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  1. roadhunter

    3 speed PTO with reverse!

    So many of you may remember that I modified a vermeer trencher to use as a log skidder. It's a neat little tractor with a 6 way blade in front and a hydraulic winch on back. Works great for working in the woods and I don't worry about scratching it up in he woods like I would if it was my other...
  2. roadhunter

    Kubota Top-N-Tilt concerns

    I have a similar blade with hydraulic rippers and factory T&T on my JCB. I use this all the time for snow removal and driveway grading and my factory T&T does not have float. I simply lengthen the top link and put the 3 point in float to smooth out gravel roads in forward and opposite in...
  3. roadhunter

    Grinder/shredder ideas

    PTO grinder/mixer sounds pretty ideal for what you are doing. Just have to find on at auction as they usually do not bring much around here, at least the old ones. I hammermill about 10 yards of chips per day using a PTO powered hammermill and blower to push the material into a bin about 50...
  4. roadhunter

    Building small tractor

    I know there are some little articulated tractors that might work for this but you might need to build a trailer and grapple. OR just add one of these.
  5. roadhunter

    Building small tractor

    That is a cool forwarder. I need one of those to go with my mini skidder
  6. roadhunter

    Wood chipper- is it best to rent, or buy?

    I have a PTO chipper shredder that blows chips. I have about 50 ft of PVC pipe installed to blow the material into a bin. I use it to to resize wood chips but it also works well if you have a lot of smaller material to process. Sometimes smaller material does not feed that well in the...
  7. roadhunter

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Yes. The dry kind. I don't think the species make a huge difference. You can also make biochar in your stove by putting wood in a box inside your stove. A section of stove pipe and a couple of caps works well. Similar to this. Biocharlie Biochar Log - Make Your Own Biochar in a Fireplace -...
  8. roadhunter

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Yes. It's a little trencher that has had the trencher portion removed and a hydraulic winch installed. I've also added a extension to the 6 way blade and foamed the tires and added a set of chains. I do small jobs with it skidding trees and cleaning up messes after fires and wind storms...
  9. roadhunter

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    We were burning some piles last week when he weather was cooperating with snow. Trying out some techniques to make biochar from piles of slash. Also used the winch to flop over all the stumps to get the soil back in place before they are burned.
  10. roadhunter

    Why do the LARGER TRACTOR owners not participate here ?

    You must not be familiar with Dizzy Dean. And simply stating the capability of a machine is not "rubbing it in someone's face" like you claim. There is always going to be someone with a bigger machine, no sense in being sensitive and butthurt about it each time someone has something bigger...
  11. roadhunter

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Easy homemade chain chokers. I just welded half links into the hooks so the chain barely fits through. Works great.
  12. roadhunter

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Did some chipping last week. These were some material we had cut for posts but it ended up having about 25% punky wood so we didn't' peel them. Instead we chip them and turn the chips into biochar. Ended up with about 400 yards of chips.
  13. roadhunter

    Dogs and neighbors.

    Only a city slicker would buckle up a dog while riding in the car.
  14. roadhunter

    2017 Raptor

    Oh yea. Those were some bad ***** v-6's that's for sure.
  15. roadhunter

    Will this be tomorrow's transportation?

    Interestingly enough the US does have the highest % of climate change denial in the civilized world, although its' still very much a minority viewpoint.
  16. roadhunter

    Anyone have photos of a Chainsaw holder?

    I built one a while back for my little skidder. I am a cheapskate on stuff like this so I used 2 scraps of rough sawn 2x8 and 2 wooden stakes. Only took about 10 minutes to screw it together and lag it to the boom. Cost was $0 as I had this stuff laying around.
  17. roadhunter

    Dish Network vs Direct TV

    I am also waiting for this to be offered on Roku. Supposed to be early next year.
  18. roadhunter

    Ford F150-I'm Done.

    The old VW's would get 50 mpg. The modern euro version. I'd settle for a mid sized pickup that gets a legitimate 30mpg in town and better on the highway. I was planning to look into buying one of the Mahindra trucks if they ever got released here...
  19. roadhunter

    Do I need chains?

    Chains are a huge advantage for moving snow, especially when you get down to the hard packed ice.
  20. roadhunter

    Pick Your Battles - House Contractor Rant

    This is always good to keep in mind. You can only pick 2.
  21. roadhunter

    Comparison Tractor Wish List

    Hmm., I'd go with a 5610 Bobcat. I love the versatility of that machine.
  22. roadhunter

    Cut-off wheels and angle grinders

    Hilti and Metabo make a nice grinder as well. I use a lot of the hilti cut off wheels for various applications and they seem to work well and be of higher quality than most of the stuff I see at the farm store or menards where I shop. I've also used these as cheap grinder and only trashed 2 in...
  23. roadhunter

    Welder Plasma Cutter Resale Value

    Quick Search turned up this for an original cost on a 1946 SA-200.
  24. roadhunter

    Welder Plasma Cutter Resale Value

    I was going through some of my welding stuff I don't use and getting it listed on e-bay and noticed my plasma cutter sitting under the table. I bought it new about 10 years ago for a project repairing some breakwater on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. Since then it has been used only a few occasions...
  25. roadhunter

    2016 College Football Season and Playoff

    Any college football fans on here? I figured with all the craziness that has gone on this season and with the regular season rolling to an end we might need a place to talk college football. It sure seems that Bama is going to be hard to beat with all the undefeated teams going down last...
  26. roadhunter

    Got a newer Ford? Dont dent it....

    I don't think I could afford to pay for the repairs on a steel or aluminum F-150. Holy crap that seem expensive.
  27. roadhunter

    Duals on a 6x4 Gator

    Some of the older tractors and adjustable rear wheels. I know my old farmall appears to have enough space to get well over 10 ft wide. I would think somethign like that might work and be easy on the budget but may have too much ground compaction for your needs. My little skidder would work...
  28. roadhunter

    My First Deer of the 2016 Season

    Be glad it didn't' come through the windshield. I hear that really sucks.
  29. roadhunter

    2016 Deer season thread

    Well opening weekend has come and gone here in Nebraska. I packed in my camp about 3 miles in some moderate terrain on Friday morning and did a little scouting that evening before the opener. I prefer to hunt in the roadless areas to get away from the crowds and into more deer. Camp consists...
  30. roadhunter

    2016 Deer season thread

    I checked cameras today. This camera was at one the of the Wildlife Management areas near my house. Going to go watch this evening to see what all is moving. Opening day is Saturday! A few pics from years past
  31. roadhunter

    2016 Deer season thread

    I checked cameras today. This camera was at one the of the Wildlife Management areas near my house. Going to go watch this evening to see what all is moving. Opening day is Saturday!
  32. roadhunter

    Skidding winch-- to skid, or not to skid?

    I have found that modifying a slip hook makes them work even better for this application I use half links to narrow the opening so the chain just barely fits in sideways. .
  33. roadhunter

    Alternative "sub-compact" tractor solutions

    I could see some benefits to making the front axle solid. If you decided to go the articulated route you might consider starting with a articulated compactor and simply redo the drive wheels to suit you needs for a prototype so you can focus on the QA system. Something like this might be a good...
  34. roadhunter

    Alternative "sub-compact" tractor solutions

    This has turned into pure entertainment. Some folks just aren't fond of new innovative ideas or the concept that someone else may have different needs or wants than they do. More than one way to skin a cat as they say and no need to troll for an argument. LAffin I love seeing designs from...
  35. roadhunter

    2016 Deer season thread

    It's that time of year once again. My favorite time of year when college football and deer season are going on. I know we have plenty of hunter on here so I thought we might want a good thread to share hunting stories and pics. Please feel free to share your hunting stories and plans for the...
  36. roadhunter

    Case 580 ck backhoe "conversion"

    Or, you to make this a simple project you could make a 3 point hitch that attached to the bucket or pinned to the boom in place of the bucket. Use the backhoe controls for height adjustment (main boom) as well as angle adjustment (curl). Heck just buy a cat 2 quick hitch and bolt it to the...
  37. roadhunter

    Case 580 ck backhoe "conversion"

    That would be pretty cool. You could use the backhoe controls for top n tilt on the 3 point. I know my model JCB 212 comes in both configurations and I certainly think it is doable but will require some fabrication of a 3 point hitch as well as adding hydraulic disconnects. My 3 point has...
  38. roadhunter

    Best method for a tractor to move/haul/process downed logs?

    Here is what do for homemade chokers. A simple half link of chain works great to make the opening the right size where the chain fits through. I also weld the pins on both hooks. I carry 6 of them on my little skidder along with a 20 ft chain. Then I simply attach the individual chokers...
  39. roadhunter

    Best method for a tractor to move/haul/process downed logs?

    From my experience small tractors do not make great skidders for the most part but there are situations where they will work if the ground is fairly level. They just lack the side to side stability to work on slopes and can be unstable if you try to pull from a point above the axle. They also...
  40. roadhunter

    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    I"m glad you asked as I was looking at the options and saw a Euro QA for $125. I think that may be what I have on the JCB. It has just under 70 HP and I believe with the tries foamed is somewhere around 13,000 pounds. I know the 4 in 1 gannon blade/bucket is pretty heavy which is why I...
  41. roadhunter

    I picked up a new PTO powered chipper

    Nice. That's a good bit heavier than the Woodmaxx models which are only 1,000 or less depending on model.