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  1. DMW

    Frequency of lube changes

    Changed the THF in my GC's hydro, 90 hours after a dealer service. Consistency of chocolate milk. A LOT depends on weather conditions, and extreme temperatures. The quality of the oil does make a difference in my experience.
  2. DMW

    How soon is soon enough for Super UDT2 in Front Axle ?

    Pictures look more like contamination. No source of combustion byproducts, and if it isn't oxidizing from high temps, that leaves water. A bad vent/breather valve can introduce a lot.
  3. DMW

    Massey Ferguson GC1705 Front axle shaft seal leaking How to repair replace

    This might help. Posted by exohomestead in the Massey Owner/Operating Forum. For parts diagrams go to Welcome to AGCO Parts Books and view as guest user.
  4. DMW

    Oil (Engine and Hydraulic/Transmission for 2019 GC1725MB)

    Comparing apples and oranges. Motor oil and gear oil use 2 different classifications. 10W30 motor oil and 75W85 gear oil are the same viscosity, but different applications, so the additive package is different.
  5. DMW

    Massey GC1725M - will a snow blower be productive with this?

    48" rear blower, drifts over 40" no problem, HST allows you to match speed to conditions. Heated cab would be wonderful, but spend the extra and get a front blower. By the time auxiliary controls are added to a rear blower, the cost becomes a lot closer.
  6. DMW

    How to blade gravel without 3-point float?

    Always start the run with the box blade as full as possible, stops it from gouging. Keep the 3pt control lever down, and it will follow the contours. If you put it in "neutral" it will stop the box blade from rising/lowering and potentially digging in to the driveway every time you go over a...
  7. DMW

    How to blade gravel without 3-point float?

    Lower the scarifiers so only they run in the driveway, break up the upper crust of the gravel. Do not turn with them in the stone. After the top layer is loosened up, raise the scarifiers back up, adjust the angle of the box blade so the side plates are parallel to the ground when lowered. Too...
  8. DMW

    Front tire goes flat with tube

    Look into the cost of getting them foam filled at an industrial tire shop (forklift/skidsteer). Did the GC2300 fronts when new, haven't had any issues that last 15 years. I don't drive on pavement, so no excessive wear. The rears will probably rot before the fronts wear out. One rear is already...
  9. DMW

    Horror of horrors! My 2310 is hurt!

    The same mount is/has been used on every GC2300/2400/1700/1723. I highly doubt it is OOP. They may not be able to order, but there is still inventory out there. A search for Canada was pretty quick.
  10. DMW

    Buying new tractor - novice operator

    Buying the Kubota may be nice, but don't lock yourself into one brand. Tractor/model availability might limit the choices. Kioti 2610 is right in the size you're looking for. Never hurts to stop by and take a look.
  11. DMW

    GC Engine Oil Question

    It's kind of funny. My first oil change was with Esso XD3 0W40 full synthetic about 2007, it was only available in Canada, at Walmart amongst other places. Priced in line with dino oils. AFAIK they changed the name to Mobil Delvac for North American distribution, using that since.
  12. DMW

    GC2310 steering wheel loose - rubber bushing replacement

    Part number is correct. While you have things exposed, check the key switch for corrosion on the bottom, and clean up the connectors in the fuse box.
  13. DMW

    GC Engine Oil Question

    It's whatever you are comfortable with. Most of my hours are blowing snow. No power to the tractor shed for a block heater or battery tender. 0W40 was the easiest to crank in freezing weather, and best IMO for running a 3pt chipper for hours at a time while stationary. Oil chosen for these...
  14. DMW

    General Maintenance Question

    My FIL has kept 2 tractors of comparable size running for 60yrs. Never had an overhead hoist, just an engine hoist. Rim and tire condition will probably be your biggest problems.
  15. DMW

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I saw something similar many years ago (before internet) at a grocery store in Oakville ON. They had a Coca Cola (24 can case) promotion and the trailer (28" I think) sitting in the parking lot, completely full, unloading as necessary. The trailer reached a point where the emptied back end...
  16. DMW

    Massey GC2610 over heated Hydraulic Oil causing a reduction in forward speed?

    Pretty well agree with oldnslo. I have a GC2300, similar but not the same. Grease up the pedal shaft, zerk beside, and the one underneath (see pic) if it has one. It could be possible the shaft is binding, causing the reverse pedal to travel at the same time. Inspect linkage from pedal to HST...
  17. DMW

    Massey GC2610 over heated Hydraulic Oil causing a reduction in forward speed?

    Do you have a brand, product name for the UTF?
  18. DMW

    Massey GC2610 over heated Hydraulic Oil causing a reduction in forward speed?

    The swash plate is the flow control for the axial piston pump in the HST. It has a mechanical linkage with the foot pedal that controls direction and speed of the tractor. Youtube it for better explanation. SCUTs run a lot hotter than other tractor types, and are much harder on the hydro fluid...
  19. DMW

    Massey GC2610 over heated Hydraulic Oil causing a reduction in forward speed?

    I am assuming the HST cooling fan blades are ok. Heat buildup is ussually a sign of poor cooling , high ambient temperatures, or the hydraulic fluid going through a pressure relief valve. Check the 3 point lower/raise lever makes sure it is centered. It would have caused a loss of back hoe...
  20. DMW

    GC Engine Oil Question

    Identical to my GC2300 manual printed 20 years ago. Oils have changed/improved in the last 2 decades. 0W40 and 5W40 were fringe oils at that time with limited availability. Now they are quite common for regular use.
  21. DMW

    Massey Ferguson GC 2300 bent steering box brackets :(

    If not using a counterweight (slasher) all the weight of the tractor can be on the front axle. I've done it before moving a large rototiller, lifted the back wheels off the ground, then using the FWD to move the load. Not recommended. Adds a lot of extra strain on the front end that it wasn't...
  22. DMW

    Massey Ferguson GC 2300 bent steering box brackets :(

    Were you using a counterweight when doing the heavy loader work? Also noticed there is a lot of paint scraped off the bottom of the steer cylinder and axles, that's not very common.
  23. DMW

    Massey Ferguson GC 2300 bent steering box brackets :(

    Both wheels are the same. The stops are touching when the wheel is held continually to one side. As soon as the steering wheel is released, the tires backs off 3/8" from the stop. maheel, has anything changed recently on who or how the GC is being operated? Excessive sharp turning could be a...
  24. DMW

    GC Engine Oil Question

    Don't use 15W40 if you're using it in winter. the 5W40 will protect the engine much better on cold startups.
  25. DMW

    Massey Ferguson GC 2300 bent steering box brackets :(

    A shot in the dark here with multiple users. Doubt its a mechanical issue, more likely a hydraulic one. Pressure is applied to the cylinder by an input from the steering wheel. Most operators will hold the wheel in position while turning, setting the angle of the front wheels and reducing the...
  26. DMW

    GC Engine Oil Question

    Available at the local Canadian Tire. If you're in northern BC, may want to use 0W40. Other brands mentioned are good, but packaging for most is 5 liter jugs. Delvac has the least amount of waste IMO.
  27. DMW

    Oil & Fuel hyd. filter change

    Video for a MX5100, not sure how applicable it is for you. MX5100 Service
  28. DMW

    Gritty or Groaning Steering on GC

    Have you checked the front axle fluid level? Any weeping from the front axle seals? Does it happen in 2WD and 4WD? Differential lock disengaged?
  29. DMW

    Compact 4310 E-hydro hydraulics jerking

    Hydro fluid possibly overheating.
  30. DMW

    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    It was an old post from a GC2400 owner. I let someone else do all the work.
  31. DMW

    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    Maintenance day today. Changed out the glow plugs, motor oil, anti-freeze and both rad hoses. Both hoses had gooves worn in them from the throttle lever and the air filter hosing, down to the cords. 2nd time they have been replaced for this issue. Couldn't start this winter without using a...
  32. DMW

    Hydraulics quit working after getting hot. Mostly a loss of power to the point of driving backwards to get out of the way. Help

    Dealer serviced usually means it got the cheapest bulk fluid that met the absolute minimum requirements. I had to change out my first dealer service HST fluid after a year due to water contamination. Corrosion on the electrical connectors/fuses has been my biggest issue, no lube was applied to...
  33. DMW

    Hydraulics quit working after getting hot. Mostly a loss of power to the point of driving backwards to get out of the way. Help

    Your between a rock and a hard place. It may be overheating, or the hydraulic pump spline is worn out. The scuts are hard on fluids, they run very hot. The cooling fan on the driveshaft is very important. Ensure all the blades are there. The last fluid change may have been crap oil, or been...
  34. DMW

    Hydraulics quit working after getting hot. Mostly a loss of power to the point of driving backwards to get out of the way. Help

    First thing to do is with the tractor off, have someone cycle the pedal back and forth, and visually check the linkage from the pedal to HST.
  35. DMW

    GC2300 Replacement for Nimco FEL control valve?

    Speading gravel yesterday, Joy stick got very floppy but still usable. Took off the boot and found that a roll pin had broken and fallen out, allowing excessive movement of the yoke on the stud ball.
  36. DMW

    Massey Ferguson GC2300 Need Advice on Loading on trailer

    Just for clarification, the rapid clicking you hear when trying to start, is it the electric fuel pump or from the starter?
  37. DMW

    Massey Ferguson GC2300 Need Advice on Loading on trailer

    The GC2300 has float, as K5lwq posted, push the lever all the way forward, you push past a resistance point (detent) and the joystick will stay in place. There will be no hydraulics preventing the loader arms from lowering or raising due to jacking or gravity.
  38. DMW

    Massey Ferguson GC2300 Need Advice on Loading on trailer

    Pulling from the rear draw pin, just put the loader in float. Pulling front the front frame, place chain under the bucket. Loader in float, the arms/bucket will rise as you pull. As long as the cutting edge doesn't bite into anything, the bucket should just slide along. Removing the bucket isn't...
  39. DMW

    Massey Ferguson GC2300 Need Advice on Loading on trailer

    The ground strap on the front of the engine to the chassis has been known to break. Some were too tight and engine vibration eventually broke them. That being said, the GC2300s have a lot of corrosion issues with the fuse box. Even if the fuses are ok, the connectors inside the box may have to...
  40. DMW

    GC 2400 Throttle Cable Adjustment

    Check the connection on the throttle linkage beside the left side radiator hose. Return spring and throttle lever should work smoothly. The might have a bit of corrosion binding things up, give them a spray with a penetrating oil. You might have to remove the side panel for complete access.
  41. DMW

    GC2300 Replacement for Nimco FEL control valve?

    Agco parts book. 2350 Loader. They look rusty but not that bad. Not sure if using cotter pins rather than roll pins makes a difference. If it is really loose, you might want to check the condition of the spool springs. Looks like someone has worked on it previously, and hammered the yoke a bit...
  42. DMW

    GC2300 Replacement for Nimco FEL control valve?

    Why replace the valve? The yoke and ball studs are replaceable.
  43. DMW

    Front axle oil fill level

    The fill plug contains a spring loaded breather valve to prevent pressure buildup in the front axle when it gets hot. It is plastic, do not over tighten. It is a plug, not a bolt.
  44. DMW

    Tie rod end grease fitting?

    Agco Parts Book, enter the site as a guest user, no account or password needed.
  45. DMW

    Tie rod end grease fitting?

    You do not have to but from the dealer. Compatible zerks can be had for a fraction of the price, just search the part number. If you can't find the 2nd, better order 2 (and depending on shipping, a couple spares).
  46. DMW

    Loader DL100 how hard is rebuilding tilt cylinder?

    Replace hoses in pairs, saves an extra trip in a couple months.
  47. DMW

    Power Washing the Tractor

    So true. At work we used electrical, diesel fuel heated units. That 550V weld plug provides a lot of power for washing.
  48. DMW

    Power steering not working; Need help diagnosing (GC 2310)

    Do yourself a favour and get a pressure gauge and fitting to connect to the lines. Check the P line and all outputs. Isolate the issue. Could it be a bypassing steering cylinder? A gauge will help. Seal kits are available. If the pump has been previously disassembled, were all the parts...
  49. DMW

    GC Series - 23 or 25 HP from the same size engine: How do they do that?

    It's just over a 1% increase in PTO hp. Is it really worth it? Majority of my hours are snowblower or woodchipper. Neither would seem to greatly benefit from the 2hp increase in the engine rating, and the 0.2hp increase with the PTO.
  50. DMW

    What implement best for turf grading with compact tractor?

    Some drainage tile would make a huge difference. Trying to change grade without controlling the water seem pretty pointless to me.