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    2017 Kubota BX23s - FEL Joystick Problem - Sticking

    Noticed today when we got the tractor out of the garage, that the forward/rearward movement of the FEL joystick seems to be moving pretty hard all of a sudden, it will not return to center position on its own. Left/Right is moving freely and working properly. Is this a fix i can do on my own? I...
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    GT2100 - Changing Transmission Hoses

    EDIT: Just noticed in the title i put GT2100 instead of GR2100. Maybe one of the mods can change that for me, i cant change it Wouldnt it be easier to change the transmission vent hoses with the rear fender decking removed completely from the tractor? Will there be easier access to get to the...
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    Thoughts - Kubota GR2100 - Vent tube at the transmission over flow leaks oil out.

    A very good friend of mine, has a 2006 GR2100. The problem is, its leaking trans oil out the over flow tube. He has changed the trans filter & oil. He put UDT2 Kubota trans oil back in it, level is per operators manual, but its still leaking up out of the vent tube. He said he pulled the screen...
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    Oil & Fuel Home heating fuel in a tractor?

    moship asked for a new thread, so lets go folks! I`m guessing he dint like that other 16yr old thread coming back to life ;) Ok so i`ll start... who`s burnin that house oil in their diesel tractors!!! Come on, FESS UP!!! :laughing:
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    Bad Fuel - Contaminated Fuel - Why we`re seeing more Biocide used for Treating Fuel

    I was curious as to why we see problems with diesel fuel today. So i did some snooping around and ran across this link that seemed very informative. I thought it was worth sharing with those who dont know why Biocide is used. It helped me understand alot more about why we see Biocide being used...
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    BX23s - 3pt Hitch & Ballast Box

    Picked up a 3pt hitch at my dealer today. Looking to build a ballast box for the tractor. That way i wont have to run the tractor with the back-hoe on it all winter long for additional weight. If you guys would, could you post some of your pictures of your ballast boxes, OEM or otherwise...
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    BX23s Headlight Question

    Any of you guys replacing your OEM headlight bulbs in your BX23s tractors with LED bulbs...? If so, would you mind posting what you used and what you spent, where you got them from...? Thank you
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    Who Says You Can`t Put a Dozer Blade From a John Deere on to a Kubota BX23s

    Well, i was told i could never put a 54" John Deere dozer blade on my BX23s. So here it is, all mounted and working flawlessly. It actually works faster than it ever did on the JD too! The expensive part was buying the kubota 4 valve flat face manifold. Nobody could come up with single flat...
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    JD 420 Garden Tractor - Intermittent Starting Issue - Now Wont Turn Over at all

    Intermittent failure to turn over, now gotten worse and wont even turn over now. Battery fully charged - Dash Lights On - New (kit) Starter Relay - Bypassed Seat Switch & Hydro Switch on the lever. Turn the ignition on, go to start, nothing. Can hear the timer box, cycling sounds the same as...
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    Wow, old man winter whooped us here in the northest The BX23s is an animal!

    Well folks, we got 2+ feet of snow out of this storm, 30 to 40mph wind gusts all day, still blowing crazy tonight... the state highway snowplows filled in the end of my driveway, about 4ft high including drifted snow. Got out to the garage, had to shovel the snow away from the overhead door just...
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    Kubota Recall - Be Aware!!!!! NOT SURE WHO OR WHAT YEARS ARE EFFECTED...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys & Gals, Kubota has a recall for the BX series tractors... (i dont know who`s effected by this recall..???) The radiator reservoir cap is plugged with plastic debris from the molding process. (pieces of the plastic molding are still inside the hole...!) The problem continues... Kubota sent...
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    BX23s Front Loader - I need the Female side of the Hydraulic Quick Connect Assembly

    I`m looking for a complete replacement Hydraulic Quick Connect Assembly (female end that comes off the tractor for the front bucket loader) on my 2017 BX23s tractor. I am attaching a blade on my tractor, so i need that whole complete female flat face assembly (stays on the front loader when...
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    2017 Kubota BX23S - Transmission Filter Part Number ?????

    Hi folks... question.... anybody know the correct transmission filter part number for the BX23S loader/backhoe tractor...? I have to stop at the local dealer and get one for my 1st 50hr service, just want to make sure they are giving me the correct transmission filter...THANKS guy`s...!
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    Snow Pusher`s

    I know some you folks are pretty crafty and handy at building stuff, so lets see those home made snow pushers...! :cool2:
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    A Very Happy Thanksgiving

    I wish to you ALL, a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving, and dont forget to feed your kubota`s a healthy can of diesel.
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    BX23S Pallet Forks

    Thank you for the help
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    BX23S Pallet Forks

    Thank you for the help
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    Kubota BX Series - Hard Mounted Pistol Holster

    Any of you fella`s have pictures of your pistol in a hard mounted holster on your tractor where you can access it in a split second...??? I was out clearing a new roadway path in our woods out back today, a pack of wolves started circling my tractor and i couldnt get to my pistol in my add-on...
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    Kubota Tractor Cabs For Sale

    Just incase some of you are looking for a cheaper alternative for a cab instead of paying that steep $6K price tag, i ran across this tonight. I already found out that it DOES NOT fit the BX23S models :( Maybe they will have an updated cab for us BX23S owners. Original Tractor Cab Kubota Products
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    Found something strange on my BX23S Fuel Injection Pump

    I noticed this weird thing on the backside of my injection pump. This little thingamajig just sits there and spins and rattles around, so look at the picture and see if any of you know what this is. It faces towards the rear of the engine, towards the radiator. Its loose and just spins freely...
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    Dont underestimate a BX23S when digging out tree stumps

    As the title says.... 2hrs later it was sitting in the middle of my driveway, 4-1/2ft across measured at widest point
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    BX23S - FEL Bucket Cutting Edge

    Here is the pics i said i would post for those interested in the bucket cutting edge. The cutter looks like maybe 1/2in thick(?) It went on super easy. Should help support the bucket better. I greased the mounting holes and bolts so i can remove it later with ease instead of fighting with rusty...
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    BX23S FEL Cutter blade Option - $120

    I have a BX23S FEL/BH. Do you think its worth buying the additional cutter edge for the FEL bucket...??? It seems like a good idea, i would think it would help the bucket to be more ridged. Costing me $120 OTD. How many of you folks bought one for your FEL, and do you think its justifiable.
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    BX23S - Should i keep the fuel filter

    I bought a kabota fuel filter assembly (part #15521-43015) to install just under the floor pan on the left side of the tractor. My plan is to install it before the lift pump. My question is, would you keep the little OEM filter can thats under the seat in-line within the fuel system, or just...
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    First Service - 50hrs (USA costs)

    What are you fella`s in USA paying for your first 50hr service on your BX23S, and what are your dealers including in the service... total cost out the door.
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    Silver Bottle, Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost Additive (questions)

    I just bought a brand new BX23s this past week... Would it wise for me to add this additive to the very first tank of diesel fuel...? I have a 5-gallon diesel fuel can, how much of this additive should i mix with 5-gallons of diesel fuel...??? Thanks...!