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    I used to until a bear crushed my hive and took all the honey when my electric fence shorted out. Beesource and bio bees are great resources. I used to run a topbar hive called a warre hive. I caught some swarms too. Look up PSU's guide to fencing in your bees to keep them safe. Cornell has...
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    So you add a dedicated ground to the dish itself? I will have to pick up a ground rod, and some wire. thank you I didnt think of that.
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    I know of people in other towns that have it, but we are still waiting. We get no cell reception at our house and have frontier who sent us a letter saying 2mbs is the absolute best you will get so stop complaining about the speed.....Starlink will be a game changer, and we just patiently wait...
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    North East PA still waiting too.....
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    Starlink next question what to do about the starlink router, where it will come into the house will provide excellent coverage, but the lack of a firewall should i be worried? what optional equipment do you recommend with the router they give. i appreciate it.
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    Just wondering, with starlink do you need to buy a router or does it come with one?
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    Still waiting, it seems as if our internet has gotten worse while we wait. I do not want to shell out for another router if starlink is on the horizon.........
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    Under Decking Roofing Concerns

    I am looking at doing the same thing, but we are thinking of going with aluminum decking that has the channels built in. Figured it would save the wood and I would not have to stain it ever again.
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    Live Edge Pine from a Sawmill question

    Chainsaw mill, with a ripping chain is still a big pain. it takes forever and your loosing a lot of wood due to the kerf. get someone with a band mill they can have it done in a day.....
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    Live Edge Pine from a Sawmill question

    Too wet and when they dry they will shrink and you will have to go back and re do a lot of work. Best bet make a simple solar kiln. It will save you a ton of work down the road. I have done a lot of green wood projects but for sheathing I would make sure its dry and stable. Amazon has simple...
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    wood fired pool heater/treating rust

    Just an update. I pulled off the top, and spend about 6 with a hours wire wheel knocking the thicker rust off. We think they had a salt water pool with the corrosion we saw. Then I pressure tested the stainless steal manifold (two pvc caps 1 1/2'' and a schrader valve on one. Put it in a dunk...
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    Akita Pool

    I built a deck on our pool last summer so that our golden dude could swim its been so much fun.
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    wood fired pool heater/treating rust

    I ordered a dechlorinator that i plan on spraying in first to get rid of any chlorine residue , then I will tackle clean up. Thanks for the tip about the stove black I was looking at the higher temp paint. I plan on putting the chlorination unit after the stove. I am just working out where it...
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    wood fired pool heater/treating rust

    Yes, he turned off the filter or had a power outage, and the fire was kept burning.... The stainless steel is fine and holds water under pressure. When the water came back on it leaked and everything got wet. Yes! I pulled every firebrick out because all were cracked. When I pulled them that...
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    wood fired pool heater/treating rust

    Sorry folks had to type quick and head to an inservice. The Only USA Made Wood Fired Burning Swimming Pool Water Heaters - The BEST Wood Pool Heater available with longest reputation shows the model 80. it has a stainless steel heat exchanger. The rust was inside the fire box as the flue was...
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    wood fired pool heater/treating rust

    HI folks just bought a second hand wood fired pool heater a wws-80 (warm water solutions). The previous owner said that there was a melt when he did not keep the water circulating though the pipes (1 1/2' pvc) and water went everywhere. To move the beast (its very well made) I had to remove...
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    What is the worst dog you ever had?

    Pit chow, had two. One was attacking the other. Had to take the one that was attacking the other back to the shelter after having her for 6 years. The next year the one that was being attacked killed my basenji mix. I am still horrified by the damage a pit/chow can do. If i can go back and...
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    Dan I switched to google fi, its cheap and allows internet calling. Even with our poor frontier dsl, i can make calls over it with zero cell signal at home. Might want to look into that.
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    Best inexpensive tool cabinet?

    Honestly I really poured over reviews before buying my harbor freight one, but its awesome. Went together easy, the wheels are strong, and the drawers slide out really easy. I would not hesitate to get a few more, they go on sale a lot and they started doing a lot of new colors too.
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    Thats what we call it too...winning the lottery. It would just be a huge order of magnitude improvement over what we have. I cannot wait to dump frontier.
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    What was the best dog you've had?

    Golden Doodle. Dog has brought such joy and kindness into our lives. She doesn't shed, and is truly a part of the family. Has enough poodle to sound tough when needed, but man that golden shines through. She is great with kids, and other dogs. She will point out in the woods, and has great...
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    anyone use BSL hardwood flooring?

    Just and update, We went with the flooring and could not be happier. The floor looks amazing, and the installer was perfect. So very happy with the work and the flooring. Natural finish, maple, character (has knots but the rest of the house is knotty pine so it works great.
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    Becoming a farmer? & Tax Exempt on Tractor

    Ohio Agricultural Sales Tax Exemption Rules. lists how its done in ohio.
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    anyone use BSL hardwood flooring?

    I appreciate it. I will be heading over saturday to talk to one of our local dealers, I want to see if I can open a box to see what type of typical quality to expect. I truly appreciate the information!!!and that floor is awesome!!
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    anyone use BSL hardwood flooring?

    That looks awesome!! great install. This is for our bedroom though and my wife has allergy's. We worry about off gassing etc. Hardwood is what the boss wants lol. I did find the bsl warrenty 25 year finish, and life time structural.
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    anyone use BSL hardwood flooring?

    Hi we are getting ready to get the last of the carpet out of our house. We looked around at different places and found BSL Floors They have a really nice character grade maple (knots, we know we have knotty pine in most of the house) in natural for a pretty good price 4 1/4 was 5.19 a sq ft...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Ask at - Index page
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    We feel between, prime, netflix, locast and disney + we would have everything we want, plus there is youtube. All those streaming services would be new to us as we cannot stream at home, so we have a lot of programs that we can watch.
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    I hope ours golden ticket gets punched soon. We will save about 135$ a month by dropping direct tv, and frontier and going with streaming services. I really hope it happens soon.
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    sawmill engine

    I have an older hudson sawmill, it has an older briggs and stratton engine model 185432 type 0235a1 Currently it will not turn over. I am going to replace the fuel lines this weekend, as they are looking old. I have a new spark plug for it too. I have found a few places selling parts for...
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    Flooring question

    Hi folks, Looking at an engineered snap and click floating floor for our modified A-frame. This would be in the second floor. We found a color that works for the room along with the fact that it needs to come out into the hallway were we have a knotty pine great room. Its at LL (Lumber...
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    Protecting Blueberries

    You can see it on the right of the greenhouse.
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    tile questions

    Hi all I have done tile before, but its been a few years and products change. We did a pretty big remodel, moved the kitchen to our large mudroom and the mud room to our small kitchen. I am planning on doing a brick look tile herring bone pattern ceramic tile. I have 2x10 joists on 16'' spacing...
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    3pt hitch and cat 1 questions

    Hi all I have had a few lawn tractors but my 318 can run a few things I have not had any experience with. Reugg manufacturing(Ruegg MFG - Agricultural Hitch Kits for Various Tractors) makes two things I am looking at. Once is a 3pt hitch the other is a cat 1 draw bar that will hold 6 suite case...
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    Anyone use Barn Geeks?

    Hi all, I am in the planning stages for a large barn. I have an area almost ready to go which is mostly level close to power and I have just bought a sawmill. I was looking at timberframing, but its something that while I would love to learn I know I just do not have the time to learn atm. So...
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    Hand Wood Carving

    I do a lot of carving, spoons mostly and also turn on a spring pole lathe. Have taken classes with a lot of well known spoon carvers too. Any questions please ask.
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    Tv Interview!

    I was interviewed by a local TV station back in July. As Mike Stevens (the person doing the interview) said "He is looking for interesting people doing interesting things". I guess that makes me "interesting" :). I was awarded a Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Grant in Folk Art. I was the...
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    Lawn Tractor questions

    Hi all I have a deere 318, with snow blower. My previous before the 318 tractor was an LT160 ran for ten years. Great little tractor sold it to a guy who was going to rebuilt it. Love the tractor (318) but i have not been able to cut my grass this year due to the mule drive shreadding...
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    Good News---Awarded a Grant

    Yes!! Teachers want their students to surpass them, we have been there and done that and are able to hopefully guide them to greater things. A part of us is passed down. I started off self taught with spoon carving, then I started attending spoon gatherings. A bunch of us would get together...
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    Good News---Awarded a Grant

    It was awarded by the PA Council on the Arts. It is a state grant, there is a large selection board, they have told me I submitted one of the best proposals they have every had come through. This is specifically a Folk Art Grant. Folk arts are traditional, cultural based arts. The grants are...
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    Good News---Awarded a Grant

    Hi all thought I would share some great news I received. I put in for a PA Council of the Arts grant to study Turning on a Spring Pole Lathe (a traditional non-electric tool). There is a bit of a revival with this tool, and I have been turning using it for the last year. This summer I will be...
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    gate question

    Hi all, I have a 3 rail fence with field fencing backing it up to keep my dog in her area. The JD 318 I bought is larger then the gates I built for my Lt160. I also have one gate that needs to be I plan on taking out that gate and one section of fence this will give me 12' from...
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    Woohoo my 318 is running again

    I bought a 318 with 649 hrs on it two owner garage kept two months ago. Got it home cut the grass twice then could not get it started. I then did the following. 1. took it almost all apart (except for the motor) 2. replaced fuel lines (20' needed) 3. replaced all the clamps 4. checked and made...
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    Bagger and JD 318 50'' on a 48'' deck

    There is an mc519 the tow behind bagger cart that I am looking at. I have a JD 318 with a 48'' deck, the guy said this one is off a 50'' mower deck. Are there adapters for it? or can I get away with the 50'' on a 48'' deck. has all the hook up parts and pulleys. thanks!!
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    Price Check on a 318

    Hi All Sorry I do not have a ton of info on this, but my little lt160 bit the dust last year. I have been looking at different new tractors and hate the reviews, and do not have a lot of $$ to spend on a non-throw-away lawn I asked a buddy of mine to keep his eyes open for me. He...
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    Bad Sunday

    Oh Boy where do I begin. Lt160 deere. (16hp kohler) I was cutting the grass and noticed the engine shifted (yes moved). What happened was two of the engine bolts worked free. This caused 1. the muffler pipe to break off then 2. the drive belt began wearing of the drive belt you could smell...
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    Anyone see these new teardrop's

    Sorry cut and pasted a bit, but these look awesome! I think my favorite is the roof top tent. Moby1 Expedition Trailers LLC They look amazing, With 4-5″ of travel on independent trailing A-arm and coil suspension with adjustable shocks Options include; Roof Top Tent with capacity of up to 4...
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    My daughter and I were interviewed

    Two peas in a pod — and a tree house! - Times Leader My daughter and I were interviewed by a local paper. I did some volunteering work at our local library, and the head librarian knew a reporter looking for someone to do a story on for their fathers day edition. We were asked. We really do...
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    Wish me luck!!

    For the last year I have worked on carving spoons. I sold a lot on Etsy (see my signature) last December and used the money to buy a website and trademark my name. The plan for this business is to sell at craft fairs, and local fairs and to split the money that is made. ス will go to my...
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    found some .45 ACP Pistol Brass

    I just got an email from grizzly about .45 pistol brass if you are looking for some. BL1274 RWS .45 ACP Pistol Brass - Small Primer Pocket - 500ct Bag We have just received a shipment of over half a million RWS .45 ACP brass for resale to our customers! This brass has a RWS headstamp and has...