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    M5700 Bracket Recall

    Was contacted by my dealer today about a bracket so where on the tractor that is causing problems. Wife talked to lady at dealership and just wanted to know if I still owned the tractor. She said a mechanic would be calling me to replace it? Dealer is about 50 miles from me. I値l let all know...
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    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    Got it back from the Concrete Plant and out of the truck Had it figured to weigh at 1160 lbs ,, Its 1300 lbs. Now what Color ? Im a primary color kind of guy , always did better with a box of 8 crayons instead of 164 in Elementary school. Word to the wise - If you take yours to the...
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    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    Off to the Concrete Plant to get it filled. Will attach pic when complete. Funny thing , did not relish the idea of buying 10-12 bags of Sakrete at $4-$5 per bag. Really did not relish mixing it up and pouring it , too much work and its hot here. So I stop by the Concrete Plant just to...
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    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    Well fellas , it aint purty down in there. More later Sorry about the sideways pics , aint posted pics in a long time.
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    Parking Brake dash warning light CK 35 / 4010 hst

    Do you get a warning light on your dash when you set the parking brake and tractor is running ?
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    CK 4010 PTO SHAFT

    New to Kioti , trying to hook up rear finish mower today and can稚 get the PTO shaft to free wheel or turn. Like it痴 got a brake on it. All my other tractors you could turn the PTO shaft to line up splines on driveshaft of implement. So any help ?
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    You going to Germany ?

    Have 2 travel books with maps for Munich & Berlin . Been trying to sell on Craigslist for a year , Zero interest. Yours if you pay the postage.
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    Hydraulic fitting dust boots / rubber caps

    Anyone have a source for reasonably priced caps or boots for fittings ? Thanks
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    Walkie Talkie, Ham radio Freaks out there

    Not a Radiohead but have 3 each radio repeaters available. 2 each Motorola MSF 5000 programmable 1 each General Electric Master II system. Details available to interested parties. You can PM me.
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    New Kioti Owner

    Being delivered Monday. CK4010SE HST , EA GRAPPLE , Loader w/ 66 inch bucket , Backhoe w/mechanical thumb, 12 inch and 18 inch bucket, loaded rears, turf tires. I think that’s all. As my good buddy tells me Its Only Money ? Im sure you will all hear more from me.
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    Price Check B2910 sell price advice

    Just need a little help with decent asking price. One owner ,Always under roof, no known issues, always maintained. Fluids and Filters changed regularly. I think a 2005 , with 1735 hours. RCKS72 belly mower with no issues. No Damage or dents to sheet metal , No plastic damaged or missing , No...
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    Looks as if all the major ratings are the same for these 2 tractors. Such as Weight , 3 point lift capacity , displacement , rated RPM , dimensions. So where does the extra 5 HP come from on the 4010 . Please don't quote the actual engine Gross HP , and PTO HP as stated in the brochures or...
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    Differences - CK4010SE HST. AND. CK4010SE HC

    New to Kioti . Only thing I see different in brochure is overall height ?? HSE is 99.2 inches tall , HC is 91.7 inches tall Is the HC a Cab tractor? Is the HSE an Open Station Model ? Thanks
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    Kioti owners are Geniuses

    Been a Kubota man for 20 years. About time to replace my B2910. Looked at Kioti today and I was thoroughly impressed. You guys are smart !! Lot of tractor ( across the entire line it seems ) for the money. Just kicking tires , but when ready I Will drive and test. Never thought they would...
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    Model 2010 (model , not year) Bush Hog rotary cutter

    Anyone here own and operate a 2010 (model#, not year) Bush Hog pull type rotary cutter. 10 foot bush hog with a 9'9" cut. Supposedly a Medium Duty cutter. Looking for any type of input from owners so that I may make a buying decision. Have about 45 acres of pasture ( all clear and just...
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    5045D Info please

    Can anyone tell me the Horse Power rating for a 5045D model. Also if a 540 RPM PTO is standard. Can a 1000 RPM PTO be had in this model ? Thanks
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    B2910 Battery Light

    Been a long time since I last posted , so if this belongs in another forum just let me know. Battery was shot so I replaced it. Immediately got a battery warning lite on the dash with new battery. Checked with Digital Volt meter and am getting 14 V. at the battery so the alternator is putting...
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    G 1800 riding mower

    Trying to help out a neighbor , his G 1800 , 3 cyl diesel won't turn over or start. I don't have an electrical schematic or any manual on the mower . Took off the starter and the solenoid and starter motor check out OK. Checked the Key Ignition switch with a meter and it tests good with no...
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    Branson - Who makes it ?

    Did a little searching but could not find what I needed. Anybody that can give me a brief account of Branson tractors it would be appreciated. Who makes them , what country , what engine and what country , how long in business , etc. many thanks
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    Rudd gas furnace- no HEAT - HELP

    Will not stay lit , It's getting cold. RUDD Model UGED - 10ERAJS SERIAL BU5D707 M5092 4609 BTU 105,000 Natural Gas , It's an Upflow Furnance , 90 Plus High Effieciency. Can furnish more info / particulars if you can help. If you want to PM me with a phone # or other...
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    Smoker / Cooker ORION

    Anybody here own or use an Orion Cooker THE ORION COOKER: If You're Lookin' You Ain't Cookin' let me know what you think of it. thans
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    Can't find a web site to order some parts. I have tried several web searches. Anybody know of a place or web site?? Just need a few small parts to make like new !! Please help... Tag on table does read ROCKWELL / DELTA . Tag on back of machine at base of motor says Rockwell International...
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    Honda CRV Air Conditioner

    Can anybody here point me to a discussion board , or forum for Automotive Air Conditioner advice/help. On a 2003 Honda CRV , 47K miles , if it makes a difference. If suggested forum is specific to Honda even better?? As always willing to take advice/help from fellow TBN'ers here as well if you...
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    Planting Seed in a Hill?

    Wife plants Squash , Pumpkins seed in hills rather than rows. Does anybody know why ? thanks
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    Daylight Savings Time Patch

    Since DST is coming early (March 11) now, and changing back later (don't know date) in fall. Is there a patch out there somewhere to fix. ?? Not very computer literate, know I can turn off the automatic DST thing --- But don't know how to reset the dates that are in the program that does...
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    Help me lube my drawers!!

    Now that I have your attention - I need to lube the drawer slides on my toolchest , top box, and rollaway cabinet. The drawers are not ball bearing , but rather steel slides. They work relatively well but there has to be a suitable lubricant out there that will make them work better. All of...
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    PoP Up Ad Blocker??

    Did not get pop up ads on Ebay and TBN till I loaded new version of Norton Internet Security. If there is an Ad Blocker in Norton I can't find it, which is the only thing changed on my computer recently. If anybody knows of way to fix , or free , easily downloaded effective program to block pop...
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    Carfax - explain please

    Just curious about this Carfax report stuff. How does it work?? If I wreck my vehicle, put it in the shop for repair, is the shop required to report?? Are there Carfax Police?? Carfax Investigators?? Who started this Carfax crap, and who enforces??? AM I in TROUBLE??
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    Ford 2800

    Did Ford ever have a tractor designated a 2800 ? If so Gas or Diesel, any other facts such as horsepower etc. thanks
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    SKUNK Removal

    Bob Reeves post Skunk OH. got me thinking -- If one was to catch/trap a skunk how would one remove it???? Seriously! I currently have a trap set near my garden in hopes of catching squirrels that are destroying my tomato crop. Well if I catch a skunk how could I remove it without...
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    North Carolina, Boone & Blowing Rock

    Taking a trip to NC in Oct.. Any suggestions as to activities, sights, shops , etc. that are must see, don't miss in the Boone / Blowing Rock area. thanks
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    L.E.D. lights

    Thinking of replacing all lights on my trailer with LED's. Any suggestions as to reasonable price / reliable vendor on the web to purchase? The more the merrier. thanks
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    John Deere - 2,800 Tractors Recalled

    Saw this in the Tennessean newspaper yesterday and thought I'd give you guys the info. "Deere & Co. , the world's largest maker of tractors, is recalling about 2,800 tractors because the vehicles seats may break off on a rollover, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said today. Because...
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    John Deere - 2,800 Tractors Recalled

    Saw this in the Tennessean newspaper yesterday and thought I'd give you guys the info. "Deere & Co. , the world's largest maker of tractors, is recalling about 2,800 tractors because the vehicles seats may break off on a rollover, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said today. Because...
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    Ring Roller

    Sometime back , probably in Build it Yourself or Projects I found a reference, or maybe a link to another website. Fella had built a homemade ring roller. Don't remember what the original thread was about. If anybody remembers please point me in the right direction. Have done various searches...
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    Half Time show

    Anybody know who pays the performers for half time shows. The network , advertisers , ??? Wonder what the Stones made for 15 min. ?? Just curious
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    How OLD is your Weedeater?

    Mine is 19 years old this month!! Shindaiwa C-25, straight shaft with handelbars. Replaced a few gas tank pickup hoses, rebuilt carb last year. Good product, reliable. If everything I owned was this good I'd be happy.
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    BARN going up

    Thought I would share with those interested my barn building project. Be patient on answers to any questions as I am very busy these days, but will get around to answering. Barn is 56’ x 56’, actual barn under roof is 32’ wide x 56’ long, with a 12’ wide drive thru shed roof storage area on...
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    1020 Info please

    Need info on a 1020 as I am unfamiliar with JD. Tractor is clean, sheet metal very straight. Paint is good. Tires good. Gasoline engine. Hours unknown. Runs good. 2 wheel drive, wide front end. What years were these produced? Horsepower rating? Average selling price? thanks
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    Pics of boom pole. Thanks to KennyV for some ideas. Lifts to 21 feet. Just what I needed.
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    F.E.L. FORKS

    Pics of forks I built for M5700. Quick attach just like OEM bucket & hayspear. Work great! Thanks to Inspector507 for help with resizing info for pics.
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    Wanna help a dummy post pics?

    I have finished building FEL forks, & boom pole and would like to post some pics. Problem is my pics are too large. File size is running 1.4K - 200K. I have a Kodak digital CX4230 and have it on lowest quality setting. I have Kodak Shareware software for downloading pics from camera to...
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    Tempurpedic, NovaFoam Matress Opinions?

    Was thinking of buying a foam mattress but they ain't cheap. About $1,200 for a King size. Thought I would ask if any here had one and how satisfied you are with it. thanks for the replies.
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    FEL Boom Pole - Lift ?

    Wondering if anybody has made one that can give me some direction. I am in the process of adding forks to my FEL. I have the frame and quick attach / detach system worked out for the forks. I can use same frame but need to add a pole to lift higher. What I need to do is lift about 16 feet. Loads...
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    Bench Grinder - Flexible Shaft

    Want to put a flexible shaft on my bench grinder for the purpose of attaching 4 inch to 8 inch cotton,sisal,muslin polishing pads. Having no luck in finding. Can anybody here help - please! Don't suggest Foredom or Dremel, they are all too small. Particulars are below Bench Grinder with a...
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    Diesel Fueling

    Some time ago Harv - now vaulted to Moderator status - had a thread about how much trouble it was to fuel his tractor from 5 gal. cans / all the time out of fuel / spilling fuel on tractor which is what I think bothered him the most, etc. A fairly long thread ensued with pics of all kinds of...
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    Meditation Clinic

    Just completed this. Concrete pavers from Home Depot. Lots o work but satisfying. Good place to relax with a cold one after mowing/yard work.
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    2910 Yard Cart

    Sold my wife's riding mower and got her a B2910 Kubota. Sold the cheap, sheet metal, small sized yard cart with the rider as well. UH-OH Didn't know how much the wife thought of that cart. Orders were - I gotta have a NEW , BIGGER cart. Ok Honey So attached is what I built...
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    Oil & Fuel 2910 fuel tank

    Took delivery of a B2910 5 weeks ago. Tooled around the place slow and easy till I got 12 hours on her. Never used the mower. Under 1700 RPM. 2 weeks ago mowed the lawn first time. About half way thru (1.5 hrs) Engine just choked down and quit. Gave it a few minutes after looking about and it...
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    Adding Hydraulic Valves (Tip & Tilt)

    I called Kubota tech help yesterday to inquire about the mysteries of my FEL hyd. valve and found them to be very helpful. The guy I talked to suggested a company named " V&M Hydraulic" They sell several products for adding hydraulic outlets to tractors. The web page is "" The...