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    Zero turn recommendations.

    So the Gravely is a lemon mechanically, or you just do not like the Zero turn concept? I‘m about to close on a Kubota Z.
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    Zero turn recommendations.

    There are no Diesels to be had and they are minimum 50% more than the gassers. No used local. Going to test beat a 400 series Kubota today, we will see.
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    Zero turn recommendations.

    The 200 is new for 2020 a replacement for the 100 series. Any one have a 200? 400 series is mid level commercial.
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    Zero turn recommendations.

    Two Kubotas, Z251KH-54, Z422KW-54 Both 54 inch first Residential. Second commercial. Is the $2600.00 difference necessary in my application.
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    Zero turn recommendations.

    At many’s suggestion Im going for a zero turn. 1 acre, garden islands, a small slope up frt. Found KUBOTA’s and JDs, looking for other. figure 52 inch +/-. I have a tractor, to big to mow with, but nice for other tasks. Attachments 29A9AF7D-C80C-49C6-99A3-537F9A6DBD31.jpeg 153.3 KB · Views: 0...
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    KUBOTA GR2020/2021

    Found one 90 minute drive away, it was a returned gasoline powered 2020 with 9 hours on it. Test rode it and left. No other small tractors available within reasonable drive.
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    KUBOTA GR2020/2021

    What can anyone offer up on theses 2 lawn tractors? Going to look at one with gas engine today. Are they same quality as the BX and up Lines from Kubota?
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    Kubota 3 months out

    I tried all last year to trade In my low hour B2601 TLBMMM ON A BX1880LMMM. Hard to get at the time,nonexistent now. Working on a GR deal now. Inventory Zero within hours of me.
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    BX designation

    BX2380TV60. TV60 means what?
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    BX choices

    In a earlier post you all help me out with a suspect 2380. I told the owner that unit is not going to me. To many negative out of the box. I asked if he wanted to call it a day or try something else, itç—´ up to him. He said he has a 1888 and a 2680 in crates and would either of those work? He...
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    BX2380 test drive problem.

    Trading down from a B2601 to a BX2380. Dealer called said it was ready for test and paperwork. Got on it and drove it around the lot. When I let off of the hydro pedal it just kept rolling, freewheeling, forward noticeable, in reverse it would be dangerous. Just kept rolling 20 feet on a flat...
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    Have a B2601 TLBM that is more than I need at my new home. Bought it when I had 16 acres to replace a L2250. Was offered a premium to sell acreage a year later and moved the B to 1 acre. My dealer closed this summer and have been calling others but not alot subs in stock close. Found a BX2380...
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    2601 Value

    I purchased a 2601 with MMM,FEL and BH in 2017 to replace a 32 year old L2250 with MMM. Had 16 acre to work. Fast forward a year and we were offered a premium to sell our land. Moved to one acre and used 2601 to put in a pond and some other minor jobs. It痴 to much tractor for the place now. What...
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    B2601 Post auger

    Hydraulic Auger Would like to get a Frt mounted post auger for my B2601 with a 434 quick attach frt loader on it. Posts and Shrub planting, would like 12in aug if possible. Anyone have experience with such a set up?
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    Farm implements

    I may need to plant 5 acres that I use to have farmed by local farmers. Need to know what I need to run Corn or Soybeans. I have a Kubota B2601, is it even possible to do it with this tractor? Taxes increase approx $100/acre to $2300/acre if the land is not farmed. I can buy most inpliments...
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    R+R BH 70

    What should I be aware of in removing and reinstalling my B2601 backhoe? A bit intimidated doing it the first time.
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    B2601 design flaws

    Have 6 hours on my B2601, the one thing since new is the frt loader bucket is not parallel to the ground. It about a inch or two higher on the left then the right when off the ground. Lies flat when on the ground, hits the asphalt with a thunk/thunk when lowered. My old L2250 was still parallel...
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    Quick attachment system

    Is the Kubota system an industry standard? Will I be able to use attachments from other manufacturers. Will skid steer implements work with the my Kubota 2601?
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    Dirt Moving Utility Dump Trailer

    I need a dump trailer for use on my 16 acres. Local dealers only carry large highway models. Anyone have experience with smaller CUT/ATV type dump trailers. Will be pulling it with either B8200 hst or a B2601
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    After market Impliments

    Took delivery of a TLBMMM 2601. It replaced a 31 year old L2250. I have a set of Payne pallet forks but they will not work as well on the new rig so want to get a QA fork set. The Kubota set is $1200.00+- from local dealers. Was looking at several aftermarket suppliers. Everything implements...
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    Frt loader bucket question.

    My new 2601 has the quicktach 60 in light material bucket. It'll work great for gravel/earth/mulch bags and such. The one thing it won't handle, I believe, is the Payne Forks I used on my old L2250. It obviously had a heavier pinded 60 in bucket which worked well with the pallet forks. Is there...
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    Wait on new rig. 2601.

    Put a deposit on a B2601 TLB set up and have been waiting almost a month now because there are no BH70 units in that distribution network. There were early in the spring but nothing now. Has gone from 3 weeks to 6 now with nothing guaranteed. Is this the norm when KUBOTA runs dry on something...
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    Manual Thump

    I ordered a B2601 TLBMMM combo. Wanted a manual thumb but for almost 800.00 I was trying hard to find another manufacturer. Anyone know of one available. BXpanded has nice units but not for a BH70 backhoe.
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    B2601 TLB

    Replacing a 31 year old L2250 gear Tractor with a B2601. Want a Backhoe to plant trees, put in a couple Koi ponds and replace a field drain tile. I have 16 acres total with 3 acres of grass, lots of trees, hills and turns. Will get a 60 in mmm. Whats anyone's experience with this combo.
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    Financing End of the line for zero financing?

    With the latest fed increase are we at the end of the line for the zero interest consumer economy?
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    Buying Advice B2601

    Ive settled on a B2601 to replace my 1985 L2250 which I've had since new. 60 in mmm, 60 in QT front loader and 70 series BH. Several questions to start. No experience with suspended deck, been using contact decks for 42 years. Any issues on rugged terrain. My place is not a smooth football...
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    Suspended or floating 60 in deck????

    My turf is not a football field. It's uneven, rolling and hilly in areas. 1/4 mile long driveway with culverts along it that have steep angles, with many trees on the property. Approx 3 acres. I have used floating/ground contact decks for 45 years with great results and have no experience with...
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    Mowing 60 in deck differences

    What's the advantage of a suspended deck over contact ones. The difference between the hook up on a B2601 and B2650?
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    Comparison 2601/2650

    Sold my 31 year old L2250 and I'm comparing its replacements. L series no longer has mm pto so the B series is what's available. Getting BH this time along with FEL and 60 in mmm. What additional tractor options should I consider.I have all the 3pt hitch implements all ready. The 2 tractors are...
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    Spring incentives

    Deere advertising is firing up on TV. No incentives yet that Ive seen. What has Kubota done in the last few years and when do they do it? Is now a good time to buy? Will they offer any more in the spring to kick start sales?
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    Skid loader attachments

    Looking at getting a B2650/ no cab with QT FEL. Does this System allow the use of skid loader attachments?
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    L2250 fan belt

    Anyone know the fan belt dimensions for a L2250? Thanks Part # 17331-97010
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    Took my 31 year old l2250 in for a Rops install before selling. Talked to service tech about what problems he sees with new models, Im shopping new B2650. He spoke of the tier4 issues on the larger tractors and the front axle seal leaks that I have on my old tractor and they still have issues...
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    Backhoe seating 2601/2650

    I have been given 2 different explanations of the seat that one ends up with when adding a backhoe to a 2601 or 2650. One dealer says you get a swivel seat with the mounting kit. Said I can have the factory seat if I want it. Second dealer first said the backhoe comes with its own seat. I...
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    Price Check B2601 quote

    I got first quotes today on a 2601. With just a 60 in mmm.(list $18,316.00)$17,212.00 delivered. With qd 60 in FEL and BH with 12 in bucket and mmm.(list $30,239.00)$29,456.00 delivered. Am I there? Thanks
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    Buying Advice 2601 vs 2650

    We have settled between the 2 mentioned units. 98% mowing with mmm. Getting FEL and BH. Would appreciate input from owners. The 2650 may be a bit high to mow around many trees. Will replace a B8200 hst. and a L2250 FEL. All input appreciated.
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    Tires and wheels for L2250

    30+ years now, tires and rear wheels need replacing. Frt 24x8.50-14 Turf, Rears 13.6x16 Turf (Bridgestone). Was going to start with fronts and order Carlisle from Amazon but read complaints they come with a smaller diameter than on tire so problem with 4WD. suggestions on where to get tires in...
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    Dealing on new equipment

    Have not bought new tractors since 1985. Both Kubotas still run strong. Looking to add a Z726 at a list of 8999.00 and a. Bx25d staring at 18/18500 depending on who I ask at dealer. What has anyone's experience been pricing out their deals. All input greatly appreciated. I'm in the Chicago suburbs.
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    Pricing out several pieces of equipment

    Moved to Kubota.
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    I have a L2250 with a blower on the back but would like to get a front bucket mounted plow blade. Some years back when I got my Payne Forks I also found a blade that mounted the same, 2 heavy cramps. Can't find it now, would appreciate input on what other manufacturers any here are using. Thanks...
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    NEW or New/Old Combo

    I have been looking at new rides in the BX and B series. Want a back hoe and MMM deck. I was also looking into putting a Woods frame mount Back Hoe on my 30 year old L2250 and buying a 3 series Zturn. The L has under 1000 hrs, sits outside 24/7 and has never let me down save for a hydraulic pump...
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    Add on backhoe ?

    I would like to get a backhoe for my place. Looking at 3pth mounted units, not sure it's the best way to go. My L2250 is 30 years old and I don't want to wreck it. Does any company make frame mounted units for older tractors?
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    Frame mounted Backhoe.

    I would like to get a backhoe for my place. Looking at 3pth mounted units, not sure it's the best way to go. My L2250 is 30 years old and I don't want to wreck it. Does any company make frame mounted units for older tractors?
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    Two choices

    BX25D loader/BH Turf tires 3 pt hitch 60in MMM $19892.66 delivered. B2320 loader /BH Turf tires 3pt hitch 60 in MMM 27100.00 delivered Any feel for the prices I've been given, 90% mowing 10% earthmoving. Opinions on choices please. Thanks all.
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    New Kubotas

    I have 2 mid 80's Kubotas, a L2250 gear and a B8200 HST. Except for a hydraulic pump on the 2250 they have cost me oil, filters and belts in almost 30 years. I'm shopping the BX25D and the B2601 with like packages. My first impression is they are less substantial units now. Vibration transmitted...