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  1. Mace Canute

    Oil filter wrench

    I remember years ago, 1978 or 1979, when we got a brand new Dodge truck at work and when it was time to change the oil filter on the 318 cu engine, I used a regular filter wrench on it which simply collapsed the filer. Then I tried to drive a screw drive through it to spin it off. That just...
  2. Mace Canute

    New thread for Booger.

    Just a post to prove to Booger over at TNT that I am not banned here in TBN and I never have been.
  3. Mace Canute

    Since it's Halloween...

    I came across this article about where the phrase "Trick or Treat" started... Who knew? The origins of ‘Trick or Treat’: Lethbridge home to a piece of Halloween history |
  4. Mace Canute

    How to get rid of the mole - How to get rid of the mole
  5. Mace Canute

    Young pup's close call.

    Yesterday I visited some friends on their acreage and learned that their young Bernese pup (less than 5 months old) had become sick from a bad case of Parvo last week. They found him laying on the grass outside and not moving so they rushed him into the vet clinic at the University Of...
  6. Mace Canute


    I thought this was great! Arnold is 71 and the coward barely moved him...he just totally humiliated himself on multiple levels.
  7. Mace Canute

    Ghost Chickens In The Sky

    "Ghost Chickens in the sky" Leroy Troy - YouTube
  8. Mace Canute

    "The Maple Kind!"

    I just came across this old video again and thought I'd post it. If you've seen it before I bet you'll still get a laugh out of it! Really funny video This dogs loves bacon The Maple Kind! - YouTube
  9. Mace Canute

    "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." - WTF: A Random Tiger Walks Into a Convenience Store
  10. Mace Canute

    A couple of old timey videos.

    Vintage interviews with two men who witnessed Lincoln's assassination. 85-year-old Civil War Veteran Lauren Higbie singing "Veteran's Last Song".
  11. Mace Canute

    Tough snowblower.

    You ever want to do this to that one neighbour who always parks so inconsiderately? :D Fair Snocrete Snowblower vs car - YouTube
  12. Mace Canute

    Tough snowblower.

    Double post.
  13. Mace Canute

    Treasure hunting with metal detector.

    Man finds "treasure chest" out in the woods while metal detecting with his girlfriend. [VIDEO]
  14. Mace Canute

    Somebody had too much free time on their hands.

    The blue marble. [VIDEO]
  15. Mace Canute

    Grinding disc.

    I came across this by accident and thought it looked interesting. It's been around awhile but this is the first time I've heard of it. You will TRASH your GRINDING DISKS after you WATCH THIS! NORTON!! - YouTube Blaze your way to greater productivity! |Norton Abrasives
  16. Mace Canute

    Rattlesnake Ridge Slide

    Seen this posted over on Activity Stream - The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Workshop Magazine's BBS Rattlesnake Ridge Slide
  17. Mace Canute

    Early Christmas gift

    My old Chevy truck tires had finally seen the end of their life and were simply worn out! One even had the cords start to separate. Today when I went out to visit a good friend of mine he surprised me with the gift of a brand new set of 245/75 R16 M&S truck tires which we promptly mounted and...
  18. Mace Canute

    First interstellar asteroid.

    First interstellar asteroid wows scientists. [VIDEO]
  19. Mace Canute

    Inside a suppressor.

    See through suppressor in super slow motion (11, FPS). [VIDEO]
  20. Mace Canute

    Do you like a feel good dog story?

    Then you'll love this one. Dog refuses to leave goats amid California wildfires | Daily Mail Online
  21. Mace Canute

    Broken spindle.

    This weekend the spindle on my JD 3010 broke. :mad: Turns out there was an old crack partway through it and it finally decided to give up the ghost. We figure it had to have been from previous damage that happened before I bought it. It didn't break in the horizontal part either but in the...
  22. Mace Canute

    New to me tires for my tractor.

    I'm so happy today! A friend found a pair of slightly used R-1 tires for my John Deere 4630 for only C$500! Two of the four presently on the tractor are worn but will be good for duals but the other two of the four are on the verge of falling apart...literally! Life is good. :dance1:
  23. Mace Canute

    Work platform for the loader.

    A few years back a friend bought a baler that came with a 15 bale stooker that looked like this one except it has a coarse mesh platform instead of checked plate steel. I've always thought it would be easy and handy to split it where it hinges (three 3/4" pins) and mount it on the FEL...
  24. Mace Canute

    Snow clearing in Canada

    Some of us have have the reputation for not being bothered too much by cold weather and for being somewhat "bushed" but no one has ever accused us of having any fashion sense...that hat just does not go with that outfit. New Brunswick man plows snow on ATV
  25. Mace Canute

    Who likes yodeling?

    Oesch's die Dritten - Hilly-Billy-Yodel (Hilly Billy Tilly) - YouTube
  26. Mace Canute

    Don't Bogart that pufferfish!

    This is just incredible. :laughing: Dolphins Get High On Pufferfish | Don't Try At Home - YouTube
  27. Mace Canute

    Skeet shooting in Canda, eh.

    Skeet shooting in Canada
  28. Mace Canute

    One very loyal dog.

    It's not everyday we get to see just how loyal dogs can be so here is one story about just that. Dog spends two days on snow-covered track to protect pal from trains | Metro News
  29. Mace Canute

    My little girl Minnie is gone.

    I had to have her euthanized this afternoon due to old age and health problems and have just returned from the funeral parlor who will cremate her. She could no longer stand and was even having trouble getting herself up straight from laying on her side. It was time to let her go. I lost my boy...
  30. Mace Canute

    Is this just a little macabre or what?

    Makes you wonder if they just haul the recently deceased off into the woods...:shocked: - Vultures circling my Aunt's nursing home
  31. Mace Canute

    Maria del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza

    Or as she is more commonly known, Charo. I never knew she was so talented; here she is on guitar playing Malagueña .
  32. Mace Canute

    Another Christmas song.

    Another Christmas song, this one by a local man who has since passed away.
  33. Mace Canute

    Does " is now fullscreen" bug you?

    It's easy to get rid of the notification by entering about:config in address-bar then click on I'll be careful, I promise! and scroll down to full-screen-api.approval-required and change it from true to false by double clicking on the line or the word true. Edited to add: I should have said...
  34. Mace Canute

    Bottle rocket launcher

    A friend's son who's almost 7 asked me to build him a bottle rocket launcher so I made up one for him and gave it to him Saturday. It was the first one I've made and I learned a couple of things that I would do different if I build another one but for now it's keeping him highly entertained...
  35. Mace Canute

    John Deere hydraulics wouldn't work.

    At least that's what my buddy thought when he hooked up the 3010 to the cultivator. Normally he's always used the R or the 70 on anything that used a remote cylinder. So after he couldn't get the 3010 sorted out he decided to just hook up the 4630 and use that but amazingly it had the same...
  36. Mace Canute

    What every dog needs!

    Going trick or treating this Halloween and taking your dog along? Want to make an IMPRESSION on the people you meet? This is just the thing! :D - Russia: More bark than bite? Get your dog a werewolf muzzle
  37. Mace Canute

    Imagine waking up to this home intruder!

    Man shoots intruder that broke into his Kimberley home |
  38. Mace Canute

    Drag race...Mitsubishi truck versus Kubota two wheel tractor.

    Who's going to win? :D
  39. Mace Canute

    I gotta make one of these!

    Looks like fun! :D
  40. Mace Canute

    2015 Dodge Ram 3500 Trailer Towing Chart

    I came across this in another Forum and thought it might be of some interest to you Dodge guys.
  41. Mace Canute

    You'll like this...

    Told ya! :)
  42. Mace Canute

    Farm accident in India.

    Makes you wonder how he managed to do that and not have it any worse! - Removal of foreign body
  43. Mace Canute

    Fuel pump replcement.

    Well, his past week I decided to replace the fuel pump in my 1994 Chevy truck. It had started to give problems early last winter so we did a temporary patch job by plumbing in a electric fuel pump in front of the filter, only had to cut the one wire to power it that way. Early last week I...
  44. Mace Canute

    My TV has died.

    We had a power outage here tonight and now my TV (a Curtis Mathes) won't power up any more. It's over 25 years old now so I guess it hasn't done too bad. Quite some time ago it made a strange noise, kind of a loud short bloop, and then the remote failed to work after that so I was forced to use...
  45. Mace Canute

    I bet he didn't expect that to happen! - Rough River Ride
  46. Mace Canute

    An amazing voice.

    I like to surf talent contests on Utube and I cam across this one. This girl, "Amira Willighagen, was born on March 27, 2004, in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and became well-known by demonstrating her talent as a singer of opera arias and other classical music at the age of 9, without ever having...
  47. Mace Canute

    Flying car? Nope! Hoverboard? Yes!

    It was almost inevitable I guess but I think it's going to result in a lot of injuries to people who have more confidence than ability. Canadian Inventor Flies Homemade Hoverboard To Set A New World Record [VIDEO]
  48. Mace Canute

    That's life!

    Poor guy...the band strikes up...he puts his game face on and goes for it...starts to get his groove on...dipping and diving, dancing and moving showing off his prowess to the girl who has twanged his heart strings...and she wants no part of him! At the Hop!
  49. Mace Canute

    Oddball (?) Thread Torque Reference Chart

    Thread Torque Reference Chart - Checkfluid