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    You know it is cold on the farm when...

    Anti-freeze doesn't freeze in the Caribbean. It's used in drinks.
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    What did you do on the first day of retirement?

    My planned retirement date is January 1, 2025. SWMBO says I am retiring no earlier than 2033. She's addicted to my income. And since she doesn't work...
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    Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm

    How's the tattoo working out for you?
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    Horse trainers

    I think the happiest day in my father in law's life occurred when he turned over the horse and trailer duties to me. When they referred to us as Bride and Groom, I had no idea they meant this:
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    Pallets in fields

    If V is for Vendetta What is an inverted V. Forgiveness? Perhaps the pallets come in peace?
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    Considering a new Case Farmall Series A

    After 10 years, I have determined that my John Deere 2320 needs to go. At 373 replaced the drive shaft due to maintenance instructions failing to advise that the shaft had zertz for greasing. Serviced by dealerships, and they did not service. After blowing it out, they refused to stand behind...
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    New Holland Boomer 33 Advice

    After 10 years, I have determined that my John Deere 2320 needs to go. At 373 replaced the drive shaft due to maintenance instructions failing to advise that the shaft had zertz for greasing. Serviced by dealerships, and they did not service. After blowing it out, they refused to stand behind...
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    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    Have seen limited Cruz sightings (and he's from Houston), and nothing on Cornyn. Awfully quite from these two. My congressman (Farenthold) has also been MIA. But then again, Farenthold is rarely in the news, unless he's doing something stupid.
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    Has anyone bought anything from greenpartstore?

    They sent you a diaper?
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    It's what they use to stir fry in Chinese cooking.
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    Festivus 2015 -- The Airing of Grievances

    That's when you get up behind em, get 'em loose and put them into the wall.
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    VW Clean diesels.... how did they get them so clean?

    Germans tend to be a bit "unobservant" about things.
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    Pallet colony discovered in Washington field

    By the way, thanks for buying dinner.
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    Good morning!!!!

    Because the pit gives off cool air compared to the ambient temperature.
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    Cyclist's and their steeds

    And here's my ride: That's the stock photo. I have a Brooks B-17. Best saddle ever. Have had it over a decade.
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    Tomato cages--what do you use?

    We grow our tomatoes in raised beds. I run cattle panels along the sides of the bed and plant the tomatoes next to the panels. Then strap the panels as the tomatoes grow.
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    Travel Trailer Questions - thinking of a long trip

    And with a dual axle. when you do get a blow out, the tire on a double is easier to change if you have one of these: Having changed trailer tires on the side of the road in all kinds of weather, I highly recommend these.
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    New arrivals

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    Unwelcome House Guests

    My suggestion is to lure them away from your house. If you have the right equipment, it should not be too hard. Put one of these in some remote location over the nearest town. Should attract them away from you.
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    Rip B.B. King

    Lucille gently weeps LAS VEGAS (AP) B.B. King, whose scorching guitar licks and heartfelt vocals made him the idol of generations of musicians and fans while earning him the nickname King of the Blues...
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    Good morning!!!!

    Kyle: Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. I would bring you some chicken soup, but the one hen I had in mind suddenly decided to start laying. Better late than never. Hope you are up to 5 bars in short order. As for our issues, the problem is car thieves who are in the import/expert...
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    And here it is. HUGE thanks to Blueriver for making this sign. I sent him a .pdf of the design and he took it from there. The posts are cedar/7in tops. Lots of digging, and some quality time with the chainsaw last night. Did I mention the sign was made by Blueriver? The detail work on this...
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    I guess you can make wine out of them? :confused: Seriously, though, I look forward to hearing from goat owners and breeders. We have been thinking about getting goats. We have 20 acres and two horses. Can they graze the same land? How much damage will goats do to horse grazing pastures...
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    Truck seat covers

    Baker 5A Seat Covers | 5/A Baker Blankets
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    ...and I didn't see the black helicopter!

    You might think I'm crazy. But I'm just crazy fashionable.
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    Baby on the way

    Congrats. You know what this means...New Tractor!
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    Who carries handiwipes on their tractor?

    how do you know you're not?
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    man that's alotta eyes stareing back at me!

    I think we call them hippies here.
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    Handling UPS/FEDEX/DHL/USPS Delivers

    We ended up hiring a guy to sign for our stuff and keep an eye on things.
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    Good morning!!!!

    First of all, Happy Texas Independence Day! I'm celebrating with the chain saw and tractor. Cutting up some downed trees from this week's windstorm, and using the cut wood to create a brush pile to attract more birds (we've adopted a wildlife management plan for our property.)
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    2320 Electrical Question

    I have a three year old (4/5/08) JD 2320. Used it last week without problems. Tried to start it this afternoon, and got dim dash lights, but no start. Faint clicks heard. All lights worked. Checked all the wires, everything was fine. Finally jump started it, and had it running. Drove it...
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    I thought it bought Green, but it's turned to brown

    First of all-thanks everybody for all the advice. It was very helpful and very much appreciated. Here's the news. After kicking a lot of tires and test driving many brands and models, I finally settled on a JD 2320 with 200CX FEL, pasture shredder, canopy and chain harrow. Tractor was...
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    Seeking the collective wisdom of the tribe

    The wife and I bought 10 acres in Scurry, Texas. Barn is up, and tractor shed is under construction. I need to a tractor to fill the tractor shed. Here are the details: Property has a good stand of coastal bermuda. I would like to keep it that way. Will fertilize and overseed this...