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  1. GManBart

    Ford Bronco back by 2020

    Anybody think they'll serious consider one? 22 Ford Bronco Is Confirmed | US Cars Today
  2. GManBart

    New (to me) Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC

    I'm still working on my "ugly beads" from the thread by that name, and as I noted there, was tired of listening to the engine on my Hobart Champion Elite every time I wanted to weld something, so I picked up an Everlast PowerArc 200ST. I'm probably going to be loaning the 200ST to my father for...
  3. GManBart

    Kioti PX9020 Tier 3, how?

    I searched and couldn't find anything on this, so here goes. I'm getting close to being done with all the heavy dirt work I needed to do, which means I won't really need a full size backhoe, dozer and dump truck parked in the barn before long. The short version is I've been moving a couple...
  4. GManBart

    Ugly beads, critics welcome...

    Okay, so I've finally started learning to stick weld, and figured I'd give some of you a chuckle, or maybe you can make suggestions. I've spent maybe three hours putting down beads, so it's a huge understatement to say I have a lot to learn. The bottom six were with 1/8" E6011 set DCEP. The...
  5. GManBart

    The dozer search...

    I posted some of this over on the Heavy Equipment Forum, and I know a number of folks are on both sites, so I apologize if you've already read this, but I'm hoping for a different perspective here. If I listen to some of the folks over there I'll wind up with a new D10 that won't fit in my barn...
  6. GManBart

    How to find mechanic for pre-purchase inspection?

    I know this section is primarily about buying/pricing/comparing compact tractors, but I think the topic applies pretty equally to any farm/construction equipment....if it needs to go somewhere else, I'll apologize in advance :) Long story short, I'm shopping for another dozer. I had one, sold...
  7. GManBart

    Flying Subaru....sort of

    Words don't do this justice! The guy wanted to listen to his turbo while going through the tunnel. I read somewhere that a bystander waved at him to slow down right at the tunnel exit, but it was too late (you can't see this because of the glare). I guess he's never heard of counter steering....
  8. GManBart

    A tale of two 5yd dump trucks....

    Okay, maybe it's not exactly a tale so much as looking for advice/comments. I'm looking for a 5yd dump truck that will primarily be used to move fill and asphalt millings on my property. I may use it to run to the local quarry (l10mi or so), but that would be about the farthest I can see going...
  9. GManBart

    Space Coast (FL) Fly Fishing?

    I'm a lifelong fly fishing fanatic, but have never done any salt water fly fishing before...all rivers, streams and lakes so far. I just scheduled a class in Florida that will have me there for two weeks in late Sept and early Oct. Anybody have leads on good guides, places to consider, etc...
  10. GManBart

    Best day of month to buy a trailer?

    I know it sounds silly, but do you think there's a time when you're more likely to get a deal (thrown in spare tire, a few bucks off, whatever) when you buy a trailer? I'm looking at dump trailers, and I'm not in a major rush, so if there's anything I can do to negotiate better, I'll consider...
  11. GManBart

    Firewood: To split, or not to split?

    That is the question <sorry Shakespeare fans> I don't use any firewood for heat right now (may change eventually), but I have a LOT of trees that need to be cut down, or cleaned up....mostly standing dead Ash, and Maple. In the past I was having friends, neighbors, and coworkers come by with...
  12. GManBart

    Implement Storage Shed Thread?

    A while back someone posted pictures of a really cool implement shed they made, but I can't find the thread. It had multiple levels, sort of like pallet storage racks built in. Does anybody remember that, and know where the thread is?
  13. GManBart

    Negotiate with dealers on used equipment?

    I've been researching and looking at used backhoes for a while now, and tomorrow I'm going to take a look at a couple I may be interested in buying. I'm bringing a buddy who has owned a number of backhoes (a bit of everything else as well) and if things are good, I'm going to talk money. I...
  14. GManBart

    Cheap Genie scissor lift

    Pretty sure I scored on this one....1999 Genie GS 2646 with 618hrs, for $1k. It needed batteries, but after installing them everything works except the 120v outlet on the deck (which doesn't run off the batteries). My neighbor bought it from a guy who painted airplanes (why it's covered in...
  15. GManBart

    Tubeless valve stems for backhoe?

    I'm trying to help my neighbor who isn't very Internet savvy, and think I have the answer, but figured asking can't hurt. He bought new tubeless tires for the front of his JCB 214S backhoe, but he's not sure what stem type is required (it had tubes before). I grabbed el cheapo micrometer and...
  16. GManBart

    Pole barn ceiling options?

    I'm plugging along on my pole barn project, and have a few decisions to make I need some advice on. The building is 40x64' with a 12' lean-to off the back making it 52x64. The plan is to build an interior wall that will give me an unheated 40x40' space, and a 24x40' heated space. There will...
  17. GManBart

    Canister to spin-on replacement for transmission?

    I've been working on getting my Massey 2244 crawler moving, and ran into a bit of a compatibility issue. The machine has a hydraulic shuttle shift which doesn't seem to be engaging. I drained the fluid, replaced the filters, and then put a new pump on it (was getting no flow out of the old...
  18. GManBart

    Solid Backhoe for $35K possible?

    For a number of reasons, I'm considering getting a backhoe rather than a larger tractor with cab. I'm really only using a tractor to mow/brush hog, drag logs, move downed trees, etc....more loader work than anything. I may add a snow thrower for the winter, but my Massey can handle that just...
  19. GManBart

    NX4510 and NX5010 pricing and review

    For a few months I've been considering going to something with a cab for a couple of reasons. One, I have pretty bad allergies, and spending all day on an open station tractor doesn't help. Two, after this past winter I'm considering adding a rear pull-type snow thrower, and heat would a nice...
  20. GManBart

    Perkins air in fuel

    So about a week ago I was using my Massey 241 to clear the last (I hope) snow of the year, and it started running a little rough, the idle jumped about 150rpm from it's usual, and while I was heading back to the barn, it quit. On a whim I used the prime lever on the lift pump, and that got it...
  21. GManBart

    Diesel Repair Guides

    I did a search, but couldn't find anything that applied, but if anybody knows of threads on the topic, please post a link. I'm pretty solid when it comes to working on gas engines, but I'm looking to learn more about diesel engine repair/troubleshooting. I've done a quick Google search, and...
  22. GManBart

    New 40x64' Pole Barn (sort of)

    Well, it's been a couple of years in getting here, but I finally have a working barn/shop! It's kind of a long story, so feel free to jump ahead to the The basics are that it's 40x64', with two 18x12' overhead doors on the front, and one 12x10' overhead door on each end. There...
  23. GManBart

    3rd Function kit for $850

    Anybody seen a better deal on a true 3rd function kit? LS G3033 I3030 R4041 R4047 S3010 Tractor Loader 3rd Third Function Valve Kit | eBay
  24. GManBart

    Miller Bobcat Vs Hobart Champion Elite

    For a number of reasons, and requirements I think I've settled on a welder/generator rather than separate units. The Bobcat with GFCI is $3,500 at Cyberweld, but there is a 10% discount if you add $150 worth of accessories. So, it would be $3,285 delivered (free shipping). Miller Bobcat 225...
  25. GManBart

    MF dozer ID, and advice

    My neighbor has one of everything it seems, and this little dozer has been parked behind his shop for 2-3 years (bought a much bigger Case). It sat for 2 years, but started right away when he needed to move it runs well, but developed a hydraulic leak while sitting. It runs so...
  26. GManBart

    Generator/stick welder suggestions

    Hey all, We're getting ready to start on an outbuilding and I'm trying to do a little advance planning. I'm contracting out much of the work, but not all, and that's where this comes in. We already have a dedicated 20KW fixed standby generator for the main house that runs on natural gas, so...
  27. GManBart

    LS parts resource

    I managed to tweak one of the links that goes between the FEL piston, and the bucket on Sunday....totally my fault (hit a rock doing some backfill) so I started looking for replacement parts online. I called my dealer yesterday morning, and he quoted me $99 with tax, but wasn't sure on delivery...
  28. GManBart

    How did I do?

    Okay, Massey experts, I've been looking at a couple of MF models over the last few months, and just won an auction on Ebay for one...I'm pretty jazzed. Please tell me I did okay, or at least break it to me gently :laughing: Also, if there's anything I need to keep an eye out for as far as...
  29. GManBart

    Help me make a list of candidates

    Hey all, For a number of reasons, I've decided that I need a tractor dedicated to my 90" finish mower, and 72" brush cutter. So, I'm looking to come up with a list of candidates to keep my eye out for on CL, Ebay, etc. Basic requirements are 30hp at the PTO (or very close to that), diesel...
  30. GManBart

    Dedicated mowing/brush chopping tractor...

    So, I've decided that I really need to have one machine dedicated to mowing and brush chopping. I honestly have more money than time (not that I'm rich!), and when I need to mow, I don't need to be messing around changing implements, etc. I run a ZT inside the fenced yard, and near the house...
  31. GManBart

    Does this seem way too low a price?

    A 2010 5095M with 1042hrs for $22.5k? Shouldn't it be double that? 2010 John Deere 5095M 4x4 Tractor
  32. GManBart

    Ford 901, diesel fuel in oil pan

    Hey all, I'm trying to help a friend out with a tractor I may consider buying. It's a 961 Ford diesel that sat for about 18 months. It was running, and driving fine when it was parked. We went to get it running again, and it didn't want to start...battery cables getting hot, etc. There's a...
  33. GManBart

    Min PTO HP for 7.5' finish mower

    I'm considering getting a dedicated mowing tractor to save myself some time, and I'm trying to figure out how small I can go (I already have a ZT for the tight areas around my house/fence). I picked up a super clean 7.5' finish mower (Sitrex SM230) at auction and have been running it behind my...
  34. GManBart

    Welding tanks/torches/etc

    I'm a novice, but absolutely need to get a cutting torch setup soon...I'm tired of imposing on my neighbor every time I need to cut something, or heat up a nut/bolt to loosen it. I've been going to farm auctions, and watching CL, and just saw this set pop up....on the surface, it sounds okay...
  35. GManBart

    ID and ballpark pricing?

    Hey all, A local friend is looking to get an idea of what his tractor might be worth, and get a feel for whether there might be any interest in it. I have a couple of pics, but didn't ask the model....I think it's either a 200, or 230 (waiting on clarification). I'm not really up on Farmall...
  36. GManBart

    Another counterweight idea...1300+lbs!

    I was selling a couple tons of scrap steel, aluminum, and copper wiring (demolished a vacant house I bought), and did some digging for a piece of steel that would make a good counterweight for my LS. I talked to the kid who runs the yard,and he had just the ticket! Raw weight was 1,300lbs when...
  37. GManBart

    LS blue paint source?

    I'm getting ready to put my counterweight together....some welding required (it's all steel), and wondered if anybody had a source figured out for a blue paint that is close to the factory LS color? It doesn't have to be perfect, but close would be nice. I'm only planning spray cans at this...
  38. GManBart

    Ford 7000

    I happened to see this at a local shop today...they had just closed, so I don't know if it's for sale (yet). Sure looked sweet, and I had to share....just love the looks of these early 70s big Fords!
  39. GManBart

    Tranny Rebuild?

    Sort version is, do you think it's worth it, and what would a full tranny rebuild (worst case) likely cost? It looks pretty clean, and I'd like to have a small diesel HST tractor for my wife to mow with while I'm running the bigger machines (I have a ZT, but she doesn't like the controls)...
  40. GManBart

    MT372 Price check

    This isn't too far from me. I have bigger tractors, and a zero turn, but thought this might be handy for mowing (and maybe faster than the ZT?). What do you think...worth anywhere near $2550? Mitsubishi Compact Tractor,
  41. GManBart

    1st Farm'd I do?

    Well, I needed a bigger brush hog, and finish mower, so I hit the first farm auction of the year locally, and my first ever. The finish mower is a Sitrex SM230, 90" cut. All I could find was a little paint chipping/ peeling at the back of the deck. I got it for $1,000 total. The Rhino...
  42. GManBart

    Ford 1200 price check

    I'm going to try swinging by this estate auction on Sat (it's very close) and couldn't help but notice how clean the Ford 1200 (second picture down) looks. I don't really need it, but if it's a crazy good deal.... What do you think the reasonable high-low range is for this? ESTATE AUCTION
  43. GManBart

    MMM for Boomer 40/50?

    I was poking around on NH's website, and noticed they list a mid-mount mower for tractors in the 40-45hp range, but don't list the specific models. The format is somewhat confusing, but it doesn't seem they list specific models, just sizes (in this case 84")....but I could be wrong...
  44. GManBart

    R4041/4047 Mid Mount Mower?

    I've been thinking about a 7' finish mower for my R4047, and someone asked me if LS makes a MMM for it...I didn't know, but I did recall that a mid-PTO was an option. LS didn't have anything on their site, so I went over to the NH site to poke around. They list a MMM for 45hp tractors (84")...
  45. GManBart

    P versus E tires

    Here's the situation: I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Limited 4x4 with the 5.7L engine, and heavy towing package. The Max gross vehicle weight is listed at 7,020lbs, and the max towing weight is listed at 10,100lbs. I've only towed a max of maybe 6,000lbs before, so it the tires really...
  46. GManBart

    Firewood guess?

    I've helped a buddy with three trailer loads like this, and neither of us has any reasonable idea how many face cords ths might be (I wouldn't take a penny from him, so it's not a big deal). Anybody want to take a stab at how much wood you'd call ths load?
  47. GManBart

    R-series parts manual online link

    If you look at this website, it appears they're hosting the R Series parts manual online, for free. Can anybody confirm this is the current version? I just ordered a service manual from my dealer about 30 min ago, but parts manuals can be really handy. Blank
  48. GManBart

    R4041/4047 cover

    Until I get my outbuilding up, the new LS will have to spend some time outside, so I ordered a cover for it from It seems to fit well, is made of quality material, and was reasonably priced (roughly $400 delivered). Here's a quick pic:
  49. GManBart

    New R4047H

    Rather than clutter up the comparison thread I started, I figured I should start a new thread. So, here she is, and a pretty impressive little beast she is. Yes, I'm already starting on a counterweight (55gal drum with concrete), but I wanted to carefully get an idea what it would do without...
  50. GManBart

    Ford 8N Fan blade hit shroud/engine quit

    1948 Ford 8N, pretty much in original configuration. I was skidding some trees out of the woods, and ran the tractor for about an hour, with no problems. Heading down my driveway I opened the throttle a bit, heard a metal clicking come from the fan blade/shroud area a couple of times, and...