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  1. JasG

    Snow B2650 front mount snow blower issue with hydraulic connections

    I bought a B2650 this year with a loader, mid-mount mower and a snowblower. The snowblower has the hydraulic spout rotation. The manual to the blower says like I was expecting, that up and down is just like raise and lower on the loader (front to back on the joystick), and the spout would swivel...
  2. JasG

    John Deere SyncroVantage Power Reverser - Reverser won't work

    I have a friend with a Deere 6605 and it has the Syncro Vantage Power Reverser transmission. This is a 16 gear unit that can be reversed in any gear. The reverser lever acts like the tractor is in park when in gear. By that I mean trying to move the reverser lever forward or backwards it wants...
  3. JasG

    "Ice bucket challenge" by plane

    Some guy has access to a firefighting plane and had the pilot do a drop on him. Kind of like the reverse of jumping off a bridge. Water at speed can't get out of the way fast enough to not be painful. Botched ice bucket challenge leaves man critically injured after plane drops hundreds of...
  4. JasG

    Deere 4020 steering issue

    We have an old (dash model) 4020 that the steering is acting up and I need to know what the probable cause is. The issue is it seems to steer to the right fairly well. When turning to the left it acts like it's binding. The wheel stops and doesn't want to go any further. If you bring the...
  5. JasG

    EE_Bota has passed.

    One of our members passed a couple weeks ago after a long battle with cancer.
  6. JasG

    Good bow for a young one who wants to hunt?

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with some of the compound bows that have a wide range of adjustment? Like a Mathews Craze or Bear Outbreak. My daughter is 12 and has out grown her youth bow. She has been using her current bow for almost 2 years and does very well with it, but it's...
  7. JasG

    Deere PTO seal replacment

    Has anyone replaced the seal on the PTO on a 540/1000 RPM reversible shaft? This is on a 6605 and I believe it is a dry socket design. I have never done one like this and the parts break down I'm not sure if the seal can be pulled from the outside, or if you have to pull the PTO frame off the...
  8. JasG


    Even though you see this in the news, this problem seem to continue to get worse. Why do people who can probably not even walk and chew gum at the same time think they can drive or operate machinery and text at the same time. Some sites claim that well over 20% of auto accidents have a cell...
  9. JasG

    Tire replacment, best to replace both on MFWD?

    I have a friend that had to replace 1 front tire on his tractor that is MFWD. The tractor has over 4000 hours and the front tires were about 60% worn. I have read several times over the years that on driven axles of tractors and other similar machines if the circumference difference is greater...
  10. JasG

    Deere 4020 hydraulic issue

    Just to make sure I'm not missing something. Our 1968 4020 seems to lose prime on the hydraulics after it has been sitting for a while. I don't see any major leaks and it's not losing oil. It started a couple years ago where after start up you would have to wait 10-15 seconds before any steering...
  11. JasG

    M spark plug gap

    What is the correct plug gap for a late 1940's Farmall M?
  12. JasG

    Pageant of steam

    This week and weekend is the Pageant of Steam in Canandaigua. They also have a lot of gas and diesel machinery. This year is the "Orange" year, or Allis Chalmers. New York Steam Engine Association I love to see the old machinery running around and doing things. It's not a large show, but every...
  13. JasG

    What to look for on a Ford 4000 diesel?

    I asked this under the Ford Ag and got no replies so far so I thought maybe under here. I guess it's hard for me to think of a tractor that was very popular in my youth as vintage. I would see these on farms, I just never worked for anyone with one. I've searched the forums and still haven't...
  14. JasG

    Deere Backhoe with swing motor removal taper pin removal.

    I need to remove the swing motor from a hoe for rebuilt. On the back side of the swing motor, between the motor and the main frame of the hoe is a torque link. This is mounted with tapered pins that are threaded on both ends. Anyone know which way the pin is removed? Up or down? The pin on the...
  15. JasG

    Ford 4000, what to look for.

    A friend of mine would like me to go with him and look at a Ford 4000 diesel. I don't know the year or hours on it, just that he said it looked to be in good shape and hasn't been run for a few years. So I don't even know by that if it will even start. While I'm very familiar with machinery most...
  16. JasG

    Progressive finish mower 120

    Has anyone any experience with Progressive Pro Flex finish mowers? If yes how good are they and how strong are they built? How easy are they to service?
  17. JasG

    24 volt system not charging

    Would like some information on this system. With this it doesn't seem to use the frame as part of the system. Both the positive and negatives from the batteries go to the starter. The alternator is different that what I am used to. Any information would be helpful as to how to trouble shoot...
  18. JasG

    Honda Ridgeline

    Just wondering if anyone has a Honda Ridgeline and what they are like. How well the hold up and what kind of MPG they get in the real world. Looking for a replacement for my current truck and have it down to a F-150 is I stay full sized or Nissan or Toyota if I go with a compact, or I'm open to...
  19. JasG

    Grand L **60 series, one in Syracuse

    The grand L 60 series will be coming out soon. They had one at the Syracuse farm show, but no literature on just the grand L's. Don't know for sure but they may have dropped the L32 due to the model lists starts at L3560. Doesn't really tell much of anything new other than common rail direct...
  20. JasG

    Wood splitter accident

    From about 1984-1991 my dad would borrow a splitter from a friend. The machine was a beast of a machine. Never came across a block it wouldn't split. The thing that we loved was the 4 way wedge and the auto cycle. Once the level was pushed all the way forward you could let go and it would finish...
  21. JasG

    Man killed pulling tree over with tractor

    No details were released but a 22 year old person was killed pulling a tree over with a chain while logging. I just wonder if he was trying to pull the tree (skid) because it was hung up in another tree. Or if they were pulling it over with a chain? We either used long rope to pull over, or...
  22. JasG

    Old iron

    Took some pitcures at the Pageant of steam today. Some of the pictures are from today and a couple from past years.
  23. JasG

    NAA hydralic questions

    A friend of mine has a Ford NAA. He asked me to look at the 3 pt hitch due to he said it wouldn't lift as much weight as it once did. Right now it won't even lift the arms (later he admited it was 5+ years ago he noticed this and hasn't used it much since) at all. When I started they were in the...
  24. JasG

    old model 4020 draft control question

    Today I helped a friend replace the seals on the draft control shaft on his old model 4020. In order to get the shaft back in through the notch in the draft control arm we had to play around with the level on the side of the rockshaft control. This lever has 3 positions, it was always in the...
  25. JasG

    Ideas for PTO snap ring removal on a 4020

    My neighbors 1967-68 4020 has an oil leak around the PTO. This tractor to the best of anyones knowledge has never run the 1000 RPM PTO. I go to remove the PTO to replace the O-ring inside, which also may never have been done. I find the "tabs" on the snap ring missing. For anyone who hasn't...
  26. JasG

    Snapper Pro SW30 Dual Hydro 1st impression

    Bought a snapper Pro SW30, its 20 HP with a 52 deck dual hydodrive walk behind. Thought I would post my experience so far with this machine. This was after looking at several different brand, a lot of net surfing and talking to people who have the units. Up until this year Ferris made a similar...
  27. JasG

    Cross Country Dump trailer

    Any one have a trailer made by Cross Country? I'm toying with the idea of buying a dump trailer and these are made not far from where I live. Just wondering if anyone has anything they make and if they are a good product. Cross Country Manufacturing: Trailers, Equipment, Landscape, Utility
  28. JasG

    Ois Hydowalk SD

    Found Ferris Hydrowalk SD, any opinions on this. It is suppose to be 10 years old and home owner owned. Any weak points or things I should look for?
  29. JasG

    Opinions on walk behind hydros?

    I'm looking to get a different mower. I am maintaining 2 small yards each less than 1 acre and 1 property that I mow about 6-7 acres of at this time. Both lawns have very steep sections. The one home I always did with a trim mower, but I just don't have the time to mow it that way any more. I...
  30. JasG

    Bush hog PHD model question

    I bought a Bush hog PHD and I can't find a model or name plate on the unit. It seems to be in very good shape and I don't think the owner used it much. He said it was 6-8 years old, but he had no manuals for it. How can I tell what model this is?
  31. JasG

    Eco-Boost opinions

    Anyone have a F-150 with the eco-boost engine and if so what is your opinion of the engine?
  32. JasG

    L3240 bleeding issue?

    A couple weeks ago I noticed that the fuel bowl on my tractor was covered in fuel and very small drips. Never saw this before and about one month before I was mowing some very dusty weeds and the chaff didn't stick. Thought this was kinda funny so I pulled the bowl off. Some how some way this...
  33. JasG

    Anyone ever take apart a Kuhn rotary rake?

    A friend of mine has asked me to try and repair his Kuhn rotary rake. Some how 2 of the arms have come out including the bearing that follows the cam in the center. Looks like the whole center has to come up and off the machine and all of teh arms will need to come off. Has anyone taken one of...
  34. JasG

    Lock out or disable what you are working on

    Here is an accident that happened in a local company that my employer does some buisness with. I waited till I found the story with the results of the OSHA investigation before posting. Seems a maintenance person was changing the blades on a large machine. He went in early to do this before the...
  35. JasG

    Convert a backhoe front end to quick coupler

    Has anyone changed the front loader bucket connection on a TBL to a quick connect? Maybe even a skidsteer type? I have a Deere 500A that we would like to change over due to we use forks, and would like to get a grabber to move round bales. The machine is used around the farm and doesn't dig much...
  36. JasG

    "New" GM doesn't want to repair products of "Old" GM

    Seems Government motors feels they should not have to honor warranties of product made before the bankruptcy. Just makes me want to run out and buy another one. That was why I stopped buying GM product a long time ago, the warranty wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. GM says bankruptcy...
  37. JasG

    Deere 3020/500A trans sump screen location

    I have a Deere 500A backhoe that I need to service the trans. This is suppose to be the same powershift trans that was on the 3020. Really this is a 3020 with a heavier axle and additional frame to support the hoe and loader. I know there is a sump screen for the transmission I just am not sure...
  38. JasG

    Snow Attachments Single stage frount mount opinion

    I just bought a 2006 JD X720 mower. The unit also has a 46" front mount single stage snow thrower that is shaft driven. Anyone have this sigle stage model? It was really a hold over from the 400 series deere mowers. Just wondering if this works well or if I should see about swaping for a twin...
  39. JasG

    Thoughts on a X720

    I found a 2006 X720 today with 300 hours and was just serviced. It has the 54" deck with the mulching blades and a single stage snow thrower that come with it. $6400.00 was what I finally paid. Any thoughts on if I got a good deal.
  40. JasG

    Deere 445 opinions

    Looking for opinions on a Deere 445. This one is about a 1995 with a mower and 2 stage snow thrower and just over 1000 hours. What are things to look for? Any known weakness or things that are know to go? This one had the camshaft upgrade around 540 hours after it failed. Any idea on what...
  41. JasG

    Front-End Loader Installing a toothbar

    I bought a tooth bar for my Kubota with the 72" bucket. I went to install the bar and it does not fit. The inside of the bucket is 71 1/2" and the tooth bar bolt brackets are 71 3/4. The dealer said they have to cut a lot of the down and reweld them. Is this "normal" to have to do. I would have...
  42. JasG

    Are the buckets known to bend on Kubota loader?

    I bought a Kubota L3240 with a 724 loader, standard bucket, a few months ago. It had 100 hours on the clock and warranty till march 2012. I bought it due to I had the cash on hand and it seemed like a good deal at the time. This was purchased at a dealer and I was told it had been gone through...
  43. JasG

    Loader for Farm tractor

    We have a Deere 6605 that we now would like to put a loader on. This is a 95-100 hp tractor with a cab and MFWD. We are going to quote a Deere unit for it, but would like to know what others have used. We want this loader to move silage bales. We would like a "grabber" to handle the bales...
  44. JasG

    NY finds a way to hurt residents yet again.

    Seeing how we have had a lot of posts about what is the right way or wrong way to have trucks and trailer registered, tied down, axle loads etc. I came across this thread on another board of guys mostly heavy haulers talking about the crap they have to go through. Some of them discuss fines etc...
  45. JasG

    Deere 850 hydraulic problem, no flow.

    A friends 850 hasn稚 been used to much in the last year. Mostly and hour or so every couple of weeks mainly just to run the thing. This weekend when we started it the machine had no hydraulics at all. The machine has a loader run with 2 remotes in the back and this and the 3 point hitch had no...
  46. JasG

    Help with Painting an equipment trailer.

    I’m restoring a very old equipment trailer and would like some input on painting it. I really don’t want to spend the money on automotive paint, yet I don’t want the thing to be back to it’s rusted state next year. I’ve looked at a few options and was wondering if any of you had experience with...
  47. JasG

    Deere 500 series A electrical problem.

    I have 500 series A TLB that I bought last fall. The electrical system seems to have a problem and I could use some help. This is a 24-Volt system with 2 batteries in series. What is the easiest way to test the alternator? What should the voltage be on the batteries when the machine is running...
  48. JasG

    Farm Dump truck

    My neighbor wants to get a single axle dump truck and was wondering about registration. Back in the 70’s he had one and at the time it wasn’t required to have a CDL. Now it seems unless you get glorified pick up with a dumper everything needs a CDL. He has a farm and was wondering if he...
  49. JasG

    850 motor parts

    I have a friend who needs to rebuild the motor in his JD 850. Any one know of some after market sources of overhaul parts? Or is it possible to buy reman engines for this model? He is going to try JD, but it will be a week or 2 before he has time to get to the nearest dealer so I thought I’d...