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  1. J

    Dish Network Sneaky Fee - save about $9.00/month

    So I have Dish Network for about 8 years (autopay). Log in to do something and noticed on the bill a charge for about $9.00 per month as a "Priority Service" or some such nonsense to get them out here faster if there is a problem. I'm pretty frugal (okay, I'm cheap when it comes to this stuff)...
  2. J

    Fall colors!

    Share some pics of fall colors. I spent some time on the North Shore of Lake Superior this past weekend. It was near perfect almost all the leaves remain and many awesome displays. Supposed to freeze and snow in the next couple of days so the Twin Cities area may not get the best colors this...
  3. J

    Does your washing machine sound like it may self destruct?

    I know mine does. I suspect something close to this is happening, but she (my wife who insists I don't try to do laundry) never calls for any assistance?
  4. J

    Toro Groundsmaster 72" mowing deck - keep it or sell it?

    I bought the machine (325D) because it had 4wd and a snow thrower attached to it. I have a long drive with precious space on either side. When we get 3 foot drifts I need to throw it somewhere. I tested the mower deck when I brought the machine home to see if it was better than mowing...
  5. J

    Rotary Cutter New to me Howse 5' rotary cutter.

    This came up on Craigslist and I couldn't resist. I knew I needed one to beat back %$&$thorn (buckthorn), and was just waiting for the right one. The backside isn't as thick as I'd like it... I like them mower decks built like tanks. Several dents deep enough that the cutters have hit the...
  6. J

    Pics of front mounts for 285 tractor with 42 SnowThro-200 snowthrower

    Hello - I'm seeking information on hooking up a 42 SnowThro-200 to a John Deere 285 tractor. I found a 42 SnowThro-200 on CL that works with this machine, but I was shorted some mounting stuff. Recently purchased mounting hardware from CL (some of which seen in picture) that works with the 42"...