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    Quick Hitches 3 Point quick hitch

    Does anyone know if the Harbor Freight Tools quick hitch ( cat. 1, $80) is any good?
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    looking for back hoe

    I'm a new subscriber and have really enjoyed browsing the input. I have a 2002 NH tc35 with just 120 hrs. Just bought it this week. looking for a back hoe to do much on 160 rough acres in okla. found a Taylor-Way mod. 766 for $3800.00 that should fit (seller sez). Don't know much at all about BHs.
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    back hoe attachments

    I'm a new member who has enjoyed site in just one day of browsing. I just brought a New Holland TC35. It's a 2002 model with only 120 hrs. I want a back hoe attachment and don't know much about them. Where should I start and what should I look out for? I found a 'TAYLOR-WAY' mod. 766 for...