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    Sewing grass

    Solid input to an 18 year old thread.....Thanks
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    Left turn on 2 lane. Stay in R/H lane or L/H to let cars continue on?

    I've been rear ended at a high rate of speed. Believe me, you don't want it to happen. It's the biggest reason I don't like tailgaters. For years after it happened I always had one eye on my rearview mirror (which is also not a good habit).
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    Left turn on 2 lane. Stay in R/H lane or L/H to let cars continue on?

    Nope, not in my case. I always drive about 5 MPH over the posted speed. If someone is tailgating me they are definitely deserving of complaints, and whatever else they get in the process.
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    Left turn on 2 lane. Stay in R/H lane or L/H to let cars continue on?

    The only time I use "A" is turning left into my drive off of a two lane highway (passing zone). I only do it if there is no oncoming traffic, and if the driver behind me has been courteous prior to my turning. If I feel that the driver behind is following too closely, I stay in the right lane as...
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    Belated greetings from Ohio

    Welcome, from a little Northeast of you in Carroll County.
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    What were you doing when you were 11 years old?

    Can't remember specifics, but more than likely down at the lake fishing, and looking for turtles.
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    Warren Buffett’s Money

    Funny, Berkshire Hathaway bought Precision Castparts for 37 Billion in 2016. Wonder why this company didn't show up in the top 70%
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    What did this to my tree?

    Not saying for sure, but google "porcupine tree damage image" and see what you think. I don't think it looks anything like any deer rub (not scrape) I've ever seen. Notice the claw marks at the upper right portion.
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    Top 40

    You've made nearly 270 posts per month (averaged) since you've joined. So what is your point exactly?
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    I doubt most of them would be interested.....
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    Something tractor related....
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    A kid gets terminated at work...

    At my place of work, occasionally people get into major trouble and are put on a last chance agreement. This means that any issue after the agreement is made could mean termination. Our shop is a union shop though, and I would have a hard time believing that sort of agreement being made without...
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    Ha....try that with a C8.
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    The place mine is most often seen, is from behind....:D
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    What happened, I blinked. Good lord that thing is fast. Wonder what the top speed is?
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    Mystery Object - What Is It?

    PM sent
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    Now that is funny.
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    No rush hour traffic where I live.....0-200mph in 3 seconds would be something to see, but not if you blinked.
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    Can't haul as much
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    That $62,000 price tag for the C8 Vette is a dream in itself. They are going for $30,000 to $40,000 over sticker price at the moment. I am seeing used C8's going for over $100,000 around these parts. Supply and demand has driven new and used Corvette prices through the roof. Here is what a...
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    Me thinks that they don't know what a Corvette Stingray looks like...........
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    Mystery Object - What Is It?

    I can't really take credit. When you posted it I had a hard time going with the humidor, so I posted your pictures and description on a metal detecting forum I frequent. They have a section called "what is it" and the guys there are really outstanding researchers. I would have posted a link to...
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    Mystery Object - What Is It?

    Just to throw a curve ball in there for you.....
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    portage blue mystery question.

    No worries, and you're right, the only thing I know about dogsledders is what I've seen on "Life Below Zero".
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    portage blue mystery question.

    Twas a joke in reference to picking up your dogs poop. Not necessary to be offended by it. Sorry if you were.
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    portage blue mystery question.

    That's disgusting. Any decent dog musher would carry a plastic bag with them and pick up their sled poop.
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    Watch for bears!

    ....But what about? Yeah, I's not really a bear.
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    Funny, even if it isn't posted where you meant it to be. :)
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    I said possible, not for certain.
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    That's entirely possible.
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    Asking for sites owners contact info

    Lol....never saw that there...
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    I said "Fully vaccinated", that means both shots. Your need to read further. (y) I actually gave them a bit of a boost. I believe the number was something like 857,000.
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    Asking for sites owners contact info

    His Name is Muhammad. His user name on the site is Muhammad. You can private message him by clicking on his link and then clicking on "send private message".
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    There have been some people that contracted the virus after being fully immunized, and died as a result. No vaccine is 100% effective. 69 million people (21%) have been fully vaccinated in the US. Looks like less than a million (less than 2%) in Canada. There is also evidence in Canada that...
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    Got to say, it didn't do much other than get worse throughout the day. Chills, fever, headache.......seems like it is leveling out now.
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    Yup. Nothing but a sore arm yesterday. This morning I am feeling a bit wiped out with a slight headache, but it feels like it will wear off soon. Temp was elevated a tiny bit this morning too. Usually runs at about 97.6 to 98 when I check in at work. This morning it was 99.2.
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    like the upgrades :)

    This is the one that I dislike the most. You also used to be able to click on the amount of posts in a thread to see who posted, and how many posts they had in the thread. Can't do that anymore either.
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    Getting the second Moderna tomorrow AM.......I'll let you know. Sore arm after the first one was all. SWMBO got her second shot last Thursday (Moderna as well). No adverse reaction at all.
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    check under the hood...

    Had a big black rat snake stick its head out from the instrument panel of my tractor while mowing once. Had a heck of a time getting her out of there.
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    Got lucky that time.

    They haven't actively went after these infractions in Ohio since the virus hit last spring. My step daughter's tag sticker is almost a year past issues. She is loving it.
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    User Titles Explained

    Muhammad's response (that you quoted) was made in 2010. I don't think Soundguy had that many posts back then.
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    What kind of tracks are these?

    No offense, but your barn floor is eerily reminiscent of the surface of Mars, so my initial thought was Mars Rover tracks. If you left out part of the picture it could almost be so.
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    'Stuff' Growing Next To Your House/Buildings

    Here's the one that came to mind for me...
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    Am I weird... (probably) peanut butter

    My favorite way to eat Peanut knife washing required
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    Oven roof

    That's a barrel vault oven, like mine.
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    I haven't seen one of these in a while

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    TBN merchanduse?

    Sounds like a good opportunity to auction mine off......................:laughing:
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    Half Page Issues Again

    This had gone away for quite some time, but has raised it's ugly head again recently.
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    How to catch a vandal??

    Haven't read every reply, but around here people put up barriers to protect their mailboxes from damage during winter snow removal. Seems like that would protect it from baseball bats as well.