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    MF135 Diesel Engine Died this week

    My 1960 something UK135 Diesel started making popping sounds this week. I could feel air coming out the breather where one would expect suction. I had a job to do, water temp was 180 and I continued to work the tractor pulling loads of gravel where only when dumping the trailer would I rev...
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    Bucket teeth coming loose

    I noticed that a couple of bucket teeth are coming loose on my KX41. They do not appear to be pin on, rather looks like there are depressions on the mounts and you just hammer on the tooth sides to fit the depressions. Question, do I need to heat up the teeth or can they be hammered cold. I...
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    MF135 rims on MF165, do they fit.

    Someone made me an offer I could not refuse on a MF165. I am not equipped to haul something that heavy. I am guessing the Loaded and weighted tires are more than a 1000 lbs each. My plan is to drive it on my 7k trailer, block it up, remove the loader and rear tires. Drive it 200 miles to...
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    Looking at at a KX 41 tomorrow

    Sort of got the okay from DW to seriously look at a KX 41 Excavator tomorrow. Its an older model with open rops, boom cyl in front of the boom. It has 3,100 hrs, 16 in bucket, hydraulic thumb. Does not appear to have expandible tracks. but I can imagine the CG is relatively low. New tracks...
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    Homemade Jaw Crusher.

    In 2013 I found a clean gravel seam on my land. In 2014 I built a gravel screener to remove the larger rocks (greater than an inch). So a few weeks ago when I found a large cast Iron air compressor flywheel I started thinking about building a rock crusher. Luck would be that I found a second...
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    BX Fel bucket

    I built my own bucket for working in my gravel pit. I added three slider plates which I don't think you can see in the picture. These plates ensure that the actual bucket does not Wear through. Get the welder to do the same?
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    Digging and Screening Gravel

    I found a good source of gravel on my property for making concrete and doing road work. Digging was tough on my Kubota B3200 even with a toothed bucket. Since my MF135 is on its last legs I transferred over a backhoe I made several years ago. I built an independant hydraulic system for the...
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    Hydraulic leak on a B3200,tube at back of bell housing

    My tractor is about 200 miles from my dealer but seems to have developed a slight hydraulic leak. Always a little mess on the shed floor. There is a tube that comes out beside the drive shaft at the engine (bell housing area). This tube does not appear to be fastened, but rather just goes...
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    Homemade 3 PTH Winch

    Note quite ready to hire a large Excavator so thought I would hobble together a winch to try and move some boulders. Since I will be pulling them down a slight incline, thinking with one or 2 pully blocks, I should be able to skid a 10,000 lb rock. My Massey only has a 30 amp alternator and...
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    Toothed Bucket Build

    Since I have a 54 inch quick attach bucket on my B3200, I have been thinking about building a stronger toothed bucket. Last night I penned a drawing and this morning I dropped $300 bucks at the Steel shop. I have 3 hours into it and hope to be ready for primer tomorrow if I don't run out of...
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    B3200 first Workout

    I hauled my new B3200 up to camp on the weekend. I knew from loading it on an icy driveway at the dealer that it was not going to be too good in snow\ice. Anyway I made the best of it making sure to clear snow on the down hill runs. Seems the B3200 was not designed for winter work because one...
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    Folding Rops - Opps

    Taking my B3200 up to my Lot later today. For the last week its been at home in my garage and we got about 5 inches of saturated snow, so of course I had to play and make my front lawn look like a mall parking lot snow pile. Anyway, as I did a few neighbours driveways, I put the ROPS up...
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    New B3200 Owner

    Picked up a new to me, 2011 Kubota B3200. It has 78 hrs on the clock and as it was used by a dealer, I got it as a demo model with full Kubota warranty (IE powertrain to Feb 2016). It priced out the same as a 2013 Mahindra Max28XL Shuttle (gear), but the HST will be better for the wife and I...
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    Mahindra Max downpayment

    Even though I mentioned that I would be arranging my own Financing (cash to the dealer) I think he was used to persons Financing through Agra-Credit who wants 15-30% down payment so they did not think it would be an issue. I will offer 1000 down and the balance upon delivery.
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    Mahindra Max downpayment

    My experience is with buying cars and trucks. What kind of downpayment would one expect to pay when ordering a new tractor. Personally I don't think they should ask for more than shipping costs. It kinda turned me off when asked to put $3,000 down to order one. Last truck I ordered, took...
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    Homemade Snowblade

    I decided to made a new 3pth blade. Had a local steel shop bend up a 7ft x 18in piece of 1/4 plate. ($100) My drawing showed a 90 degree bend but he did a 180 degree but it should work okay. I then welded a 4in piece of 1/4 wall plate to stiffen up the cutting edge. I made up some track shoes...
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    Help with Cartridge Valve

    I purchased a cartridge vavle assembly to split my 16 GPM flow into equal 8GPM flows. I bought a vavle designed to split 20GPM into two equal 10GPM flows. The input port (3) is sized the same as the two output ports? The input and output are all ORB8 fittings. So I am looking at going from...
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    Hydraulic Cylinder as track tensioner

    Anyone have any experience using a hydraulic cylinder as a track tensioner. I am thinking that I can put a breather cap on one end and tap a cap on the other end for a grease nipple. Then i could maybe (using 6 in stroke, 1 " bore) pump it with grease, maybe leave an inch or so air gap. I see...
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    Strainer or Larger Suction line?

    I have a 10 gallon tank with a 1 1/4 NPT suction line port. The available strainers drop the outlet to 3/4 NPT. Would it be better to stick with 1 1/4 suction line and leave out a tank strainer or move to a smaller line. Target peak flow is 15-18 GPM, I probably already know the answer. So if...
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    Ride on Tracked Dumper-Hydraulics

    Starting my own thread here. I have been reading up on hydraulics and it looks like the price of my machine is going up and up. I have learned this morning that I will need two separate control valves for the motors with a free wheeling centre, both with power beyond ending at a three way...
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    My Ride-on Tracked dumper

    Been waiting a long while for the right tire at the right price to come along. Finally it did and I picked up 20 tires (13.5x5x6). each can support 370 lbs. Each track will have 10 tires. 8 road wheels and 2 tensioning wheels + metal drive wheels powered by hydraulic motors. Each of the 8...
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    Another Homemade Backhoe

    I have a couple hundred hours into my backhoe project so figured it was time to start a thread on it. I had originally started collecting cylinders to build a FEL for my Massey 135. Since I already had a FEL on my subcompact Kubota I got to thinking a backhoe might be more useful, especially...
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    Homemade Single stage Snowblower

    Up here in Central Ontario it has been snowing every other day for the past few weeks. A couple of weeks ago I had to work hard to drive into my camp as I have about three hills to climb on my 400 yard driveway. YouTube - Deep Snow Drivng I spent 4 hours with a rear blade and with 15" of...