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  1. knightrider955

    On the fence. XJ2025?

    Ok so Im looking at a LS XJ2025. I live on 3 acres, mow about 2 acres. Grade my driveway and spread gravel occasionally. Light loader work hauling firewood and occasional landscape and box blade work on some property up north. Would also like to use my posthole auger when needed. No farming or...
  2. knightrider955

    Quick Tire Question. Please Help!

    I currently have 16.9x28 tires on my tractor. They are pretty trashed but tubed so they dont leak. I found a deal on some nice 14.9x28 tires. Would the 14.9 tires fit on my rims? Im not sure if 2 inches narrower would be a big deal or not.
  3. knightrider955

    Seized Water Pump. Not happy

    Fired up my Tractor for the first time this year. I heard a little squeeling sound but figured it just needed to be run from sitting outside all winter. All of the sudden there was a loud, continuos squeeling. I hopped off and looked only to find that my water pump wasnt turning. It is stuck...
  4. knightrider955

    How many ponies to run a big 3pt snowblower?

    Im still kicking around putting a snowblower on the back of my tractor. Ive looked at several used ones. I want at least 7 feet wide. Ive been told that I need at least 60 hp to run a 7 foot snowblower. Can anyone confirm this? My tractor is a 55 hp Diesel but I think the pto hp is less than...
  5. knightrider955

    Hydraulics dont work in the cold weather

    Im considering putting a PTO snowblower on the back of my tractor. But the few times I used my tractor last winter I had issues with the hydraulics. My loader and 3 point would not work when I started it. I would try to raise my loader or my three point and it would move a few inches and stop. I...
  6. knightrider955

    Knocking Diesel. Any ideas?

    My Diesel has a knock but only at low RPM's and at idle. And its not continuous. Its a spuratic knock and everytime it does it, the rain cap on my muffler jumps at each knock. Has anyone ever seem this or know what causes it?
  7. knightrider955

    Changing my injectors.New ones ready to use out of the box???

    I decided to put new injectors on my diesel tractor. I was wondering if I need to have the new ones adjusted or do I just put them on and Im good? Im not a diesel mechanic. The new ones came filled with some kind of oil. Im hoping my tractor will run a little better. It sounds like its got a...
  8. knightrider955

    Lonely Long owner. Is this the right forum???

    Im the very proud owner of a Long 560. I love it. It is my first big tractor. unfortunatly I cant find forums for Longs anywhere. They must not be very many around since I had never heard of Long before I found mine. My Long is a great Tractor and I have found parts very easily and they are...
  9. knightrider955

    New injectors for my Long tractor. Found a deal I think

    i decided to replace all four injectors on my Long 560 diesel. I found brand new injectors for 50 dollars each. Sounded like a good deal so I bought them. Not sure if my tractors needs them or not but why not for that price. I thought parts were supposed to be expensive?
  10. knightrider955

    Am I gonna miss 30 more horsepower?

    Well Ive owned my tractor for 3 monthes now. I love it but realized that its a little too big. It way heavy. And I would look like a clown mowing my 2.5 acre lawn with a farm tractor. However its 60 hp and does what ever I want with ease. And the 6 foot loader is nice too. i own 60 acres of...
  11. knightrider955

    Tire size question.

    My tractor has 16.9x28 R1 tires that are pretty shot. According to my tractor manual it originally came with 14.9x28 tires from the factory. Ive found a nice set of used Turf tires but they are 13.6x28. Will that narrower tire still fit on my rim? Has anyone ever gone to a narrower tire? I dont...
  12. knightrider955

    Tractor bolt patterns, are rear rims interchangable?

    My Long 560 is so heavy that I need to shave a little weight but I still want to keep my tires loaded. My rear rims are just a ring with the tire on it bolted to a big thick cast iron center which is bolted to the hub of the tractor. It has a 8 lug pattern. Can I just take a one piece rim from...
  13. knightrider955

    Diesel Tractor, Hot hot is too hot? Im a newbie

    I just got my first tractor. Its a Long 560 55hp diesel. The temp guage dont work so Im gonns put a new one on it. What temp is a normal temp for it to run at? And what temp is too hot? When it runs the water in the bottom of the radiator is always cool and the water in the top of the...
  14. knightrider955

    Canopy Long 560 Diesel, Anyone know abut them?

    Im looking at a Long 560 tractor with a loader. Everything on it works and its in good shape. The motor has been completely overhauled with the reciepts to prove it. I just own 3 acres and want to do some light landscaping. Is this a good first tractor? It has a post hole auger that comes...
  15. knightrider955

    My first tractor!!!

    Just got my first tractor, Long 560 with loader. It has had the motor completly overhauled so I hope it lasts awhile.