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  1. randot

    Kioti DK45 fuel tank price

    New tank went in failrly well, I used the links posted around the forum for hints and tips. Took the loader off, left the exhaust on and the tank and its frame rolled out up and to the right as you face forward. The new tank fit the housing much better, even clearance all the way around the...
  2. randot

    Kioti DK45 fuel tank price

    My 08 DK 40 tank broke at the connection point for the injector return line. The nipple broke because the tank housing did not have enough clearance around the hose connections allowing them to wear through. Dealer said no relief for an out of warranty defect. I bought the new tank from Little...
  3. randot

    DK 40SE hydraulic pump noise

    Right after completing the 50 service I started getting lots of hydraulic pump noise. Used the Shell Rotella heavy duty tractor fluid and topped off to the middle of the dipstick. Now at 65 hours the pump makes a loaded noise when the tractor idles when warm until you move the loader at least...
  4. randot

    CK30 HST sticky pedal

    Has anyone noticed a change on a ck 30 HST pedal on how fast it returns from full down either in forward or reverse? Mine pedal is normal when the tractor is off, but when running either hot or cold, hi or mid range, the pedal seems slow to return to the neutral position and the tractor does...
  5. randot

    Kl130 Cylinder leak

    Anyone else experienced static leaks on the top cylinder of the KL130 loader? I attached a pic where I found a small bump on polished part of the cylinder rod. I get a palm sized puddle of hydraulic fluid on the floor about every three days. Dealer said to send it to him to see about warranty...
  6. randot


    What would be the best 3 point implement for making planting rows or furrows. This is my first attempt at planting a large garden roughly 100 X 100 with corn etc and I am not sure what to use behind the ck30. I found the implement kit pictured at Stevens tractor, but I have no idea what's...
  7. randot

    I did it 2

    Thanks to all the informative posts and purchase stories, I (we) bought our CK30 HST from Little Tractor in Metropolis IL. Deal included a free box blade if we purchased prior to their open house. Entire package is loader, tiller, 72" Rhino finish mower and a 16ft medium duty trailer. I have...
  8. randot

    CK30HST tires

    Hi, I am new to TBN and have decided on the CK30HST for 4 acres I just purchased in lower AL. All my pre-purchase questions have been answered from the informative posts and discussions here except tire selection for all around use on sandy soil with centipede grass. Industrial or Turf type, I...