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  1. Deere Dude

    Wrong size tube, now what to do?

    I have a JD Garden Tractor that used a 18x8.50x8 front tubeless tire. It has two old plugs that are slightly leaking. I need to add air every other day. I bought a new tube on Amazon and came in today but the size I ordered was correct but I received a 18x8.50x9.50R8 with TR13 valve (...
  2. Deere Dude

    Rear Finish Mower Change Oil in Rear Finish Mower

    I have a Land Pride FDR2584 rear finish mower. I have maybe 400 hours on it of medium duty use. In my operators manual there is no mention of changing oil but for some reason I have penciled in to change oil at 200 hours. Does it need to be changed? I was going to change it today but how in...
  3. Deere Dude

    Bush Hog Gearbox Oil?

    I acquired a Bush Hog and have no idea of the manufacturer. I beautified it but want to change the gearbox oil but am at a loss. Can you give me some direction as to type of oil. I am thinking 85 w 90 possibly.
  4. Deere Dude

    Movable Shooting Backstop.

    This is my target stand for shooting. The pic shows up small for some reason but is 2.5' wide and 6' high. The bullets blow through it and hit a hill or lawn in a wooded safe area. I have a wooded 75' foot hill on both sides of the lawn. One side has houses on top. It works fine so far...
  5. Deere Dude

    Want a MIG welder, but what kind?

    I want to weld light steel and maybe heavy sheet metal and have it look fair. I have a 220 volt stick welder for much / most of my heavier welding needs but want a toy, basically. I went to TSC but would I want a flux core wire or do i need a gas or argon setup? I am not sure if a 110...
  6. Deere Dude

    Cheap Batteries at "Drive Sales Mall"

    Pricing batteries for my 02 GMC Duramax. Group 78 1000 CCA @0 850 [email protected] Napa $140 + core Walmart $94 + core Then I found a place online "Drive Sales Mall" for $75 with free same day shipping. The price is good for the same battery as Walmart. Online instruction says bring core back to store...
  7. Deere Dude

    Decorative Windmill Wood

    I am in the beginning stages of making a few windmills sort of like this one. The question I have is, what kind of wood should I use? Everything will get painted with a sealer and then a colored latex acrylic topcoat, maybe. I want to use pine of some sort for cost sake. But I question...
  8. Deere Dude

    Bridge I-Beam cutting.

    I am in the beginning stages of building a 12x24' bridge across a gully. I have 6 8" 20' I-beams I need to make 24' long. That means I need to cut another one into 4' sections. I don't have a torch, bandsaw, plasma cutter or anything fancy. I do have 4-1/2" grinders and chop saws and a...
  9. Deere Dude

    Welding Draft Arm

    Sadly I backed into a tree with my finish mower and broke my 3pt draft link, and worse yet I had to tell my wife. Regardless, I either need to buy a new one or weld this one up. I could take the easy way out and just order one, but I want to try welding it. I wouldn't have a problem just...
  10. Deere Dude

    Condenser Cleaning.

    I need, or want, some liquid that works good for cleaning the fins and tubes of an AC condenser and evaporator coils. Also needs to be effective for cleaning tractor radiator and truck radiator. Any idea of what brand would be a safe and effective but easy kind of cleaner where I can spray in...
  11. Deere Dude

    Halloween pictures

    I normally don't pay attention to Halloween BS but driving past my neighbors house I came close to stopping in to help him out. I slowed down anyway.. A few weeks later I did stop for the pictures that I thought were cute.
  12. Deere Dude

    I Beam Hauling

    I am hauling maybe a dozen 20' 6,8 and 10" I beams on a 28 gn trailer. How is best to tie them down? Lay them flat on trailer or on 2x4s? Circle them with chain to bind them together and then chain over the top with heavy chain and binders? I have a location for a scale to make sure it is...
  13. Deere Dude

    X740 JD starting hiccups. Glow plugs?

    I have an 2009 X740 with 3 cyl. Yanmar and it started nicely even in an unheated pole shed in Wisconsin when the temp would be down to 0 deg F or even colder. I changed the battery a year ago when starting took longer than a couple seconds in medium temperature. I got a Wally world battery...
  14. Deere Dude

    Oil & Fuel JD 3720 Hydro dipstick

    I have a 2010 JD 3720 and have a hydraulic concern. I changed the hydro oil and filter according to the manual. The manual says the capacity is 7 gallons of Lo Vis Hygard. When I drained the oil I found I had about 9 gallons drained and when replaced it took 8.5+ gallons to get it to 1/4"...
  15. Deere Dude

    Air Ride seat contraption on JD.

    I was adjusting my air ride seat on my JD 3720 and came across this little thing in the front edge of the seat. It is about 1.5" long and the tube spins freely spinning it with a finger; no resistance. Does anyone have a clue what it is and does, if anything?
  16. Deere Dude

    Rear Finish Mower Mowing windrows.

    I have a Landpride 84" finish mower and used it for 4 years with no problems at all. The discharge is all open in the rear so clippings I assume were to be dispersed evenly out the rear. But now I am seeing what seems like grass clipping accumulating on the right of discharge. And then I get...
  17. Deere Dude

    Propane generator oil change...when?

    I have a propane Duromax 10k generator for 2-3 years and always run on propane. I have about 32 hours on it today, Do you have any idea how often those generators need oil changed. The oil still looks fairly clean. Thanks
  18. Deere Dude

    Roof stand off for ladder help.

    My house has an open porch with a 5-6/12 pitch roof with metal roof and 5" seamless gutters. How in the world can I lean an extension ladder up against it to get on the roof without crushing the gutter. I had to climb up yesterday half a dozen times and the gutter is getting pretty beat up...
  19. Deere Dude

    Honey Bees or Crap Bees

    I was sawing a a log pile up on my lawn today and when I went back after dinner I noticed that a ton of bees infiltrated a center portion of some chunks.:eek::eek: The cameras didn't pick them up because I took the picture late in the day. I don't know what to do with them other than to run...
  20. Deere Dude

    Trailer Stabilize Leg

    A question on the operation of these legs. The operation of these legs should be straightforward but is there a trick to adjusting these spring loaded legs? To set them downward I need to get on my hands and knees to operate them. When I pull the lever out they slam upward and I almost need...
  21. Deere Dude

    Clear Enamel for Tractor Paint

    Majic Clear Coat High Gloss Laquer, Clear, 1 gal. - For Life Out Here I ran a cross this today and was wondering if anyone ever used this enamel. I painted my RFM a few months ago with their Majic paint and was wondering if this clear enamel would accent it a little more and help the paint...
  22. Deere Dude

    Cattle Panel Bending

    I have 3 4x16' cattle panels to be used for tomato cages. They are to end up being 16" square by 48" tall. I could cut them up and wire 16"x 48" pieces together to get the job done but I was considering just trying to bend a 64" piece 3 times to make a 16" square cage. Wiring them...
  23. Deere Dude

    Stumped with Hardwood Floor.

    I am installing a hardwood floor in the dining area, or trying to. 3/4"x 2-1/4" unfinished oak. Other stuff may be easier but I want this down. The question I have, and googling many sites don't answer this, the nailing procedure. I know there is a fancy air nailer where you smack it with a...
  24. Deere Dude

    FEL Cylinder Holder

    I had misgivings about working under a raised FEL and was looking for a way to make it somewhat safer. Ideas from others were to put it up against a tree, put a stand under it, something with boards under it and some suggeested putting cometjhing on cylinder shaft, so I did that. I made two of...
  25. Deere Dude

    Hydrostatic lags.

    I changed the engine oil and antifreeze the other day in my JD3720. For flushing I put cleaner in then mowed lawn for an hour at recommended PTO speed. Drained and refilled etc. Fairly smooth lawn that was mowed all summer driving with high RPMs for an hour. I took care of the radiator but...
  26. Deere Dude

    How to Tie Down JD3720

    I have JD3720 on my trailer right now and was wondering where to hook the front chain to. I understand crossing the chains and using binders etc. In times past I have already just put a chain around the front axle and tie down to the respective side rail, but that pulled out on the front...
  27. Deere Dude


    Why in the world am I getting Korean posts with Korean print. Must be for the Kubota users.
  28. Deere Dude

    AC in Garage

    I added an attached garage to my house approx 27x40 average with 9' and 10' ceilings. One part drops down a little bit. Approx 1100 sq. ft. It is getting rather warm and sticky in the garage and I want to put a wall mounted AC in. We have a food processing area in a third of it with sink and...
  29. Deere Dude

    Trailer springs to weak.

    I have a 6x10 single axle homemade trailer I want to haul medium diameter oak logs with. The wood is located 6-7 miles from home on back country roads. The axle is rated for 6,000# but the springs are rated for 3500#. A few years ago I changed out the heavy springs so the trailer would ride...
  30. Deere Dude

    Right or Left brain dominant.

    Left or Right Brain Test I followed these 31 quick questions given by psychologists and I am 73% left brain dominant. That seems to be the more analytical area. I don't think I am nuts but sure am not into the arts and instinct and emotional part. Give it a crack. I found it somewhat...
  31. Deere Dude

    LP Pressure is Pressure, or not?

    I have a LP and gas generator that I have run off little 20# LP tanks used for grilling with the hose and connection supplied with the generator. It works great. With storms coming I want to hook it to my 500 gallon tank. The small tank has no gas regulator and I don't know the pressure. The...
  32. Deere Dude

    Concrete Sealer

    I have 2700 sg ft. of exposed aggregate concrete driveway, garage and front porch. I don't think it has ever been sealed and I want top use an acrylic sealer to try to beautify it a little bit. My boy lives in a nice subdivision near Nashville and said all his acquaintances in the...
  33. Deere Dude

    Muskmelon? or what?

    My wife planted a few seeds from a muskmelon pack, but this is what is coming up. Do you have any idea what this is? It almost looks like a squash, but I don't know what to do with it at harvest time. Thanks
  34. Deere Dude

    Alligator Asphalt

    I have a 1300' driveway built around 1996 possibly, with sections that look like the back of an alligator. I never had a blacktop driveway before. The driveway is approx. 8-9' wide and the bad sections are from the edge toward the center about 2-2-1/2 foot in and sometimes 20-50' long in a...
  35. Deere Dude

    Tank vs. Tankless H2O heater

    The situation is; I just bought a house with a 20 year old 50 gal tank LP Power Vent heater in a tight closet. It works fine now but am concerned about a leak then I have to scramble to replace. It will be a bear because the door frame is smaller than the tank. I have a 3/8 coiled copper tube...
  36. Deere Dude

    Wire Amp size in Garage

    I have added a garage/tractor storage to my house. I am putting an overhead heater in; no problem. I want to put a wall AC unit roughly 18000-24000 BTU/H. I don't have a unit picked out yet, but expect it to be 220V. What size amp draw would that size AC take for 220. I understand it is all...
  37. Deere Dude

    Threadlock or Never-Seize

    I am putting new brake backing plates on my campers 8000# axles. The 1/2" grade 5 bolts were almost impossible to get off, but I finally got them. I got new fine thread grade 5 bolts and nuts but am unsure if I should put a lock washer or Lock-Tite or Never-Seize on them :confused3:. The old...
  38. Deere Dude

    Big Time Haying This is the way to hay!!
  39. Deere Dude

    Harbor Freight Chop Saw

    I know I should probably trash the grinder but I am kind of attached to it... I had this 14" HF chopsaw for 12 years. I put new brushes in it 3 years ago, and yesterday I was sort of horsing it through a piece of 5/16 x 5.5 flatstock and I melted the switch. HF doesn't sell those switches...
  40. Deere Dude

    Brake shoe replacement question

    I have a pretty new trailer, 2-7000# axles with 12x2 brake shoes. It has 2 Rockwell American axles with electric brakes. I rode it pretty hard for a year and am redoing the brakes now. One time the ripcord pulled out and I pulled it for 12 miles before I realized what was happening so it got...
  41. Deere Dude

    Patch or Plug???

    Trying to move some stones after a wash out I cut a tire on the stones. The front R4 loaded tire has a small cut about 1/2" long between lugs but only goes through the tire a very little bit. Enough for a smallish pencil lead stream of RimGuard to leak out. I have the fluid out and was...
  42. Deere Dude

    300 CX bucket curl drops like a rock

    2010 3720 with 300 CX with 400 hours on it. Historically the bucket lip dropped very slightly until a week or so ago. Now with the bucket and especially with the forks on, the curl will drop all the way down in just a matter of seconds. I can lift a decent load, but within 2 seconds as I take...
  43. Deere Dude

    Homepage, Todays Posts etc.

    :confused3::confused3::confused3::confused3: My desktop computer can access any of those icons because they are highlighted. My laptop and cell phone cannot access any of them because they are not highlighted. Any idea why? My profile is somewhat accessible but I cannot find anything to...
  44. Deere Dude

    LP tank destruction

    I am trying to get the LP out of this 1/2 full tank and don't have any fittings that fit it to bleed the propane off. This tank has been hanging around my place for 40 years and I want to get rid of it. I didn't call a gas company yet to get their take on it. I did set it up and blast it with...
  45. Deere Dude

    PTO Shaft for 47" Snowblower

    I sold my 47" Snowblower and still have the PTO shaft and was thinking about selling that. Is there any uses for it that would warrant me keeping it for my tractor? :dance1:
  46. Deere Dude

    Half the icons not showing up.

    For the last week or so, the Home page, todays posts, new posts, alerts, my home etc. icons at the top of the page are not high lighted so I can't pick one and go there. The only way to get into this forum is Forums, and the scroll down the list of things like Owner/Operating, Attachments etc...
  47. Deere Dude

    Price Check Ford 3430

    Purchasing property and the owner has a Ford 3430 with finish 66"I think" mower and would like to buy it from him. I searched the net but can't find any. Does anyone have any idea what they are worth. I don't know the hours or the year so it would be subjective but it looks nice and he uses...
  48. Deere Dude

    Longer or Shorter Gooseneck Trailer.

    I am in the process of finding a trailer for a move from Wisconsin to Tennessee, but I haven't bought a house yet but plan on looking in 3 weeks. For moving, I have a full house of furniture and a Pole Shed with JD 3720 with 600# box blade, weight box, rear blade, dirt scoop etc. plus a X740...
  49. Deere Dude

    Test Driving a Camaro

    Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: "Test Drive" - YouTube :laughing::laughing: This is how to test drive a new car. Hopefully it wasn't posted yet.
  50. Deere Dude

    Front Porch

    How do I post something on the front porch. I can't locate the category. Thanks