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    How to repair tire?

    That can't be plugged but can be repaired from inside and last the life of tire. Take it to a tire shop that sell's and repair's farm tires. What most people do with a split in farm tires that size is illeagal for hi-way use tires.
  2. J

    Definitive list of PTO driven equipment and 3 pt. attachments?

    After making this list can we name all landscape plants suitable for zone 7? BTW Calg it is neither. It's boom mounted. :rolleyes:
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    Goats ate the invasives

    Some large cattle ranches in Tx keep,rent or free graze goats to improve grass for their cows. Various breeds show this trait in varying amounts. In years of low rainfall,deer frequent hay meadows and recently mown pastureland to eat tender weed regrowth. Honeysuckle attract's more deer than...
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    Oxy regulator repair

    There's a lot of regulators being misrepersented through deceptive wording in discription. It easy to believe you are buying Victor or regulators and handles which Victor parts fit. The ONLY thing they have in common is that Victor tips fit the the handle. The people that sell them don't know...
  5. J

    Kawasaki Mule Air Cleaner Cleaning

    My Portor Cable Pancake build's 125psi which is more than adiquate to blow dirt out of dry filters. On extra large and dirty you might have stop to let it catch up.
  6. J

    failed locking pin on locking chain grab hook - am i doing it wrong?

    The hook is a sloppy fit and those pins wouldn't make me feel any more secure. OP's experience in having pins to become damaged with first use is evidence of poor desighn and subject to failure.
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    X-cord for welder

    That's right,and the rathe of lawyers could be on the owner/electrician because the sign prove's they knew the plug posed a risk.
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    Breaking up very hard dirt clods.

    There are clays,then there are clays that have little in common with other clays. I have lived and worked with black clay in N.Texas that will destroy your tractor and tiller before you turn clumps back to workable dirt,,,,,,,,,unless you go about it right. Assuming you are putting this in...
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    Bushing Size

    What always works for me is to remove worn bushing then measure bore and shaft of what it fit's. There's other ways but none are as reliable.
  10. J

    X-cord for welder

    I see where you are coming from. Another example of common sense and experience proving engineers and popular belief to be wrong is fasteners. Most machines (even electrical devices) have more bolts and screws than neccessary holding them togeather. A mechanic that learned by experience...
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    B7800 gets hot after about a hour.

    5' is too large in anything other than sparse weeds. Regardless of reason,you should address it before ruining the engine. Diesel will preform where gas can't but overheating will quickly destroy a diesel whereas a gasoline might be uneffected or only slightly damaged. I'm a proponent of...
  12. J

    X-cord for welder

    Reading what some people say about electricity is proof that a little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all.
  13. J

    Using drawbar to support ballast on 2310?

    If you are talking about the fixed belly mount drawbar,just don't exceed rated tongue weight and you'll be fine. If you are refering to a drawbar mounted between lift arms,I wouldn't do it unless weight is supported by something other than hydraulics. You could mount ballast on lift arms then...
  14. J

    1736 Premium Cab - ac working intermittently

    PM me if you don't figure it out,I might be able to take a look if you want.
  15. J

    Slow leak in rear tire

    Most my tractor tires have had tubes but I've repaired and hired many tubless truck and trailer tires repaired. My experience has been that patches from inside are more reliable than plugs. Most tire shops refuse repair on sidewall but I've patched a couple dozen over the years without a...
  16. J

    MF175, now what?

    Meanwhile you should go online to order or download the Owner's Manual. TSC has a pretty good repair/maintenance manual that'll help you keep it in good shape. The 175 is a reliable workhorse with enough power to pull some serious ground engaging equipment and balers.
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    Craig's List

    What you are saying make's sense sandman but the problem is that sellers have no way of knowing which are serious and which are playing games when they try to clinch the deal on the phone. There are both squirrely buyers and sellers.
  18. J

    Craig's List

    Long before CraigsList I parked a motorcycle out front with $100 and my ph #. Guy called and offered $90. I said can't do it. Next day I had the seat rcovered and changed sign to $110. Same guy showed up with $100 in hand. Told him it was $110 now. He threw a fit and told me I couldn't raise...
  19. J

    How many have wives who make work for you.

    I just take it in stride and no longer complain. The last time I complained she told me to shut-up and I thought she said stand-up. 😵
  20. J

    Building a barn to live in- interesting article

    Which were you back in 1892, pretty slim or non-existent? 😜
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    Building a barn to live in- interesting article

    There's no figuring out bureaucrats and how they think but you did well with what you were allowed. This is the first year my 30x50 shop is on the tax role and it's turned into a fight. I permitted it and it was approved as a pole barn. The tax appraiser classified it as a utility building...
  22. J

    Building a barn to live in- interesting article

    Is THAT Big Barns Retirement Farm Shop? That place is beautiful!
  23. J

    Crazy idea?

    Building hydraulic pressure doesn't get you power steering,how will you propoartion and transfer it to front wheels?
  24. J

    Getting a MF 135 going again ...

    👍 Way to go. Now put the old beast to work. I would bend a piece of metal to fit from a lower transmission/bell housing bolt over to pipe then clamp with a regular muffler U clamp. Brush could push on pipe and crack manifold.
  25. J

    Getting a MF 135 going again ...

    The 135 was a popular tractor and all the gas models I've seen were 4 cylinder. I'm not sure if they share carbs. Being familar with four stroke motorcycle engines put's you out front when it come's to troubleshooting tractors. Systematic process of elimination is how i approach a no start...
  26. J

    Getting a MF 135 going again ...

    Like 5030 said don't buy the new carbs,they are junk and the origional will last a life time, kits are inexpensive and rebuild is simple. Gas can't enter engine until it fill's intake manifold (very unlikly for an updraft carb). I would drain plug from carb bowl to see if valve works and line...
  27. J

    Pole barn drainage - need some advice

    I'm sure you will get a bunch of detailed specs based on wigs and wags but here's my thoughts. Use gutter downspouts from gutter to drain line and uv resistant material for above ground fittings. Electrical conduit is suitable for continuos exposure to sun. 4" will carry the load except...
  28. J

    Bahia grass wears out mower blades

    Anyone have experience with Bahia's first cousin Dallisgrass?
  29. J

    Bahia grass wears out mower blades

    I thought you had grazing animals including goats so I don't understand why you mow it more than a couple times a year tops. Fifty miles North of you,my nephew graze's cows and sale's 3-4 hundred rolls of Bahia every year.
  30. J

    Is this oak dying?

    IDK about other states but Oak Wilt is killing trees in Texas. Have you ever put down weed-n-feed or applied any kind of herbicide in the vicinity? Wind and water can transport chemicals from one place to others.
  31. J

    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    My thoughts exactly. Early in the conversation when the officer was suggesting we handle it without an investigation,I abruptly said I was loseing battery and would call back soon as I find charger and place to plug in. I had mixed feeling whether it was a scam or attempt to have me...
  32. J

    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    Also assure's they don't spawn more friggers in their likeness.😋
  33. J

    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    I agree that seems harsh,neutering is more apporoprate.
  34. J

    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    There have been maggots as far back as history was recorded. Difference is their numbers were kept in check by lopping heads off or hanging those that got out of hand.
  35. J

    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    By contrast,here's an instance where LEOs were willing to waste their time and mine on behalf of an obivous con game. A man looked at a trailer I had for sale and seemed ready to buy until I told him I could sell it with bill of sale as home made for $50 less than with title with brand name and...
  36. J

    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    I'm surprised there's not easily affordable tracking devices on the market. Other than being pinged,take all the other capabilites of a cell phone away and how expensive would the device be? I have a similar opinion of tracking devices as I do about traffic violators. Tell me if I'm wrong...
  37. J

    A new Texas delicacy

    Considering that package was found at an Asian food market, there's no telling what else you might find in the place. Asian demand for aphrodisiacs made from animal parts like bear gall bladder and Rhino horn drive's poaching of protected species around the world. Since they always had...
  38. J

    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    By left coast coast standards the perp might be excused for stealing the trailer if he claimed poor eyesight caused him to believe it was his and he had lost the gate key. I know how hard you work Runner and I hope the perp is caught and the trailer returned.
  39. J

    Pole barn build now or wait?

    Pumps are too exspensive for small pours. Unless there's more than 60 cu yds truck can't reach, I use Georgia Buggies or skid steers.
  40. J

    Drill Bit Sets

    Around 1980 I had to buy drill bits from a smalltown hardware store because mine were back at the shop. I bought a set of Hanson marked HS and on reccomendation of salesman,a Black & Decker sharpener. I kept them on my truck until I retired in 2008 and in the shop since. During that 40 years...
  41. J

    Electrical/Battery issue

    As a battery charge's,current normally drops until 50% at full charge for non-automatic chargers or close to 0 for automatic (smart) chargers. Leave lights on until multimeter reads 12v then connect charger and watch the current flow.
  42. J

    Electrical/Battery issue

    I would try booster cables when the problem surface's. If it still doesn't turn engine,you have a bad starter,ignition switch,start button,broken wire or have overlooked a poor connection. Inversly you might try battery on some other machine.
  43. J

    The one animal I would eradicate from the planet...

    On the liter side. While conducting a field lab in Texas for Bob White inthusiests,Dr Dale Rollins was pointing out how various plants benifit quail in one way or another. A man plucked a stem loaded with burs,held it in front of Dr Rollins and asked "How do these ^@#*%^ things benifit quail?"...
  44. J

    Green Mojave’s are hard to kill

    The Rattler y'all call Spencer is a hoss. I've been watching him on Tv this afternoon.
  45. J

    L3400 Crank no start....strange

    Use volt meter to see if 12 volts is reaching fuel pump when switch is on. If not check for blown fuse and if 12 v is leaving switch. If there's 12v at pump,crack line to see if pump is building pressure,if not,replace pump. If pump is building pressure,check for 12volts at fuel shut off...
  46. J

    Green Mojave’s are hard to kill

    The discussion is about snakes native to the Americas and I am talking about; Scientific Name: Heterodon platirhinos Common Names: Eastern Hognose Snake, Puff Adder, Spreading adder, Hissing Adder Geographic Range: Eastern Canada and United States It isn't my nature to play Drama Queen by...
  47. J

    Green Mojave’s are hard to kill

    Mocassins will give you a scare alright but Puff Adders and Blue Racers do a better job,esp if one doesn't realize they are non-venomous.
  48. J

    Green Mojave’s are hard to kill

    There have been reports of severed heads inflicting bites. I've never spent more time in the Mojave than it take's to get from one side to the other but by comparison to Texas where everything either bite's,sting's or prick's,Texas seem's hospitable. Do Sidewinders or Diamondbacks inhabit the...
  49. J

    Front tire goes flat with tube

    I know exactly what's causing it to loose air. It's between 3 and 4 feet tall,around 40-50 pounds with redesh blonde hair and loves helping Dad around the house. BTDT
  50. J

    What were you doing when you were 11 years old?

    My sharecropper father died when I was 10 so at 11 I was helping in the fields with a 16 year old brother for a boss. Would you like to know what I think about hand outs for women raising kids because their fathers stay with another woman or other women?