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    ford 4000 clutch release bearing support removal

    Watch this and see if it is of any help. Removal of the throw out bearing starts at about 12 minutes in.
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    Picked up TC 45DA from dealer and found damage

    Dealer had car for a week trying to fix a warranty problem (Electronic - Intermittent). I returned the loaner and picked the car up and left for a one week vacation. Upon returning from vacation I was washing the salt film off and found the two polished rims on the right had damage. The damage...
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    What were you doing when you were 11 years old?

    I remember where I was at when JFK was assassinated. It was not in the United States. Something else a lot of Americans do not know. "In Vietnam in November of 1963, Ngô Đình Diệm was overthrown and killed in a coup d'état by his military, with the tacit acquiescence of the United States. A...
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    Earth's Hottest Month

    I have found over the years when looking at the weather to not and try to make a decision based on using just the temperature as my definitive gauge.
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    Earth's Hottest Month

    I don’t know how he knows CO2 emissions aren’t harmful, but I do know from his statement he didn’t read this, or like publications.
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    Earth's Hottest Month

    The Scientific Community deals with the truth and facts. What you are asking for and wanting is the Scientific Community to disregard all the test conducted, data collected, analyzed and cross analyzed and instead use theory or belief. The American Tax Payer had better start counting the...
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    Lx172 Runs Well for 29 minutes then stop!

    This may help or provide information.
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    John Deere E110 on Fire

    Not a JD Fire but I will share it. In 1992 I purchased a 2084 Cub Cadet Garden Tractor. Equipped it with a 54 inch deck and used it to mow about three acres with since. This year I was mowing a slight a slight slope area around a outbuilding where I have been mowing for years when all of a...
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    Sometimes it's worth it to hire a land surveyor
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    Hearing Aids?

    The key in my opinion of buying hearing aids or being checked for hearing loss is to make sure you are being tested by a Certified Audiologist. I don't think I would purchase a set of hearing aids from a TV Commercial...
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    Right to repair laws coming?

    They are if the person either negotiate free manuals in the sale or purchase a service manual or parts manual at time of initial purchase or later. Someone had to devote a lot of time and effort in assembling a parts manual or a detailed service manual. Are they supposed to do this and then...
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    Right to repair laws coming?

    It is call good ole greed. I used to buy two boxes of the XL Hardy latex gloves at Harbor Freight for Fourteen dollars and change. COVID-19 spread around the World. Purchased two boxes yesterday for $42.18.
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    Right to repair laws coming?

    I don’t think people want to purchase the manuals, or tools to make repairs. They want free manuals, free parts, free tools and a free mechanic with the expertise and knowledge to make the repairs while they enjoy their favorite refreshment. I have a friend that owns a large automotive repair...
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    Right to repair laws coming?

    Farm equipment today is very complicated and very expensive. Very few people who owns a late model tractor, combine, etc posses neither the tools nor expertise to fix or repair. What happens when they short something out and turns a 500 dollar repair on a 300,000 thousand dollar combine into a...
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    Biggest group of idiot gun owners that ever lived

    I hope someone else was picking up the moving expense for all the moving around you have done.
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    Windows Critical Update

    Banks and other Financial Institutions do not use Open Source Software because of security issues. "Proprietary software (Windows) is more secure than open-source software. (Linux) ... But a commercial license doesn't assure security. Unlike proprietary software, open-source software is...
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    Biggest group of idiot gun owners that ever lived

    Industrial Accident are investigated by OSHA. OSHA Investigations are something one does not want to be involved in. Without safety rules and regulations those nasty Governmental intrusions that some people hate and despise, the same would be happening with 10-20 times more severity today...
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    Windows 11

    There are facts and there are fiction. Fact: The security hole is in the print spooler. Every computer in existence with Windows has a print spooler installed upon the installation of Windows. Microsoft took the unusual step of also including Windows 7 in the update eligibility list because...
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    Generator Issues

    He said he took a shower. Unless he turned his hot water heater off, or it is gas the hot water heater was trying to re-heat the water he used taking his shower.
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    Windows Critical Update

    Unless you understand program coding I would advise staying away from Linux. If you want to jump in the Linux pond here are the top named versions. Best Linux Distros for Beginners Ubuntu. Easy to use. ... Linux Mint. Familiar user interface with Windows. ... Zorin OS. Windows-like user...
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    Biggest group of idiot gun owners that ever lived

    The better or worse is what brought John L. Lewis to the forefront. Abuse of workers is also what brought Unions to the forefront. Workers banded together and spoke as one. Henry Ford, the Founder of Ford Motor Company is the...
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    Windows Critical Update

    Yes but they do not tell about it. The largest user device hack ever was on Apple Devices.
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    Windows Critical Update

    Microsoft has issued a CRITICAL UPDATE for Windows. They also included Windows 7 a version they stopped supporting in the Update. I wonder if this is what happened to TopNewsTalk? Servers were also attacked...
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    Who would have thought it.
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    Down for maintenance at 12:37pm 7-5-21.
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    A kid gets terminated at work...

    Management probably had evidence that the individuals cognitive abilities were decreasing and the previous incidences of cannabis abuse alerted them to the fact they had a ticking time bomb employee that needed to go. All the things people do not want you to know about the God given herb...
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    Looks like a lot of Businesses are having problems.
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    Buying Across State Lines

    I think it is sales tax they are after. In NC the sales tax is 6.75 - 7.0 percent dependent upon the county in which you reside. Farm sales tax is 1-2 percent. Adding 6.75 or 7.0 percent to a $60,000 dollar purchase can increase the cost by many dollars. Dollars the state and county are going...
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    It had turned in a toxic political pit. I would not be surprised if the problems being experienced are are intentional so the site can just die itself rather than be closed by management.
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    Windows 11

    I always keep a copy of Linux Ubuntu handy in case I need to boot into windows when a problem occurs.
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    Windows 11

    Microsoft also said this when it released Windows 10. "With Windows 10, it's time to start thinking of Windows as something that won't see a big launch or major upgrade every few years anymore. Much like how Google's Chrome browser gets updated regularly with version numbers nobody really pays...
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    Biggest group of idiot gun owners that ever lived

    The Moors or Moorish do not recognize Federal or State Laws.
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    I think it is beyond a persistent spammer. The log in procedure does not work. You have to click on search then are re-directed to another page for log-ins. Also, have you seen any regulars posters lately? Everything you see now is Viagra Pushers with many names.......... The choice is yours...
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    The TopNewsTalk Web Site has been compromised. Nothing has been done to correct the problem it seems. I removed all connections to the site on my computers. I don’t know if what is going on is intentional or not, but a lot of peoples personal information could be compromised. The two sites...
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    B2400 starting problem finally solved

    The click no start has been around for years. I purchased a Cub Cadet 2084 in 1993 and after about two weeks it developed the problem. Repair people would say live with it we cannot find anything wrong. Then I met an old retired engineer whose hobby was solving electrical problem on vehicles...
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    Doing The Annual Service On A JD D-170

    The Sister In law asked if I would do the annual service on her JD D-170. So I obtained two new spark plugs, one air filter, one oil filter, one gas filter and two quarts of oil. Everything was pretty straight forward. Spark Plugs easy to access and remove. Fuel filter easy to change and didn't...
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    Repair Work On Cub Cadet 2084

    "Lawn Mower repair from H***" This is for Members who do their own repairs and for those who pay to have the work done, especially those who are paying someone to do the repairs. The 2084 Cub Cadet made in 1991 and purchased in 1992 that I use to mow the sides of the driveway decided this...
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    I am sure some will dis-agree with the trial, verdict and execution of sentence. Santos Ramos buried alive with body of his alleged rape and murder victim
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    Time For New Vehicle

    Anyone have any comments, pro/con on the new 2013 Cadillac XTS Platinum Series. Dealer not wanting to discount much. I have heard some concern over the adaptive cruise control. I also don't think the V6 has as much engine torque as the Performance V8 in the currently owned DTS although they are...
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    Anyone Ever Seen One Of These In Operation

    I wonder why we don't see something like this in the US. I think the people who cut the grass in the medians on the Interstates should consider buying one. Technology_made_in_Germany.mp4 - YouTube
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    A Little Levity

    Proofreading is a dying art, wouldn't you say? Man Kills Self Before Shooting Wife and Daughter This one caught in the SGV Tribune the other day. The Editorial Room was called and asked who wrote this. It took two or three readings before the editor realized that what he was reading was...
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    New Consumer Warning Label

    Well I guess we will start seeing "Consumer Warning Label" on chairs, bleechers and anything else a brain dead person can set on. "A Dallas Cowboys fan is suing her formerly favorite team for burning her *** on a hot bleacher before a scrimmage. Jennelle Carrillo says she got third-degree...
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    John Deere 2305 Will not stay running

    Sounds like the A1 Pull In Timer or V 4 Diode is malfunctioning. See if this diagnostic procedure will help isolate the problem.
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    Law Enforcement

    Many years ago I overheard an individual who had been in Law Enforcement and was retired make the statement that "Society did not really want Police, Sheriffs or Law Enforcement, they only tolerated it as a necessary evil". I thought at the time this was a rather drastic and profound statement...
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    A Must Have Attachment

    Own a Bob Cat Skid Steer? Heat with wood? This is a must have attachment........ Woodcutting and splitting attachment. [VIDEO] Oh, I forgot. Got to have, then look here.
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    Loved Ones - Toyota

    How many feel safe sending a loved one, wife, daughter or son of in one of the Toyota's that is experiencing the sudden acceleration problems? I am having a problem getting my mind around how the accelerator pedal could suddenly go into a wide open throttle position. I am sure the, (I think it...
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    I installed the newly released Internet Explorer 8 over the weekend and now find that when I visit either the Kubota or Kioti web site and attempt to view the various tractors available I receive the following alert message from Microsoft. Stop Running this script? A script on this page is...
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    I Wonder What He Was Thinking

    COURTNEY, N.C. - A six-year-old girl remains hospitalized in serious condition after she fell off a tractor last week and was caught under the machine's mower, according to family members. Jessie Keaton was riding a tractor last Tuesday afternoon when her father, Jason Keaton, was apparently...
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    John Deere Furloughing Workers

    John Deere Lawn and equipment plant, located in Fuquay Varina N.C. is furloughing about 200 workers for a month in an attempt to help the company with slower business. Fifty employees per month will be furloughed for a month in July, August, September and October. The company stated in the...