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  1. David_Kb7uns

    Kubota VS WIX/NAPA oil filters

    I know I have gone round and round with people wanting the best filters for there equipment and years ago when I got the BX2230 I looked at some of the NAPA crossed filters and came across some of the filters on a site where they were rated and examined inside and did not like some of them as...
  2. David_Kb7uns

    Tie rod boots on the BX

    Needing to replace the tie rod boots on the BX and looked at the 2 kits on EBAY that sell for $30 plus dollars and came across the source of the Urethane Boots. They have a website with cheap prices but the shipping is $38 for Fedex, but sizes are listed, did more searching and they are...
  3. David_Kb7uns

    Lebanon Oregon Woman Dies in Tractor Accident

    This just happened. Tractor flips over during Lebanon tree removal, killing woman | Local & Regional | - Portland News, Sports, Traffic Weather and Breaking News - Portland, Oregon This was over a year ago. Girls rescue dad by lifting tractor off his chest | Local & Regional |
  4. David_Kb7uns

    Backhoe goes for swim in river.

    Here is a good one for making sure equipment is secured when parking. Gotta love our incompetent Public Works here, some how missed this happening yesterday doing more tractor time. Backhoe plunges into South Santiam River David Kb7uns
  5. David_Kb7uns

    When tieing down equipment and hooking trailers wrong kills people

    We had a incident out here at the coast where someone was pulling an ATV to the dunes resulting in a severe collision. Dodge Ram pulling one of those small utility trailers with a 4 seater Polaris RZR as a load. Looks like the trailer was too small and unbalanced and maybe improper hitch height...
  6. David_Kb7uns

    RTV-1100 work lights and accessories

    Ordered front and rear work lights for RTV-1100 towards end of July, received fronts about two weeks ago and rear is backordered until middle of November. Why does Kubota have to use these bastard connectors and not use the bullet connectors like they have on the tractors. The kits are selling...
  7. David_Kb7uns


    Saw new GR2110 at dealer today guess they are coming out now. David
  8. David_Kb7uns

    BX2230 counter weights and catcher

    Will be getting the grass collection system for the BX2230 with 60inch deck. Have FEL but usually remove for mowing and was wondering if front weights were needed and how stable this setup is on side hills. David