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    Shape/materials for a hand-loaded, non-scooping FEL "bucket"?

    I'd like to build a metal version of the picture attached, but with a SSQA blank I already have, and preferably with scraps of metal I have on hand if possible. There's a 5'x4' metal mesh trailer ramp someone left on my property a year back that might be suitable for the floor, for example. The...
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    Small puncture, slow leak in front R4

    Woke up to a flat tire the other day, traced it down to a puncture in the sidewall. Pretty much the worst place possible. Am I humped? Any fixes that would last? It's pretty tiny, only loses air (bubbles w soapy water) when flexing. Lost about 2 psi over a days work. Its a 2 year old Kubota...
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    What to do with extra galvanized steel pipe/rail?

    My wife and I took over a horse boarding facility a few years back. The previous owners left a lot of junk that we've been slowly cleaning up. Some of that included unserviceable (too corroded etc) corral panels - 24 feet long by about 5 feet tall. Ranges from 1 7/8 to 2 3/8 thick. I've been...