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  1. DMW

    Oil & Fuel GC2300/2310 Hydro Oil Owner Survey

    Hydraulic pump failure has been pretty common on the pre 2007 tractors for over 10 years now. Just curious as to what current owners are using for Hydro Fluid that have not experienced a failure. Years ago there was a post about the quality of the oil affecting the longevity of the pumps, but...
  2. DMW

    How not to grade a driveway

    Watched a YouTube video of a couple grading their new driveway. I knew it was going to be bad when the opening scene is them manually raking gravel,with a Kioti with FEL and box blade sitting in the background. They were trying , but just didn't have a clue, taking advice from the internet. I...
  3. DMW

    Bucket Ride Fatalities

    My heartfelt sorrow goes out to the families. 3 children killed, 7 people injured after falling from tractor bucket in the Monteregie | CBC News
  4. DMW

    MX5100 200hr Review (video link)

    Everything You Need to Know About a Kubota MX51 - YouTube
  5. DMW

    GC2300 stalling

    Had an issue with the tractor turning over, catching, then almost immediately stalling. Suspected the fuel filter, changed it out, still had the issue. Found that it was the ignition key switch. If the key was jiggled in the ignition, it would shut it down, without being moved from the "ON"...
  6. DMW

    Fuel additive attracting rodents?

    2 years ago I started using Star Tron as a fuel stabilizer for winter storage.All of the sudden the rubber fuel lines and plastic gas caps were being chewed up by either mice or squirrels. Log splitter, pressure washer, zero turn all required new lines this year, 2 plastic gas caps had both been...
  7. DMW

    Cracked block B&S 17hp Intek twin

    My White Outdoor (MTD) L-170AD 17hp/42" has developed a crack about 2 inches above the oil filter. It's really only visible when the engine is running, the oil can be seen seeping out. Plans are to use a punch at each end of the crack, rough up the surface with a die grinder, then apply JB weld...
  8. DMW

    GC2300 bucket hoses

    2004 GC2300, 160hours, lives outside. Three weeks ago one of the short hoses for the bucket cylinder started leaking at the swagged end of the loader arm fitting. Promptly went to get a new one. Considered replacing both, but cheaped it out and just replaced the one. Today I had to go back to...
  9. DMW

    GC2300 rad hose leak

    Noticed a bit of coolant leaking on the ground. Couldn't see anything so I took the side panels off. Found the end of the throttle cable had punctured the rad hose.
  10. DMW

    GC2300 hood flexing open

    My hood will flex open on one side when the loader is full and the front axle/tires on uneven ground. I never noticed it prior to getting the fronts foam filled. Anybody else have it happen to them? Is it something to be concerned about?
  11. DMW

    My GC2300's New Friend

    I have been so happy with my little red diesel the last two years I decided to try to find it a friend. It was the only subcompact diesel I could find that matched the MF's colours. My big descision now is to leave the street tires on or change over to R4s.