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    Hydraulic Lift for Chicken Tractor

    I realize this takes a little manual labor but it is the simplest design for what you have. weld a peg on axle a pull pin in white holes or make a quick latch . then your pry bar to raise the rear would only take about 5 seconds . your peg location could change to make it easy to lift .
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    Tractor News Versatile / Kubota

    I read this article yesterday where kubota is teaming up with versatile to enter the large tractor market . Very interesting Kubota Aligns With Versatile To Upsize Its Tractor Models – AgFax
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    I have owned this tractor 04 tl100A for about 3 years now and when I bought it the clutch has not really felt right but I've babied it along. 2 years ago I had it seize to the flywheel and it broke loose fairly easy. back in November It seized again and took me a week of trying to get it freed...
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    adding more tires

    This is what you would have to do.
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    3 months and a little progress

    on recovery from Hurricane Michael. My community is slowing trying to get back to life but it will be years before everything is fixed and will never be what it was. All my barns were destroyed. I picked up a 32x60 at our local truss plant because thats all he had on the yard and didnt want...
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    Loader Installed a loader

    I bought this tractor in 16 , The po bought it new in 04 . It is mainly used to bale hay until today it will see alot more use now. I bought a bush hog /quickie loader from my dealer. It came in yesterday and I installed it last night. I will say I am very impressed with installation kit...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I have been building a new barn after the hurricane all of this has been done with a Bauer drill and 1/2" impact. I'm impressed with how well they are holding up.
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    stuck clutch

    I had every barn torn down in hurricane so I have not been able to park the tractors under cover for over a month . My NH tl100 does not have a loader yet (it will be in next week) so it has seen limited use during clean up. I used it a couple weeks ago to drag some large logs and trees and it...
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    Organic consumers

    Organic Consumers Are Happy With Their Choice | Drovers Article in Drovers Journal May 23, 2018) Despite the presence of pesticides in equal amounts, organic consumers won稚 switch. A recent study found pesticide levels in organically grown foods is equal to that of conventionally grown foods...
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    2240 Hydraulics Questions

    This is how mine is plumbed. Return line
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    2240 Hydraulics Questions

    here is a pic of the line i am talking about. I mispoke on the dipstick , mine has the dipstick located where i described.
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    Discount Hydraulic Hose

    Just want to saw This vendor goes above and beyond on what they sell and the customer service . I ordered a couple new lines for my hay rake and before they made them a gentleman called to verify exactly what I wanted . order shipped fast and everything is perfect .
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    Why can't you put sweeps on a single row cultivator?

    Sorry, I sometime forget that every region has different terminology for parts. The "porkchop" attaches to arm and a shaft with the sweep slides into it.
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    FEL hay spear

    When I built my quick connect frame I put a 2" receiver in the upright so I could attach the hay spear after I drop bucket or forks off. I also store it in the top tube. I used an old axle shaft when I built it and welded it in a hitch tube. I broke it a few times and bent it and decided I...
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    Is lack of training killing tractor operators?

    She was figuring it out without instruction
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    4th cutting

    Just finished 4th cutting of my 20 acres tifton 85 . averaged 11.89 bales to acre this year. Considering 2 yrs ago it made 39 rolls all yr (I bought it last year.) I made around 100 rolls last yr but after first 2 cuttings this yr I started working on eliminating the Bahia grass in it and...
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    MF40b O-ring keeps failing

    as you can see the seal is thin I'm not sure what ur dealing with but I never TG thought that this little plastic ring would be effective but so far no blown oring
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    New holland tl 100 ac refrigerant oil spec

    The info may indeed be incorrect but I did not write the dam book
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    Tires Popping a Tire Bead

    for small tires I prefer This big tires I prefer this
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    Starting hay season 2017

    Different part of the world and different hay but I got 28 acres cut and bailed last week. only had a 4 day window but got it done.
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    Wanted , Arm Restright side tl100a

    seat no longer available , It seem these arm rest are like hunting hens teeth. what im looking for would be an original but will settle for just one I can adapt. It seems that ones off of ZT mowers are the closet design . and Im not opposed to paying a fair price but If I have to manufacture...
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    New Holland T2410

    here is a pick of the rear to cross reference what should be there
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    2020 step

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    How would you build this bridge?

    Pardon the rudimentary drawing but you should get the drift .
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    Peace at home... via clean boots. What do you use?

    get 2 of and screw them to a board with the bristles about 3" apart .
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    FE 35

    Not in bad shape to have never been stored under the barn in its 55yrs . It has the 3 cyl Perkins. I have it running pretty good . It has 6200 hrs on it and burns a little oil. The lift hydraulics will need to be rebuilt as it drifts down when you throttle it down . Drums are in good shape but...
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    FE 35

    a few weeks ago I mentioned I was looking for a little 35 to be a tedder tractor and a buddy told me he had one and to come get it . I asked how much he wanted for it and he said it was the same price I sold him the 25 rolls of hay for. $0.00 . went and picked it up last weekend . has not been...
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    Killing hornets/wasps

    this is the best I have ever used , It kills on contact . the wasp on the nest die and never fly and stay stuck 2 the nest. Its has a little straw that helps with the aim. I would get 2 cans and spray the **** out of them.
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    3-Point Hitch NH TL100a lift arms slow going down

    Since buying this tractor a couple months ago I have been slowly fixing things po did not do. I bought lift arm seals to replace this weekend and doing that reminded me that the lift arms are very slow going down even with a heavy implement. I spent an hour today at dealer trying to find some...
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    Quick Hitches Video about 3 Point Quick Hitch

    FWIW you can just get the slip on pin bushings to convert cat 1 to cat 2 for a couple bucks apiece and just leave your keeper pins in place. I actually changed the lift pins completely on a couple of implements as they can be bought for less than 10 bucks each from cat 1 to cat 2
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    Finally getting my second cutting

    Weve had plenty of rain and this should be an good one.
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    Oil & Fuel Starving for Fuel- white smoke and power loss

    A month or so ago The new tractor I bought had a power loss and puffing white smoke. I spoke with a couple of mechanics and searched on line and even on this site it was eluded to that the problem was in fuel system. I drained the water separator on filter and the problem stopped until this...
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    New holland TL100a

    Just purchased a Piece of property that joins me and The equipment comes with it. Ive ran this tractor over the years and it is never given me any issues but since I own it now I thought some of you may have experience with them and any things I should look for other than the obvious, Tl100A...
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    Home made catch basin cover?

    Shop Steelworks 3-ft x 1/4-in Aluminum Metal Flat Bar at
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    PSA- Another Farm related death

    LAst Saturday morning we found My first cousins husband dead under his 5' finish mower. He had been mowing Friday around some places on the farm and had gotten some hay string in the blades. He backed the tractor into its usual spot under the barn and used 2 4x4 wood blocks about 12" long...
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    Brush guard for Kubota RTV 400

    Didn't like the way the factory ones were made. I built this one this weekend. after I got this installed I had to go back and pull it out 3" so the hood would open. ill post updated photos once I get it painted I picked up the headlight cover extentions at the truck accessory shop for 25...
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    My new Homemade Box Blade

    Saturday morning I was looking for a project and Noticed I had not done anything with this loader frame I bought from the scrap yard last year. I ran several ideas thru my head and settled on a new box blade. I did not have enough plate so I poked around in the scrap pile and found some channel...