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    Hand throttle for 2016 RTV X1140? I can't find one....Is it a unicorn?

    I have a new to me RTV X1140 that I really want a hand throttle installed. My owners manual has a reference to a hand throttle but when I called Messicks they said the only one they list is for an RTV900. I really am not in the mood to try to retro one since I'm so new to the Kubota RTV lineup...
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    Forestry mulcher and no external hydro cooler?

    Hi guys. I have a T650 with standard flow hydraulics. I am either going to get a newer/bigger machine or setting my machine up for a forestry head made to operate at standard flow. If I set my machine up will l be smart to install a external hdraulic cooler even thou my machine is standard flow...
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    New Bee

    Good morning. Just bought a used 2016 RTV-X1140 with 68 hours on it. This is replacing a 2013 JD 825i. I look forward to using this. I can tell these are 2 completely different machines. Diesel verses gas. Hydro verses CVT. 2 seats verses 4 seat. We have 140 acres in middile Tennessee and...