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    Zero Turn w/ Kawasaki FX850v: Mowing RPM / Full Throttle?

    I recently purchased a new Cub Cadet Pro Z 560 S KW and I’m trying to figure out what RPM or throttle amount I should be applying when I mow. The ZT is equipped with the 852cc Kawasaki FX850v engine. Anybody have an idea of what RPM and/or throttle application I should be using for mowing...
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    WA: 2020 Kubota B2601 HST 4WD Compact Tractor w/ 50 hours

    I am selling a 2020 Kubota B2601 HST 4WD Compact Tractor with only 50 hours. This B2601 comes equipped with the LA435 Loader with the Swift-Tach connection option and Quick-Attach (SSQA) Light Material Bucket. This B2601 also comes with the Heavy-Duty 60 inch Mid-Mount-Mower that delivers an...
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    You guys were right...I'm selling one tractor and I bought a Zero Turn for my hilly property.

    I haven't had any previous success on the steep hills on my property with Zero Turn mowers. My last attempt was with my bosses Bad Boy Renegade mower. The Renegade did an amazing job on the flat surfaces with amazing speed and a beautiful cut. However, on the steep stuff, the mower struggled...
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    B2601: Removing Front End Loader without the Bucket attached?

    I'm curious to learn if it is possible to remove the Front End Loader without the Bucket attached and if the Loader assembly will remain stable if stored without the Bucket? The reason I'm considering this, is because I don't plan on storing my B2601 with the Loader attached and I may want to...
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    New 2021 L2501 incoming!

    Greetings, I've been reading/researching this forum for the past two years while I was trying to figure out my first tractor purchase. I'm very thankful for all the member contributions and the posts I've read as that information, really helped me with my decision. Last year I purchased a...