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    ?????? GROAN 2

    Speaking of wedding nights... Wedding was at grandfathers estate, during the dance with grandad he told his granddaughter that he wanted to give her a cash gift but not to tell her grandmother as she thought he was was getting senile. Bride didn't have anyplace to put the cash so he put it in...
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    House generator questions...second thoughts on whole house system.

    We don't lose power too often either but have had some extended outages due to ice storms. I have a lock out on the 200 amp panel in the house and supply that from detached garage, most often run the Lincoln welder. I have a flex pipe on the muffler that I run through a plate in the window. I...
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    New-to-me scam.

    The bigger question here is how can we help him spend his new found wealth ! and should it have R1's or R4's !
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    Guys like this are what gives diesel a bad name

    Bikes and automobiles on the same piece of real estate will always be problematic, same as automobiles and trains. This woman was on the shoulder but the dirtbag driving the car apparently dozed off, hit her, flung her into a ditch and left her to be found nine hours later...
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    Really great "carry all".

    My carry all and trailer on a friends tractor.
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    Thinking about a new saw

    Love my 562xp. Nothing special for the first couple of tanks then hold on ! They apparently have a break in tune then she goes to full tilt, fastest saw I've had. Can be a bit of a thoroughbred, she'll get cranky sometimes riding on the Farmi winch, gets flooded I think.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Sure had it tied down though !
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    bcp, spell check was here to help !
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    }that dates you BCS !
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I always run second line back to the well to have a hose bib available, you already have the ditch so why not ! Always comes in handy.
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    ?????? GROAN

    I would move before I need a snake grapple !
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    Which Backpack Blower?

    Love my three Echo backpacks, the 80cc is a beast, I run 40:1 non ethanol as recommended by my dealer.
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    This guy, bought it locally though
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    I run a 1 1/2 Honda pressure pump into 1 1/2 poly pipe around the perimeter of my property with tees and hose bibs strategically placed around the yard. Works perfectly.
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    Tractor availability

    4 months out for a 25hp Kubota, 2 years out for the new Kubota mini track loader !
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    Anyone own a Ford F250 Super Duty with the 7.3 gas engine and 10 speed?

    Yep, love it ! Getting almost 3mpg more than my 6.2
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    Ideas on how to chip deadfall aspen?

    Buy a real chipper, do your work and sell it later. The clean used pre emission stuff is bringing a premium price now though. Friend of mine has a big gasser on order after the problems he's had with a new diesel. He said he could sell one of his pre emission rigs for almost more than he paid ...
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    Joined the Kubota F-club

    Nice find ! Pretty close by ?
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    sprayer with separate concentrate tank

    Should be able to measure the amount of gallons of water used compared to ounces of product used.
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    Opinions on will this cause harm

    Take a look in the owners manual, should be fine.
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    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

    Tesla's Best practice for fires is to jack up the car and flood the battery tray with water to cool it, may take many hours ! I was setting up a demo with an encapsulating foam that is supposed to work on these fires when COVID hit so we postponed it...
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    Forty Grand? For a Stove?

    As at a place the other day that had a $50,000 mattress !
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    Overload wheels for sprayer/transport box

    I would be afraid the bigger load might push you down the hill !
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    Now it's a crime to use gas trimmers in my California city just as fire season kicks off...

    Live free or die ! They can have my trimmer and blower when they pry them out of my cold dead hands ! Oh wait , that might be in the wrong thread !
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    Now it's a crime to use gas trimmers in my California city just as fire season kicks off...

    Friend tried the goats, paid the fee , goats delivered but they didn't like the weeds they were hired to eat. Goat Owner claimed because it was too dry. Goats picked up, no refund , good at cleaning out the checkbook at least !
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    It's official, homes are like ammo

    $3,650,000 , 95 acres , indoor pool, private eight tenths of a mile paved drive. Thousand a week in property taxes though !
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    How much can raccoons eat?

    Used to have a chicken coop that was line of sight from the bedroom. Had a motion sensor on the coop. It sounded at 2am. Lit off the .223 ranch rifle, he was DRT and an oven stuffer but ears rang till morning! Misses frowned on that tactic from then on !
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    ?????? GROAN

    Wait till he has to get the under mount spare down !
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    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    Those are works of art ! Pretty sure the ball peens have become weaponized due to the ammo shortage!
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    what to do with an old car?

    BAT is another place to post it
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    Change of mind

    One of those things like " Chardonnay and emails don't mix" ?
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    The irony

    Heck he can by 60 or 70 of those for the price of a new one !
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    ?????? GROAN

    Talk about dropping a log !
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    When the bridge is out and you have to get across.

    That's the day the famous quote " Hold my beer and watch this " was first uttered !
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    The irony

    Oh to be young again! Grew up in a Ford area . When I was in his shoes I found a Dodge Ramcharger that I couldn't live without, our Mechanic took one look and said what do you want with that old goat ? She was the Goat from that day on .
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    The irony

    So what caused his change of heart ? Hope it serves him well !
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    Do fires extinguishers need to be shaken to prevent settling?

    And they are handy for water fights !
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    The new rig Kubota 1100c..

    That's really roughing it ! Didn't take you long to get the light bar on there !
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    ?????? GROAN

    Poor cat has a touch of the cocktail flu !
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    FEL BBQ?

    they need to build a 3pt version so they can use the bucket for an ice chest, what kind of red necks are they ??
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    Lots of black smoke, I'm guessing turbo, am I right?

    I'll say it's bigger ! Perfect size homeowner machine! Is it using any oil ? Check your air filters if you haven't, have seen that issue with plugged filters. How many hours on her ? I would think a bad turbo would provide other issues !
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    Firewood rack

    Last time my buddy said nice rack he got slapped !
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    SSQA Lips

    That girl could suck a quarter out of a coke bottle. 'maybe that should be in the favorite quote thread !
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    Looking for some watering ideas

    Are the trees close enough that you could hook them up to a poly pipe with drip irrigation and pump into that a slow rate ?
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    Looking for some watering ideas

    You need water not power . Get the small 4stroke Honda pump, put a splitter ( hose Y ) in the discharge . Run one side to your watering hose and the other return to the tote to keep a constant flow.
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    ?????? GROAN

    That's some thoughtful beer you have there Tally !
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    How do you prep for future power outages?

    Of the mind set that one is none and two is one. Three wood stoves, added an 80 gallon pressure tank to the water system, then there's the generators. 8K welder/generator, 6K diesel, 6.5 Honda inverter and a couple of Honda 2K's. Three big guys plumbed into manual hole house transfer switch (one...
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    How Do You Get Driveway Gravel Out of Grassy Areas?

    Second for the Echo flappy paddle, then backpack blower to sort stone from chaf !
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    No kidding, well done, especially for being your first time !:cool: