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    2016 Kubota B2601

    2016 Kubota B2601 with quick detach standard duty loader bucket, Backhoe with 16" bucket & thumb. Used around the yard, stored out of the weather in the garage 24/7. Full service done, Motor Oil and Hydraulics. Right around 60 hours on the machine. Asking 21.5K. ((( SOLD)))
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    Selling your Machine?

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    Selling your Machine?

    Is there a go to place that's best to sell your tractor besides FB market place? I'm looking at selling my B2601.
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    Storing your Tractor?

    I have a Kubota B2601 with FEL and Backhoe. It has been living the easy life in the garage since new in 2016. It's time to kick her out of the garage to make room for a new automobile. You folks that leave your machine outside year round, is there anything special that you do? Definitely going...
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    Brakes on B2601?

    What are the brakes all about on my Kubota B2601? I've changed out brake pads and shoes many times on my cars and motorcycles. What type of brakes do we have on the B2601 or B Series? Why am I'm asking? LOL My Wife was using the Tractor yesterday while cleaning out one of the Chicken Coops. She...
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    What is the Correct RPM?

    Ok, I took delivery of my new 2601 almost three years ago. I asked the driver what RPM to run the tractor at. He said to nail it every time I took her out. Run the throttle lever at the end from start up until shut down. She won't over Rev. Is this true? What RPM should I run at when just using...
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    Kubota B2601 Trans & Hydraulic Fluid Change?

    Has anyone done theirs yet? How many drain plugs are under the B2601 for the Trans & Hydraulic fluid? The manual is so confusing. I don't want to remove every single bolt underneath the tractor. ****, I have Japanese Vehicles. When I crawl underneath my Tacoma or Camry to do fluids? Oil...
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    Not Even Close....

    I'm attempting to change out the oil in my B2601 Pretty much F*cked. There is nothing even close to this photo while looking about under the Tractor. I see two flush Bolts.. Are they the ones? Hex Keys? I have over 6K worth of tools and nothing that will fit this.
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    Servicing Trans and Hydraulic Filters on B2601?

    I picked up the three filters needed for my 50 hour Service. Oil, Trans, Hydraulic. Reading the manual, it does not state which filter goes where. No part numbers #'s or location specific. The filters presently on the tractor from the factory are not numbered. Not even the same color as the...
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    First Service on B2601

    Looking for some info that is not stated in the Operators Manual. ""Oil Transmission (HST) Hydraulic"" Three filters that I need to change at 50 hours. There's no part numbers for these filters in the manual. Does anyone have the part #'s? Is there a cross reference where I could purchase...
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    Diggng Sewer Pipe?

    I have an issue going on with my 10' long PVC sewer pipe exiting my foundation to my Septic Tank. Question? Can I set on top of the Septic tank to dig with my 2601/BH without worrying about compromising and busting the tank? It's the best option, though, I can get at the pipe from the side...
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    " Confused " Replacing Hydraulic Oil Filter on 2601

    Hey Folks, I'm in the process of completing my duties at 50 hours. Yes,,, Maybe a bunch over.. :) " Replace Hydraulic Oil Filter " My owners manual maintenance service intervals is telling me to remove two drain plugs at the bottom of the transmission case when changing the hydraulic filter...
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    B2601 " First Service "

    I'm ready to go to my dealer and pick up my goods to do the first service on my machine. Looking at the manual..." Four Gallons " for the Transmission. Really? Is this a misprint? I'm accustomed to working with Quarts. Man, I'm gonna have to use a 5 Gallon Bucket and have to lift her way up off...
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    Engine Break In 2601?

    I'm at 60 hours and completed my fluid changes. My Question? Is my machine really broken in? She isn't blowing any smoke similiar to when delivered. She's been garaged since day one. Today at 60... 'zero' smoke at start up. What I'm concerned with? I never really put a LOAD on her. I've only...
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    Engine Break In?

    Ok, so I've only run my new B2601 twice over the winter months. Back in the fall I put her away in the garage. She would leave a good size cloud of exhaust smoke at start up. ( A small nuclear flume ) Also, It would take about three -five seconds for her to start. Now during start up, there is...
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    Float Position?

    I need to take out my 2601 this am to clean out knee deep plowed wet snow in front of my Driveway. I'm trying to find out how to float my FEL. What I see in my FEL manual is to jam the controller all the way forward home. Is this correct? Thank you!
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    Kubota Insurance?

    Hey Folks, Yesterday I was sitting on my rear end and decided to go through my Kubota paperwork for the 2601 I purchased last fall. Like a good Ol' boy I read just about ever page of the Tractor Manual... But,, don't cheer me on yet :) I still have the FEL and Back hoe manuals to read. Ok, I...
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    Bucket bleed down?

    Odd? I have a new Kubota 2601 with fel and backhoe with under 50 hours. Since new the backhoe bucket would bleed out and curl down towards the ground after several days of sitting. Two weeks ago I did a small job with her and parked her as usual. She's been sitting for better than a week and...
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    Front Wheel Brakes?

    On my B2601 there is a clip on the two Brake pedals. Is this for Front and Rear Brakes? ( lock them both together ) I have the Machine off the ground and while applying both pedals there is no front Braking. Lock both pedals down. The front wheels spin freely by hand. Phoned home to the wife...
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    Oil Consumption?

    A hair short of 1/2 Qt of oil in 30 hours in a new 2601. Is this good or bad?
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    Nice little BS mishap today! Want to laugh?

    I should have just left well enough alone and waited until Spring. Yesterday, I worked with the B2601 for about four hours. ( 30 hrs on the ol-girl now ). Afterwards, I gave her a good washing and Polish and put her in the garage to sleep until Spring. Right next to my stored, polished and...
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    What to do?

    What do you do when you tackle a stone on your property and it pulls out so **** big with the backhoe that you cannot pick it up with the FEL? My AH neighbor across the street constantly pushes their snow on my property. Come spring, I have to shovel and wheel out by hand the mound of gravel...
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    Another newbie with a backhoe removal question?

    Hey everyone, I have everything situated in my garage with the backhoe now having its own place. Been two months staring at my new Landpride Box Blade, it's time to wear some paint off of it. I've read many posts explaining backhoe removal along with YouTube videos. Though, most everything on...
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    Grease Zerks?

    Grease locations and Zerk fittings. Has anyone thought of round plastic caps to cover the grease locations on the FEL and Backhoe? Cheap plastic caps, that would secure similiar to the teeth on early automobile hub caps. Push them in, pop, them off with a screwdriver. No worries of crap filling...
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    Backhoe when not in use?

    When not using my machine, I was told to set the FEL down on the ground to avoid it coming down on its own from sitting. How about the backhoe? I have been using the two pins that lock the boom but not the bucket in place. I noticed today my bucket is leaking down from sitting. ( About 6" in...
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    B2601 Weight?

    Hey everyone. Off hand, does anyone know what the weight of a B2601 with LA434 FEL and BH70 BH attached? Will be shopping for a trailer soon. Thank you!
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    Dolly for Backhoe?

    Searching here, YouTube and everywhere else for ideas on a BH Dolly for my B2601. I can't wait to remove the BH.. Not Really. It has to be done before the Snow Comes, I will be purchasing a 3-point blower. Do you folks think my Motorcycle lift would work for removal and storage of the BH? She's...
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    Great Folks!

    This morning I received an unexpected delivery from the folks over at Chappell Tractor. A tin of homemade Cookies! (Photo) Lol, Harley Davidson doesn't even remember my name half the time and I have purchased six new bikes from the same dealer over the last twenty five years. Purchasing my first...
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    New Box Blade for the New Kubota

    Delivered it yesterday. Probably won't be using her until next year when I'm more familiar with the new machine along with gaining confidence of removing the Backhoe. :)
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    New Model 2601 Hood Latch?

    Hey folks, ( Photo of my New Girl ) It's been a few weeks since I posted. Been busy doing that BS stuff called work. Quick Question. How do you open the hood on the B2601? I don't have my User Manual.. Simple mistake from the Dealer at delivery, "wrong manual". My correct user manual is coming...
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    New 2601

    Hey folks, ( Photo of my New Girl ) It's been a few weeks since I posted. Been busy doing that BS stuff called work. Quick Question. How do you open the hood on the B2601? I don't have my User Manual.. Simple mistake from the Dealer at delivery, "wrong manual". My correct user manual is...
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    Newbie Questions....

    I'm shopping around for a LP BB1560 Box Scrapper for my new Kubota 2601. Ok, here are my silly questions, If I purchase one local, is this something the dealer will usually deliver to your property? If so, at 500lbs do they bring it into your garage for you, or do they kick her off their...
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    Torn between two Models :(

    Hello everyone! 1 acre of land, 1st tractor. ( I did have a 1969 cub cadet rider when I was a Lad ). And my Dad had a Farmall.:o I Will be redoing the lawn on my property, some destruction, stump digging, bolder removal, filling in and snow removal for the driveway. I have narrowed it down to...