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    Spreader What belt is this ?

    I have an International Harvester 103 manure spreader on which the belt is about to break. I tried to find the part number, but no luck so far. Messicks has the IH 103 on file, but the belt is not listed. I can measure the length of the old belt, but I think it has the wrong width and...
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    L2900DT exhaust oil leak

    My L2900DT ( Dual traction) D1503 L-A has a oil leak at the exhaust manifold. I would like your opinion about what would cause this oil leak, and how to fix. After cleaning this is the oil it leaks after 4 hours run time. I did not notice loss of power, and no abnormal smoke. The tractor is NON...
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    What is the capacity of this pump?

    I recently bought a Case 1816C skidsteer. The pump for the cylinders is noisy, and I think the replacement is DFE080 (9-12390) Surplus center. The question I have is what is the displacement of the old pump? REXROTH 05098 S12SX50AK55R I read somewhere that it is 8 Gpm at 1100 PSI at 3600...
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    Diesel timing light, Princess Auto.

    Princess Auto, the Canadian equivalent of Harbor Freight, has this diesel timing light on sale this month.( March 2020). Does anyone have experience with diesel timing lights?
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    Battery disconnect switch

    There have been a debate about if the battery disconnect switch should be in the plus or in the ground. On tractors and heavy equipment the SINGLE POLE shut off switch is mostly used, and is often put in the positive battery wire. In my opinion it is safer to put the switch in the ground wire...
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    American Farmer tire- bad tire

    I have American Farmer tires on the front of my Kubota with LA480 loader. I keep the tires at the recommended pressure. I don't want to buy American Farmer tires anymore. What are my options?
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    What is it ?

    I was given a 3 point hitch mower that was not used for some years. The cutting width is 5 ft. There is a plate with the number 3099 and 100389. I think that is the model and serial number. The colours are green and yellow, but a search in the John Deere parts catalog comes up empty. [/ATTACH]...
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    Diesel injector and pump

    Something I am wondering about for some time. I am wondering what the relationship is between injector opening pressure (pop pressure) and pump timing. If the injector opening pressure gets lower, and the pump timing stays the same, would the diesel be injected earlier, and cause a timing problem?
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    Weird engine noise.

    I have a diesel tractor with a high pitched noise coming from the timing area of the engine. The timing is with gears. The noise can be heard clearly if the oil fill cap is removed. The oil fill cap is on the timing cover. I am afraid it might be a main crankshaft bearing or a timing gear...
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    Kubota KX41H mini excavator problem

    I have a old Kubota KX41H excavator that served me well for years but when I started to use it this morning I did not have hydraulic power on the arm, the left travel track and the auxiliary port. Everything else works fine. Hydraulic oil level is OK. Unfortunately I don't have the work shop...
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    Coyote after our birds.

    This morning I let our three guinea hens out of the chicken scoop and they went into the corn that is breast high. Just a minute later two came running out screaming, into the yard and one flew up out of the corn and into a tree. A few moments later I saw a coyote coming out of the corn. We have...
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    "bang bang" effect on tractor hydraulics.

    I would like to use a 12 volt directional control valve on my tractor to actuate a hydraulic cylinder. (for automatic leveling using laser) I am afraid the "bang bang" effect is causing damage to the hydraulics of the tractor. The hydraulics are open center. Advice very appreciated.
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    What year is my 8011 ?

    I own a Zetor 8011 the serial # 24740. I there anyone who knows the year it was built? It is not on the name plate. Is there a parts manual available for this model? I have a parts manual for a 8011, but it seems to be for a younger model 8011. (and some of the parts I order don't fit)...
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    Zetor 8011 clutch problem

    I have a Zetor 8011 and most of the time it is more difficult to get it out of gear than shifting in gear. On the go it shifts easier. Seems to me the clutch is not disengaging properly. Is it possible that the clutch "sticks" because of a wet friction plate? (oil) The adjustment seems fine. My...
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    Kewanee 1175 disc manual

    I am trying to find a manual for a Kewanee 1175 disc. I cant get it from the parts supplier, that's why I try this forum. Maybe not supposed to use the forum for this, but spring is on its way and we need to get it ready. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
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    3MW windturbines 90MW project. Move out?

    A wind developer proposed a wind turbine "farm" in our community. 3MW turbines 90MW project.(30 turbines) All is done in secrecy. All we know is that 90 families signed contracts for 18.000 acres. The setback here in Ontario is 550 meters (1800 ft) Some 20 land owners get the turbines and get...
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    14 ft disk worn?

    I bought a 14 ft disk with 2 rows for my 80 hp tractor. How do I know when the disks are worn? I want to use it to go over the corn stocks right after the corn is combined to cut the stocks so they don't plug up the cultivator. What do you think? Bert
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    noisy hydraulic pump

    The hydraulic pump on my Zetor 8011 has become noisy because of an wrongly adjusted relief valve ( was turned in all the way against the spring) The pump is easy to take out. Does it make sense to take it out to clean and inspect it? I think it is a gear pump. How do I clean the system from...
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    Zetor 8011-8045 12011-12045 on CD

    Today I got the 8011-8045 12011-12045 Workshop, Spares & Operator Manual. I bought it of Ebay for $ 10.00 including delivery. I had time to go through them, and they are good value for money. Basicly they are 4 books on PDF format. Bert.
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    cilinder to fast

    I have put a hydraulic cilinder on my snowblower to turn the chute. Seems to work fine, but if I am not very carefull with the hydraulic handle, the chute turns in less than a second. I would like to slow it down to 3 or 4 seconds. pump capacity tractor is 7 gals/min, system pressure 2490 psi...
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    Massey 33 drill, need your advice

    I can buy a massey 33 drill in good condition, a 10 foot 3 point hitch cultivator with roller baskets, and 10 foot packers . The price is reasonable. I want to use it on our 36 acres of land. We do only beans and corn on this land. I have a 30 HP kubota L2900 4wd tractor. My questions are...
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    Cedar vs pt Pine fence posts

    I need a new fence for my pasture. Maybe for 2 or 3 Jersey cows. The pasture is about 2 acres. The terrain is hilly and there is almost no straight line. I need 1/4 of a mile fencing. I have a 6" PTO post hole digger for my tractor. I am thinking to use RedBrand "field fence" , "square deal...
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    Kubota L2900 drive clutch problem

    The tractor is a Kubota L2900 with FEL and Cab. 1802 hrs The problem with the clutch is; It depresses and disengages fine but when the clutch pedal is released, the clutch does not engage with the travel of the pedal. The clutch kind of "stays behind" and then suddenly engages. If I work the...
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    Kubota L2900 drive clutch problem

    The tractor is a Kubota L2900 with FEL and Cab. 1802 hrs The problem with the clutch is; It depresses and disengages fine but when the clutch pedal is released, the clutch does not engage with the travel of the pedal. The clutch kind of "stays behind" and then suddenly engages. If I work the...
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    Tiller roto tiller - want to know

    Is there some one who knows what the brand name and type is of this roto tiller? It is 6 feet wide ( working width is 5 and 1/2 feet ) It is for sale close to where I live and it seems to be well bild. The original collor is grey / red I think. There is one bearing with little play in the...
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    Cultivator HP

    I have a Kubota L 2900 4wd tractor. The engine is rated 32 HP. The rear tires are liqued filled. We own 36 acres land that is most clay. Could the Kubota pull a 8 foot cultivator with 30 "S tines"? To make a seedbed for corn, or is it gonne be to hard on the tractor? What are your thoughts...
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    Hydraulics frozen?

    I have a Kubota L2900 with a LA480 Front End Loader. The FEL usaly works fine. Now with the freezing weather the stick does not move to the up or down position for the arms. The bucket curls up and down fine. After running the tractor for half an hour the FEL works again. There are 2 steel...