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  1. GSVette

    Chipper Woodmaxx WM-8H on mobile base?

    My Victory 8H is on a dolly I made from the shipping fixture. Supports the unit just fine-suppose you could put the legs down too.
  2. GSVette

    Case 580c dead instrument cluster- Anybody familiar with this machine?

    I can’t recall for sure if the c has the same crappy gauge panel as the d that I have but if it does it is very common for the gauge panel to fail because the ribbons and board fail. I replace all of the gauges, panel and connectors and have never had a problem since.
  3. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    About 3 years now-have a lot of experience with pressure tank systems and much prefer this.
  4. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    With the constant pressure valve you get all the the benefits of the VFD without all the added cost and complexity. I have run my pump off of my generator. So I still have water and most everything else when power goes out. My system shown below. CycleStop valve is red item in photo
  5. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Not sure what you are asking-if you’re asking about the ‘drive’ part of a VFD well pump-I don’t have a VFD pump-the constant pressure valve (CycleStop) valve is used with a standard constant speed motor.
  6. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I have the constant pressure valve system from CycleStop on my Grundfos well pump. It does have a tank (I have the optional larger tank on mine) that you draw from for low demand (less than 0.5 hon iirc) until the pressure drops below cut-in at which time it will refill. At higher demand you get...
  7. GSVette

    MT357H vs MT357HC

    I would echo what Avenger has said about his cab. I have the 4155HC and my property ( which isn’t all that far from Avengers) is wooded and hilly. I bash through the limbs pretty frequently when mowing and have yet to scratch/damage a window. I have more than a few scratches on the hood and a...
  8. GSVette

    Bathroom in the shop

    I suspect the ‘permit’ you are referring to is the well log that is filled out by the well driller and submitted to the state for recording purposes. The county health department also gets a copy along with the water quality test report prior to issuing either a COO or (in my case) a septic...
  9. GSVette

    Bathroom in the shop

    The idiotic thing was that it overturned 150 years of western water law precedence and all of the lower court rulings which consistently held for the original application of water law for permit exempt domestic wells. Additionally the ruling basically put the onus on counties ( and thus on the...
  10. GSVette

    Bathroom in the shop

    A couple of years back the Hirst decision effectively killed building permit issuance in Growth Management Act counties (King, Pierce, Snohomish, Spokane) where the building permit relied on a Permit Exempt Domestic Well for water. Spokane county allowed you to grandfather your well under the...
  11. GSVette

    how deep can I run a subsoiler (for running pipe) with ck2610

    Couldn’t have done mine without my 580E. Layer of decomposed (and not so decomposed) granite at about 28-32”. Not getting through that layer without it.
  12. GSVette

    how deep can I run a subsoiler (for running pipe) with ck2610

    At least on this part of WA- unincorporated Spokane County at ~3400’ elevation, I was required to bury my lines 18” below frost depth (24” around here). So 42”. I trenched ( with a construction backhoe) to a minimum of 48”. Knock on wood- no line freeze so far.
  13. GSVette

    Bathroom in the shop

    Put a 3/4 bathroom in my shop when I built it a few years back- had to put my newly drilled well into ‘beneficial use’ as a result of an idiotic WA state Supreme Court decision on domestic wells. I also did the laundry add as it keeps really grimy work clothes out of the house laundry room...
  14. GSVette

    Building a barn to live in- interesting article

    At least out here if you permitted and built it as a ‘non accessory storage building’ or in non code parlance ‘a barn, shed, shop or other non living space’ and then converted it to a partial or full living space you’d be setting yourself up for claim denial if you ever had a loss. I originally...
  15. GSVette

    Anyone out there Have a Mini-Split Heat/Ac unit?

    I have 2 units one Mitsubishi unit installed in our current residence (16k btu unit used to heat/cool master suite and upstairs bedroom) and a Mr Cool DIY 36k btu unit I installed in my 2400 sf shop building. Very happy with performance of both units. The DIY unit was less than 1/2 the cost of...
  16. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I used the Viega Manabloc when I plumbed my shop-generally pretty happy with it.. Mine is located in the shop bathroom for ease of hookup. Did have to add foam board insulation between outside steel sheathing and Manabloc just to provide additional freeze protection ( shop is heated/cooled year...
  17. GSVette

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Thanks for the responses-6’-7’ is more than adequate for my needs-I just want to keep the brush back from whipping me in the face when I take the quad or side by side down the trails.
  18. GSVette

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    So I’m seriously contemplating a ditch/bank flail to complement my old, beat to s*** 917. I have a need to trim the brush back on many of my access roads. It would seem that a ditch/bank mower run in the vertical or near vertical position would be ideal for this. I’ve had very little luck...
  19. GSVette

    Buying Advice Buying a backhoe ?

    Having a construction backhoe myself (Case 580D, extendahoe ) I would offer that you need to look at what you are needing to do before buying one. For myself a tractor backhoe would not have realistically been able to do what I needed to do in my ground- I had to trench long distance for power...
  20. GSVette

    Water line question

    I ran 1 1/2 hdpe for my 200’ from well head to shop. Compression fittings were ridiculously expensive ( iirc ~$50 for 1 1/2, ~$80 for 2- I was considering 2” at one point). Install can be a bugger-I used pallet forks for roll and pulled the line downhill (gently) using my UTV. Bedded in sand...
  21. GSVette

    LS Grapple

    Yes-still plenty happy with it. Does everything ask of it.
  22. GSVette

    Woodland Mills wood Chipper wait times !

    The Victory I bought has adjustable legs- I try to get the PTO shaft as close to straight as possible and then drop and pin the legs. I wouldn’t be very comfortable running it using the just the 3 pt as my support.
  23. GSVette

    Chipper Advice on PTO Chipper

    I have a Victory chipper ( basically a Woodmaxx WM-8H clone) that I bought very recently. Very happy with it. Hydraulic feed with dual rollers handles just about anything I throw at it. Only had to wait a few weeks for it. Took some time to assemble-not the greatest assembly instructions ever...
  24. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    This is not at all completely comparable as I’m using it on my 580E full size backhoe but I find stump removal much easier with my 12” trench bucket rather than my 24” digging bucket. I suppose a ripper tooth might be even easier but then I’d have to a) have one and b) switch between the...
  25. GSVette

    Homemade, prefab, concrete and pine post

    My pole building is designed for a 65psf snow load (3400’ elevation, north of Spokane, WA). The pressure treated 6x8 posts are set in 36” diameter x 4’ deep augered holes filled with a 5 sack footing mix. Looked very hard at the perma columns but just couldn’t justify the added cost relative to...
  26. GSVette

    Electric transformer in front of house (on ground)

    I had to grant power company an easement from the junction box all the way to the meter-power company is responsible for everything upstream of the meter in my area. I always thought it a bit strange that I paid for the cable, the transformer, conduit and associated trenching/filling and they...
  27. GSVette

    Does anyone have a Woodmaxx WM-8H with 29 PTO HP?

    I haven’t played with the speed much yet- the dried pine I’m chipping seems to run through at full feed speed regardless of diameter-that may change when I get to chipping some of the greener limbs.
  28. GSVette

    New garage time!

    I have a small, mast type man lift in my shop (GR-18, iirc). Had similar issues getting it off the trailer when I brought it home-also didn’t really k ow how heavy it was ( no manual at the time) and found out very quickly that it was well beyond the capability of my tractors pallet forks to...
  29. GSVette

    Does anyone have a Woodmaxx WM-8H with 29 PTO HP?

    I have the Victory chipper as well. Yes, the instructions totally suck-mine didnt even have the details for the roller reversal linkage shown. Had to figure that out from the photo. Discovered the quick hitch incompatibility as well- luckily my Farm Hand Cat II to Cat I just clears the...
  30. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Mowed about 10 acres with my 917 flail, limbed up a bunch of pine trees do I could easily mow under them-used grapple to move limb piles so that I can chip them up later. Also hooked up the tiller for the first time and tilled a serenity garden area for my wife. This was actually over the last...
  31. GSVette

    How many Attachments?

    I don’t think I have a problem-my wife however, seems to think there might be some indication of a problem. Forgot: Landscape Rake LeeAgra Farm hand quick hitch Sprayer Did I mention the Case 580D and assortment of buckets? Or the LN700 dump truck? [emoji848] maybe she has a point?
  32. GSVette

    How many Attachments?

    This question caused me to count them-now I know why my wife thinks I have an implement “problem” JD MX-7 Ford 917 flail Rototiller Disk harrow Spreader Chipper Pallet forks Grapple Front bucket
  33. GSVette

    Raising The Throne?

    We switched all ours to ‘chair height’ when we remodeled the bathrooms in our house-it really makes a significant difference in ease of getting up. I really notice it as I put one of the old standard height toilets in my shop-lot further down!!
  34. GSVette

    Local PUD/Electric Association New connection Issues

    I had a very similar experience to Oosik when Inland Power did my 400 amp service install. Filled out request form, engineer showed up, made his measurements and sent me the invoice. I trenched from service entrance to just adjacent to junction box, set conduit sweeps and gravel at transformer...
  35. GSVette

    Pole barn roof insulation

    I didn’t go the poly iso route- did consider it. I have R19 batt installed between purlins and then covered with the white plastic paper( don’t recall what it is actually called).
  36. GSVette

    Need Your Thoughts On A New Welder

    Avenger, I’ve only welded off my generator (Predator 8500 w/40 amp 220v outlet)- it worked but I’d be very concerned if I was using it on something like the omni pro with all of the computerization. Maybe an inverter generator puts out a clean enough output for all those ics but I’m pretty sure...
  37. GSVette

    Kioti vs LS buying advice

    I agree-just wished they’d had linked pedal and a telescopic steering wheel-my only real gripes, frankly.
  38. GSVette

    Hot water heater leaking at relief valve

    My inspector required it-so it may be another county based difference to the National code-like Studor valves (not allowed in my county) or one way floor drain valves in lieu of trap chargers on a floor drain as-also not allowed.
  39. GSVette

    Hot water heater leaking at relief valve

    Here’s a very simple, per code, expansion tank install in my shop.
  40. GSVette

    Kioti vs LS buying advice

    I’m not sure what the MT series has standard but my XR came standard with cruise and 3 rear remotes-the 3 rear remotes were a huge selling point as I absolutely wanted TnT but still wanted a set of ports available for some other function ( side shift, wing lift etc.) should I ever need it. 3rd...
  41. GSVette

    Kioti vs LS buying advice

    I own an LS and am very happy with- that said, I wouldn’t advise against a Kioti . During my long, arduous and agonizing years long tractor research project I had it finally narrowed down to Yanmar, LS and Kioti. LS won out because I got a really good deal on one after Yanmar deal fell out of...
  42. GSVette

    What kind of vintage car do you wish you had?

    Hemi ‘Cuda convertible
  43. GSVette

    Inexpensive Laser Level

    I have one of the inexpensive rotary laser levels which I use for much the same purpose as you are proposing Avenger. Iirc, I think I paid less than $300 in 2018 for a package including level, tripod, grade rod and receiver. Manufacturer is iglobalbuy and I found it on Amazon I haven’t used it...
  44. GSVette

    Pole barn plan design tool?

    You may want to check with your local building/planning department. The one I’m in has a series of guides that are effectively pre-engineered for up to certain clear spans, pole size/spacing, wall height, snow loads, etc. You use these guides and the details they contain as your building ‘plans’...
  45. GSVette

    Who make a good grappler? Need one for my 4700

    I have the Titan 72 dual lid as well as the WR Long third function. Been very happy with the grapple and the price was unbeatable. It is heavier than many of the other grapples most likely due to a lower strength steel requiring greater thickness which is a negative however it hasn’t impacted my...
  46. GSVette

    HP and Tier 4 question

    No-Iirc the cutoff for DPF ( or DOC) as well as all the computerized nonsense to meet tier IV final is ~25hp. Everything above that is going to have the emissions stuff and consequently regenerate.
  47. GSVette

    UTV - Trying to Decide

    I own a 3400D- it is a rebranded Polaris. I like mine well enough except for the sticky clutch. It seems that Polaris in their infinite wisdom put a clutch that isn’t quite proper for a diesels torque curve in the Bobcats they made ( and probably in their own models as well). The result is a...
  48. GSVette

    Weight Distributing Hitch on equipment trailer

    I use one on my 12k whenever I haul my tractor or other vehicles.
  49. GSVette

    Hello from Eastern Washington!

    Welcome aboard- we are about 9 miles NE of Spokane Valley
  50. GSVette

    LS Grapple

    It came with the grapple-basically a flexible rod hoop with a baseplate bolted to the non moving part of the grapple.