it come...
  19. jimmyj

    Formula 1 racing 2013 season

    Since there was a teeny bit of interest to the F1 thread last year I will try again this year. Who's ready and waiting for the first race? I know I'm excited to see Hammy at Mercedes this year and Lotus will certainly be very strong. Red Bull seems to be the favorite again, with Seb's odds...
  20. jimmyj

    Did I miss it? Where is the "front porch"?

    Did it get the axe?
  21. jimmyj

    Unusual, remarkable silo demolition - save the roof!

    This is amazing. (Lucky for the one guy who was way too close!) Funny dancing falling Silo!!!!!! - YouTube
  22. jimmyj

    End of the world Dec 21, what are you doing about it?

    Me, I think I'll have ribs and a baked potato. How about you all?
  23. jimmyj

    Great Lakes trivia thread

    Did you know.... -Samuel de Champlain was the 1st European to see them -The watershed covers 540,000 square km (208,000 sq miles) -The drainage basin is 91% forested -Their shoreline is over 17,000 km (10,500 miles) -The surface area is 244,000 sq km -They hold 20% of the worlds fresh water...
  24. jimmyj

    My new home "castle" - ok maybe not but WOW

    I am an internet real estate junky. I have started looking at properties on Europe now and check out the new digs I am going to purchase as soon as that big truckload of money comes in. It's got a cinema, a separate restaurant on the grounds, a pile of acres and is for sale fully furnished...
  25. jimmyj

    Lakeridge equipment uxbridge closing

    Sadly my dealer is folding up shop end of this month. My nearest dealer is now 45 minutes away. Sucks. If anyone knows of a dealer in Ontario they really like that isn't too far from Uxbridge please let me know who and where they are.
  26. jimmyj

    Sleep habits, mine are a disaster. How 'bout you?

    I've gotta say the way I sleep is bizarre. I roll around, wake up about every hour, twist the sheets up, snore, wake up and read a book for 2 hours in the middle of the night. My wife and I now sleep in two different rooms on two different floors of the house because of this. It's so bad...
  27. jimmyj

    Aging female rock stars, youtube vid

    Stumbled across this. Three comments.... 1. Pat Benatar and Joan Jett are getting hotter! 2. Debbie Harry was way beautiful when she was young, never realized how much. 3. There have to be more vids like this one, I'm on the hunt!!! And, lastly, the comment that shall not be spoken of...
  28. jimmyj

    No start = another bad battery connection

    Thanks to all of you who have posted on the 'no start' topic in the past. A little forum searching on my part led me to suspect the dreaded bad ground and voila, she's up and running again. Years ago on my Allis Chalmers I actually had a relatively new positive cable go bad in the middle. It...
  29. jimmyj

    Air filter change, wow!

    I must admit with some ebarassment that despite on schedule oil changes, regular greasing and so on I had forgotten about the air filter. The other day I changed it (at 430 hours:shocked:) and WOW what a difference. The tractor has more power by a noticeable margin. The old filter was just...
  30. jimmyj

    Soft winter = bad bugs this year?

    The fact that I'm getting swarmed by mosquitoes down back this week makes me wonder if the mild winter is going to cause a huge influx of bugs this year. If we have a wet spring I think we will be in trouble. In the pet store I expect we will be selling A LOT of pesticide products for flea...
  31. jimmyj

    Formula 1 baby

    Hey, I love F1 racing. Now I am a NASCAR fan too but F1 is my true passion. Anybody else here into the F1? (Just for you Short Game!)
  32. jimmyj

    The Avatar thread

    I like to change my avatar when the mood strikes me. So, I wonder how you have decided upon yours. Do you keep it the same or change it from time to time? Here is a history of the ones that I have had and the reasons for them, if any. I'm sure I've forgotten a few too. Barney Fife. I...
  33. jimmyj

    Winter, what do you like about it?

    The pet peeve about winter thread got me thinking about what I like about it. I love -how pretty it is -how clean the air is -no bugs -snowmobiling -walks in the woods where it's usually too wet to go -seeing animal tracks -plowing snow (yes, I really like doing it) What about you?
  34. jimmyj

    How do you cook steak?

    I love steak, but rarely make it at home because I just can't make it as good as at a proper steak restaurant. How about you TBN'ers share your best steak cooking secrets with the rest of us. Note: I have a gas and a charcoal grill so I'm eager to try lots of new things. What cuts do you...
  35. jimmyj

    Why buy a pickup when you can get...

    One of these? I have a regular car and a minivan and my old truck is getting tired. I've started looking around and want something that can actually work and haul. In my search I stumbled...
  36. jimmyj

    Race car uh oh moment!!!

    Check this out!! (nobody gets hurt) Not really what you'd expect when accelerating to 203 mph. [VIDEO]
  37. jimmyj

    TBN replaces the UN. The world's best yet to come!!!

    The thread about trespassing and theives contains a suggestion that TBN'ers would make good minutemen. I think that concept is awesome, so I'm making a list of why TBN'ers have one up on the rest of the masses. Here are some thoughts about why TBN'ers could rule the world if there is major...
  38. jimmyj

    Mechron, what options would you get?

    I can't afford one right now but if I got one I'd get the following options (note, I am not sure what all of the options are but for the start...) Dang I want one of these things! - windsheild - roof - snow plow - winch - brush guard - powered box dump lifter What would you guys consider...
  39. jimmyj

    rally car navigator translation

    Can anyone tell me what the prompts mean from the rally car navigator? Right 4 plus, etc. YouTube - ‪FULL RUN - Travis Pastrana's rally hillclimb up Mt. Washington‬‏
  40. jimmyj

    Joplin MO disaster

    I know there were terrible storms in more places that Joplin but when I read the news I found this link. It's and chilling to say the least, particularly for someone like me who really has never been exposed to tornadoes. There is no foul language and there are no graphic images. It's just...
  41. jimmyj

    Ice harvesting Pocono

    YouTube - Pocono Manor Ice Harvest in 1919 Lot's of manpower, and horsepower.
  42. jimmyj

    Pheasant or grouse trap I made

    I have not caught anything yet but I've had a pheasant all around it. (The bird actually escaped from my aviary). It's an old rabbit cage that I took the floor out of and modified the door on. A quick easy project and hopefully I can catch me some birds. I actually reattached the floor along...
  43. jimmyj

    1 truck part made in USA, Canada, +++

    I thought this was interesting so I'll share. I broke the front sway bar link on my truck (Dodge ram) so I bought a new one at the auto parts store. ($92 but that's another story). Anyhow, the link itself was made in Canada, the rubber bushings and nuts were from the USA. The little washer...
  44. jimmyj

    Cofra Thermic boots, any experience?

    Saw these for the first time at TSC yesterday. They are on sale for $99.99. They sound pretty good, but I thought I'd ask if any of you have used them or heard about them? : : : : C O F R A : : : s a f e t y w o r k w e a r : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Cofra Thermic, the ideal solution...
  45. jimmyj

    Worlds scariest path, afraid of heights?

    How did they build this thing? The scariest path in the world?
  46. jimmyj

    You tube vid of various tanks

    At a show in England somewhere. YouTube - Great Sounding Tanks.Bovington Tankfest 2008.
  47. jimmyj

    Old logging pictures

    There are 39 pics. Some interesting ones. I find #22 and #39 very interesting. NOTE: despite the title of the link nothing funny about them. Really funny stuff - When Trees Were Huge... (39 pics)
  48. jimmyj

    Children and farm dangers

    This was in my local paper. The stats are Canadian but I can't imagine they are much different elsewhere. I could not find a link so I just typed it out. Deaths to children living on farms exceeded national all-cause unintentional fatal injury rates among Canadian children aged one to six by...
  49. jimmyj

    Let's see your hats

    I'll start off, various hats including my Kioti cap on the tractor when it was new. Accidentally put a picture of my Allis in this and don't know how to remove it. Ha ha It's not a very good hat.
  50. jimmyj

    Put her in pond - not bad but what now?

    A while back I put the back end of my tractor (CK30 hst) into the water. It was in up to the rear axle for about 2 days (took a while to get it out). I went to the dealer to ask if there were breathers or any other areas water could get into the differential or ?? and he said I was not deep...