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  1. J

    House hit by lightning

    How or could it be avoid... Via? You know that could happen to any of us. I've had lightning damage too, but minor compared to this.
  2. J

    ZD1211 Fuel Tank Equalization

    Had ZD326.. I T'd the tanks together, eliminated switch. Gage then showed TOTAL fuel, idiot light I blocked since it always came on when the gage showed 1/2 tank left. Worked so much better.
  3. J

    ZD1211 Fuel Tank Equalization

    Trash in the tank that's not being drawn from and it's blocking the pickup.
  4. J

    Chute ideas for Kubota F

    Here's what did.... Took a video but it won't upload.
  5. J

    Chute ideas for Kubota F

    When I bought my F-series used I never even put the chute on it. I had to take the chute off for it to fit on the trailer. Sometime after that I built an electric actuator Chute blocker and I would never go back with that monsterist chute that Kubota put on this.
  6. J


    Downsizing isn't here yet but I'm seeing it on the horizon. We're starting to get old enough that we're having trouble keeping up with the 36 Acres that we have and keeping up with the house. There's some painting that needs to be done and I just don't have the ability to do that stuff anymore...
  7. J

    Tree or shrub ID help

    My little app Plant Snap says it may be a American Hazelnut.
  8. J

    ID this thing

    I think it's a lot lighter Duty than that maybe something out like a piece of luggage or something of that nature. But it does bother me that I found so many of these things over the last 6 months. They're coming from somewhere.
  9. J

    Holt grease gun coupler

    Has anybody tried this particular coupler that's available at Harbor Freight. I've got a locknlube. I have rebuild it once and the thing hangs up where the lever attaches to the spring it's constantly giving me problems and it just doesn't work as smooth as it did when it was new. And I'm...
  10. J

    ID this thing

    A little clearer picture
  11. J

    ID this thing

    Over the last 6 months or so, I've found 3 of these. One in the house, one in the garage, and one on the barn floor. Haven't a clue where they are coming from. But they was part of something at one point anyone know?
  12. J

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    But what is the difference in the test? Reg test about 5mbps gateway about 15mbps for me.
  13. J

    Kubota F series

    The F-series is the best mower I have ever had. It can be improved upon though with one thing. Four-wheel steer with the addition of a switch so that the wheels can turn in tandem or opposite of each other. That way going around trees would be closer and if you want to pull away from a building...
  14. J

    Lift for utv, can am spyder

    I recently bought a Can-Am Spyder, after a 40 year absence of riding motorcycles, wish me luck. After a ride yesterday, I noticed a sqeak in the front end, so I ran it up onto ramps for the first time. I had difficulty of the ramps moving on the Can-Am and also the rear tire losing grip of...
  15. J

    Garage door opener issues

    I'm no stranger to garage door openers. I've installed them in just about every house that we've moved into that did not have them and there's been several. I've also rebuilt several was new parts. But I've always been able to see the obvious problem. Now I've got an issue and I can't identify...
  16. J

    EGO 56V trimmer

    I've got a Stihl fs90 that I used that's a very good trimmer but I have trouble finding time to trim. It's too heavy to use buy my wife. My wife is using these Black & Decker electric things and they just wasn't up to the task so I bought her and the ego 56 volt trimmer it's a nice trimmer now...
  17. J

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    My problem is in the IPv6 IP setting in the trendnet it was configured to local only I set it to Auto config but I still missing something cuz it's not picking it up. Do I need something in the IPv6 address area on this picture I took of the screen. I've never used the trendnet as a router...
  18. J

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    DHCP is on in the Netgear, it is not on the trend net. I did change the number assignment to thru 199. Here is a snapshot of the trend net Internet configuration... And it has the netgear as the gateway.
  19. J

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    I had never used used speed SO using my Verizon cellphone I got the results below. Not sure the reason, but vastly different results. Fast... Ain't right, speed test is.
  20. J

    Can hydraulic shuttle be added to a geared tractor?

    As the title says. Neighbor has an M9540 without hydraulic shuttle. Just had knee replacement done on his clutching leg. And bet his tractor contributed to his issues. I have hyd shuttle on an M7040, and also bad knees. My habits of clutching to shift gears has changed over the last couple of...
  21. J

    Air compressor froze up, opinions on my options

    A craftsman 20 gallon 220 volt air compressor I had for more years than I remember, froze up. At my age, I no longer use an air compressor like I use to, and don't believe I need to replace it. I have a 6 gal pancake compressor that I use with a nailers, and on occasions where I need air...
  22. J

    F3680 U joints blew up.

    The short shaft one. Do the u joints get grease from greasing the shaft? I have greased before, but admit, I missed grease on the last go thorough grease job on this mower. It also broke off a plastic nipple on the radiator. I DON'T want to buy a radiator too. Man this thing is a bear to...
  23. J

    Verge (Ditch Bank) mower

    Finally got mower back on tractor and did some mowing. SO as I mentioned, I would take some pictures.
  24. J

    Handheld trouble light

    I can't seem to find a good one....THAT WILL LAST. I bought this one, and it's so so.... and today it blinked, then produced only a very dim light. I bought because of the ratings, but think Amazons ratings are very misleading...
  25. J

    Holes edges of pond

    For some time I've noticed holes at the edge of the pond primarily around the dam area. Lately it seems that these holes are getting a little bit more numerous and some of the soils breaking away going into the pond. It's not a tunneling like muskrat coming from the inside of the pond it's...
  26. J

    T8 Lights loosing their brightness?

    As the topic they? Maybe I've grown accustom to bright led lighting I've done in other areas, and it makes my eyes think these T8s have lost something when they haven't. I moved here some 8 years ago, and barn lights really poor. The former owner built a really nice barn, but spent...
  27. J

    ProtekX6 fabric

    This fabric is used by a lot of manufacturers of utv soft enclosures, and probably for other type of outdoor fabric items. I want to make some mods to a soft enclosure I have on my Mule Pro FXT. But can not nail down a source for this. Anyone know where I can get this type of fabric?
  28. J

    PICS OF BARNS; Any barns; All barns; My barn; Your barn; Not your barn

    Just two old barns in their last years.
  29. J

    Replacing sodium dawn to dusk with led

    Well...this evening it appears my dawn to dusk light has stopped working. I do not like the yellowish hue it put out and have been tempted to replace before now with an led one. Now, the decision is forced upon me. Looks like many options, but I want a light designed for the purpose, not a...
  30. J

    Torn boot on steering arm

    How do I go about changing this torn boot on this steering arm? M7040.
  31. J

    How much do these wheel weights weigh

    This weight is on a 16.9-24 R4 tire. Has 512 stamped on it.
  32. J

    Setting tires out wider

    I have an M7040 with R4 tires, wheel weights, and loaded too. This tractor is fairly stable.....but.....i have a neighboor with an M9540, who set the wheels out and he said the difference was very noticable. He help me put together this afternoon a flail ditch mower, which can be swung out in...
  33. J

    Little grass tufts showing in the mowing cut.

    I have an F3680, 72" deck side discharge. Third season I've had it. It has been excellent. Starting to notice tufts of grass showing up in the cut right where the blades come together. Blades could stand to be sharpened, but this strikes me as being something else and not sure what. This...
  34. J

    Flail Mower Betsco ditch type mower

    I'm thinking of buying a flail ditch type mower for work around ponds, edge of fields. The Ventura brand caught my eye....made in Spain....BUT....At near half the price this China made Betsco caught my eye too. Opinions on what I'd be getting into with this mower?? 71" Commerical Duty...
  35. J

    Verge mower versus offset frail

    What is the difference? I'm thinking it an extra hydraulic cylinder to control the tilt downward....but can't find in reading the exact difference.
  36. J

    Brush hog conversion to hydraulic to run fro FEL

    There are threads on this topic, think I've read them all. Not sure I can get enough umpf from my tractor to make this work. But would like to do this for trimming around ponds. And yes familiar with Lane Shark...almost bought one....but with it's 44" cut, it does not quite reach out as far...
  37. J

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    Well....I switched change. I did finally find the page in the router that buckeyefarmer gave the screen shot on. It's set with the usb2.
  38. J

    Samsung S8 and the things it's doing.....on it's own.

    Finding something a bit troubling with my Samsung S8. The phone is putting together collages of various pics similar in nature, thinking I might want these. I don't, and if I do, I'll do it myself. But the real troubling part is the phone is analyzing content without my approval (knowingly)...
  39. J

    F3680 chute blocker done

    Pics I'll try and post link to video. Don't know why this phone app won't upload videos. and the video.... 218428_16515.mp4 - Google Drive
  40. J

    Tires for F3680

    I've mowed with this F3680 for two years...have gotten it stuck a few times, but this last mowing, got it stuck twice. One area, I had gone thru a couple of times but it finally caught me. I probably should have not gone thru, but the other caught me completely off guard. I was coming up from...
  41. J

    Chute blocker for F3680 + linear actuator questions

    Today i figured out the stroke needed on the actuator and ordered one. It will mount approximately where I've got the clamp laid in the picture. I was going to upload a short video of how it works but seems this app is not letting videos upload.
  42. J

    Chute blocker for F3680 + linear actuator questions

    Here's the pictures. I will be making more mods...better pin setup. I just did this temporary to see what amount of throw I need in the actuator.
  43. J

    Chute blocker for F3680 + linear actuator questions

    After using this F3680 for two years...I've been saying I'm going to build a chute blocker for it. Well this spring, I've mowed ONCE...and yes the wind was wrong, and yes I got covered in grass. SO....I finally said to myself, just build it! In a second post after this one, I'll put some...
  44. J

    How best to get rid of all these small stumps.

    Been very wet here, but it dried up enough in one area to give the box blade only...a try. Did not work at all. The grapple would do it but the stumps so close together it is going to make me dig the whole area up. Basically upend the whole area.
  45. J

    How best to get rid of all these small stumps.

    Have M7040 with grapple. I can perhaps work them all out using that. For sure this okd man cut all of that with a chainsaw...and dang near killed me. That stooped over work doesn't work any more. Thoughts on my option. About 500 foot with uncountable numbers from 6" down.
  46. J

    What is this out of?

    Reworking a wood line need to the drive and unearthed thede things. What is that out of?
  47. J

    UTV gun rack

    All last year I started carrying an AR 15-22, and sometimes an AR 5.56 in the utv. I've had last year several guineas killed by coyotes, they've become a real problem. Have not resorted to trapping, to many dogs etc run around here. I have a Mule Pro FXT, 2 seats. I typically laid the rifles...
  48. J

    What viney tree is this.

    Been noticing it since in stands out in sharp contrast against everything else which has no leaves this time of year. And they are quite green too as you can see. WELLL....went to add the picture via the add pic from tapatalk...and it says this forum has disabled media sharing?? What's with that?
  49. J

    Need help figuring out barn extension

    You need this.
  50. J

    Problems with cables to rear remotes

    Over time the operation of the rear remotes has been getting rougher and rougher to work. This evening, I took some of the plastic off, and disconnected both ends of the cables. Found the problem is with the cables, not a bind on either end. can I lube these, or can I? I stopped...