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    JD wirng diagram needed

    I have two JD 667A's and want to modify one for for winter use . I need the full wiring diagram to change the interlock switches, so I can add another function / interlock. Thx in advance ....
  2. J

    new holland W80B problems

    I know it is not a tractor , but I'm hoping someone can help ... several problems popped up lately 1 suddenly no cab heat ( rad is full ) 2 I need a wiring diagram of the glow plug circuit ( and locations of any relays ... besides the fuse box ones ) ..... and location of the temp sensor...
  3. J

    help with drive belt?

    Up here (Canada), we have Canadian Tire Stores ... AKA mastercraft equipment I've got a 1988 rear motor 5 HP mastercraft (MTD?) mower that ate the drive belt ( not the deck ) and I cant find the "size" anywhere ... 60-1798 or 138 400 515a machine ... anyone know the correct size ? A37...
  4. J


    I've got a plant ( 8-9) years old , up in the cold in Canada , it just grows and never flowers ... Tried pruning it back twice a year as some suggest , but still no luck .... any advice?
  5. J

    small carb neelde jets

    OK this is for all you plating guys out there Almost all small engine carbs today suffer from the dreaded ethanol. I'm tired of pulling the idle needle jets out of my carbs every couple of weeks, giving them a brass brush "rub" to remove the rust and gunk, a quick spray of carb cleaner and...
  6. J

    Brake problem

    Maybe some one knows the answer or can post a picture. Wife's 1999 malibu... she pulls into the yard and says "the brakes are acting funny today". I go out and the pedal goes to the floor... look under and see the drip drip drip ... rear brake line .... OK, I'll just replace the line...
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    best /worst day you've had.

    best ... full day of salmon fishing on lake Ontario in July. worst ... driving 3 hours in a snow storm (one way) only to be called back "cause the weather was too bad and the client cancelled 10 minutes ago"
  8. J

    Hi from Ottawa, Ont

    another old fart with an estate tractor..... built a Backhoe and FEL for it working on a 4' snow blower for the front. (hope to have it finished before I'm too old to use it):laughing: