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    John Deere Model B vs Farmall Super C?

    Yeah, I'm not looking to do any "real" work with it. Just for show and play.
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    John Deere Model B vs Farmall Super C?

    To piggyback off another thread here, I'm looking for a strictly "fun" vintage tractor. Needs to be something small, but bigger than say a Farmall Cub. I'm a big guy and don't want to look like I'm driving an oversized lawnmower. Main purposes would be going to tractor shows, driving in...
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    Rotary Tiller J2030

    Definitely not a good thing to turn with a ground engaging implement still in the ground. Something has to give somewhere. I used a 5ft with my J2023 and it worked just fine.
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    What Attachment for Making Fire Breaks?

    There’s also a Dearborn 10-1 plow that is actually right down the road from me. Guy wants $250 for it but it does not have a tail wheel.
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    What Attachment for Making Fire Breaks?

    Guys, I just don’t have the funds to buy a rotary tiller. And while it worked great, my plot was hard on it due to all the rocks and roots. I found someone selling a 2 blade disk plow (not a harrow) that’s a little closer but he wants $385 for it.
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    What Attachment for Making Fire Breaks?

    Guys, I'm looking for a new attachment to use at my hunting property. I have a 2 acre plot that I let grow up in native grasses each year and then over the winter I burn it all off clean and start fresh again next year. Before, I was using my father in law's rotary tiller to make a dirt "ring"...
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    Single ATV Trailer Ideas

    Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a replacement trailer for my ATV. I really have a specific use/need and I'll explain why. I currently have a 4x7 homemade, all-steel trailer and I've replaced so much stuff that I'm tired of working on it. The metal is getting rusted and I think it's time...
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    Thinking about a Farmall...

    I really have no need for one, but I’ve just been wanting one. My Gpa has a really nice Super H that I just love to drive and play around on. I have a 5 year old boy who also loves to drive it around the yard (with me of course). My Gpa also had a Super C for a while but sold it because he...
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    First Antique Tractor?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying an antique tractor for something to play with. I already have a 40hp tractor with a loader, hydraulics, and 4wd. I'm really just looking for something to tinker with and maybe pull a blade or landscape rake. I don't really have a lot of mechanical ability...
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    Poulan Pro 42cc Bar Replacement

    Guys I think I’m gonna put a new bar and chain on my Poulan Pro PR4218. It’s 42cc and has an 18” bar. I just bought an Echo Timberwolf 22” bar so I’m thinking of putting a shorter bar on the Poulan for more of a limbing/trail saw. Should I go with a 14 or 16” bar?
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    50-60cc Saw Recommendation

    Guys, I’m looking for a 50-60cc saw somewhat on a budget. I currently have the 30cc Stihl MS170 with a 14” bar and it works pretty good for limbing and cutting smaller trees, but there are times when I have a need for something bigger. I had a Poulan Pro 18” 42cc but it didn’t like to start for...
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    Chainsaw Sizing

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    Chainsaw Sizing

    Fellas, I’m thinking about upgrading chainsaws but I have very little knowledge about what might be “right” for me. Right now, I have 2 saws for different purposes and that system seems to work well though I’m not entirely happy about my saws that I currently have. One saw is small and...
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    300-400cc ATV Recommendations for $1700-$2200?

    Alright guys, my old Kawasaki Prairie 360 laid down on me to the point where it's gonna cost more to fix than it's worth combined with the fact that additional repairs will be more frequent now due to it's age. It's time to start looking for a replacement. I have plenty of time to look for the...
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    Tent Setup for Hunting Season

    Hey everyone, looking for some opinions on a tent setup for deer season this fall. My property is only 25 miles from my house and the last few years I have just been driving back and forth each day and night. This year I’ve decided to just camp out and stay for 2-3 days at a time. The gravel...
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    PICTURES ONLY thread

    Last food plot put in today with my R3039!
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    How to you store the random oil jugs?

    I also “developed” this handy-dandy cheat sheet for all of my machines so I can quickly find out their maintenance schedule, oil type, amount, filter, tire pressure, etc, without having to flip through a half dozen different manual. Gonna hang this on the wall above my workbench.
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    How to you store the random oil jugs?

    I found my solution at Wal-Mart last night!
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    PICTURES ONLY thread

    Got my helper with me preparing to spread some fertilizer and lime on the 2018 food plots.
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    Should I Get A Second Generator?

    Hey everyone, I’m kind of a “gadget/toy” person and generators are one of my favorite things. I just like the feeling of comfort knowing I have one, should I ever need. Right now, I have a large Generac 8000/10,000w portable that I keep on hand for powering my whole house should I ever need it...
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    3-Point Hitch Hydraulic Top Links

    Anyone have recommendations for a hydraulic top link for my R3039? I’ve never used one before, but seems like it would come in handy with all the different implements that I use.
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    Oil & Fuel 300 Hours on Engine Oil?

    Anyone else changing their engine oil every 300 hours? That’s what my manual says, but I’ve always changed every 100 hours on previous tractors. Am I just wasting money changing my oil every 100 hours? I don’t do a lot of serious work with mine, no harsh or rough conditions. I rarely need to...
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    How to you store the random oil jugs?

    I’m finding that I’m collecting all sorts of different partial quarts of oil from all the various machines I have. They’re starting to take over my work bench. Does anyone have a better storage solution for their various partial quarts of oil?
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    PICTURES ONLY thread

    Found a sinkhole, but was able to winch it out with my Polaris Ranger!
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    Tires R3039 Rear Tire Fill?

    Wondering if I should fill my rear tires on my R3039? I pretty much had to on my J2023 to get any kind of work done. But with my 3039, I’ve been ok without filling them until I’ve just started using my 3pt cultivator to break ground for my food plots. I’ve got plenty of power, but I lose...
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    Do I Need Trailer Brake?

    I just bought a 16ft tandem axle trailer to tow my tractor and brush hog out to my land. The trailer will be a little project as it needs completely rewired for lights, needs a new deck, etc. I figured after I remove the deck boards, I’d go ahead and rewire the lights. Wondering if I should go...
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    Machine for trail clearing?

    Guys I’m trying to decide if it’s worth buying some kind of cheap dozer or something for doing some trail clearing on my 100 acre property. I’m part of a state program and federal EQIP program to do some prescribed burns in certain sections of my property. Putting in the trails will serve as...
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    Sell my UTV for What?

    Hey guys, about 4 years ago I bought a UTV, a super clean, low mile/hour Yamaha Rhino 450. At the time, all I had was an old Honda 3-wheeler, so this was a nice upgrade. I mainly used it for riding around the subdivision and running up and down the gravel roads "cruising". It is a great...
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    Plow for LS R3039

    Guys I’ve had 2 acres of woods cleared for food plots last summer. The ground has never been worked and it’s been compacted by the dozer that cleared the trees. I’ve tried breaking up the ground with a chisel plow and a 3pt disc, but neither did more than scratch the surface. Someone said I...
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    Ag Lime Spreader?

    My dad says he has an old Deere grain drill with all the blades and crap removed that they used to use as basically a drop seeder. It’s almost identical to this one, but smaller. Do you think it would work for ag lime?
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    Ag Lime Spreader?

    I’m in search of some kind of implement that I can use to spread ag lime on my food plots. I need to spread about 6-7 tons of ag lime. Pelletized lime is going to be ridiculously expensive for the amount I need. There are absolutely NO places that rent lime buggies within an hour drive of me...
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    Bought my second LS!

    A little over 3 years ago, I bought a new J2023. It was a good, solid machine and served me well. But last fall I bought a large hunting property and quickly found out that my J2023 was just way to small for working out there. So I decided to sell it this summer. I ended up selling it for $700...
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    Comparison Help me compare these 4 tractors!

    I drove 4 hours one way today to an LS dealer in MS and bought the R3039. The tractor was extremely clean and well taken care of. Exactly what I hoped it would be. I checked it over thoroughly and found everything to be as good as new. I can't say a negative thing about it. The engine just...
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    Comparison Help me compare these 4 tractors!

    My wife says I'm about to worry her to death with all my obsessing over which tractor to buy. She's really put a lot of pressure on me with the "this is the last tractor we're going to buy and I MEAN IT" speech. So here are what I'm looking at with what I perceive as the pros/cons of each...
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    Comparison JD 3032E vs Branson 3520R

    Alright guys, I thought I had my mind made up to buy this extremely clean 2014 JD 3032E with only 90 hours and still under warranty. The tractor literally looks brand new and the owner has never even used the front bucket. The bucket was removed and doesn't have a single scratch on it. The...
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    Buying Advice Used 4110 Pricing

    Can anyone tell me about this machine, the pros/cons? Is the shuttle shift what they call a "power shuttle" or do you still have to clutch? Do they have skid steer QA coupler? Is the loader removable? Guy has one a few hours away with 250hrs and asking $15,500. Mahindra 411Tractor with...
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    John Deere 950 2WD for Food Plots?

    I've been looking at upgrading my LS J2023 to a larger machine since I purchased some hunting property. I recently had 2 acres of timber cleared on top of the highest ridge to be used for dedicated food plots. I know my little J2023 just doesn't have the weight to do much in the way of...
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    Buying Advice XG3032 vs XG3135?

    It's time to upgrade my J2023 and these are my two top contenders in the "new" category. I need a little more HP for disking up food plots and using a 5ft tiller and I need more weight and traction for pulling power. Having SSQA bucket will be nice also and I think I'll go with shuttle shift...
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    Buying Advice What Tractor to Upgrade to?

    Alright gents, I've got the approval from the boss to upgrade my little LS J2023. It's been good for around the house on my 6 acres, but it's tippy, doesn't get very good traction, and is a little weak on the PTO. Last fall I bought some hunting land and now I have ATV trails to cut and 2 acres...
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    Buying Advice Fredricks or "Other" Refurbished Tractors?

    Alright guys, I've got a local business that has been selling refurbished "grey market" tractors for the last couple years and I've been looking at them more and more. Right now I have an LS J2023 that I bought new about 3 years ago that has been meeting my needs around my house (6 acres)...
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    Disc Harrow Disc Size for John Deere 950?

    Here are a couple pictures of my cleared food plots so you can get a better idea of what I'm working with. And then what about this piece of equipment? Would it be better than a disc?
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    Disc Harrow Disc Size for John Deere 950?

    Hey gents, I need some advice. I just had two acres of woods cleared for food plots, two separate sites that are 1 acre each. The excavator guy did a good job of getting all the big chunks of roots and rocks out, but there are still some smaller roots sticking up and some smaller rocks, so I...
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    What Machine to Clear 4 Acres of Forest?

    Ok, so I've been working with my state conservation department about doing what they call "permanent forest openings" for wildlife food plots on my hunting land. The conservation department will cost-share $700/acre, but they have to approve the sites, sizes, locations, etc. Which is all fine...
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    Buying Advice John Deere 4500. with Loader Value?

    Well I've had my LS J2023 (small CUT, but bigger than a SCUT) 23HP tractor for about 3 years now. I use it to keep up my 6 acre property and it has worked very well for that. It has its downsides though. It's fairly light, even with fluid filled rear tires, and I have to keep in 4wd when...
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    What Upgrade to my LS J2023?

    After owning my LS J2023 for 3 years now, I've been very happy with it and it has performed a lot of work on my 6 acres that I live on. However, last fall I purchased an additional 100 acres of woods with a small clearing and tried using the tractor to clear some trails and it was more than my...
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    Unbiased Opinions on Possible Vehicle Decision

    Hey guys, I need a panel of unbiased opinions to evaluate my thinking on a potential vehicle purchase/decision. Sometimes I have these "seemed like a good idea at the time" moments and I want to make sure this isn't going that direction. Right now, vehicles are all paid for. Wife drives a 2013...
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    Tax Deductions/Small Farm Business Ideas

    Hello all, I had a few questions about tax deductions and/or declaring a business. I recently bought 100 acres those use as a recreational property, hunting and riding ATVs. The property taxes are very minimal, so that's not much of an issue. But I got to thinking about whether it would be...
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    Buying Advice Bought 100 Acres. Upgrade my tractor or hire some work done?

    Alright gentleman, I need some advice. I just purchased 100 acres earlier this fall. It is mostly woods that has been select cut approximately 6 or 7 years ago. My biggest challenge now is that I would like to do some work on the land. My first priority would be getting some ATV trails cut...
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    72" Finish Mower for my J2023?

    I have a line on a like new Land Pride 72" rear discharge finish mower that's only been used 3 years and the price is really good. Has anyone use a 72" RDFM with a J series before? I called my dealer and he said generally a tractor can run a finish mower one size up from what they run a rotary...
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    Lowery Mfg (LMC) Rotary Cutters?

    I'm in the process of selling my 4ft County Line cutter I got from TSC. I've hated that thing since I bought it. It's cheap and thin metal and the sides are too high so it doesn't cut as short as I want. The sides are thin sheet metal and they've gotten bent. And 4ft is not big enough to cover...