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    Need help on wheel width of NH 316

    I just bought a NH 316 square baler and am hoping to have it picked up and brought home by a rollback. It is about 90 miles away and I'd have to drive through a good sized city to bring it back. Also, I have broken down on the side of the road with a baler before and don't want to do that...
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    Curious Oil drip on zg222

    I recently bought a kubota zg222 mower with the fabricated deck from a friend. I've done all the fluid and filter changes necessary for the 200 hour mark. I do not like how the mower slings so much dirt out from under the deck but I've been putting up with it for now. I noticed the cut was...
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    Kubota brand radiator hose or aftermarket

    I'm needing to service the antifreeze in my M6800. I was planning on changing the hoses as well. I have sourced the hoses and 2 out of 3 are not in stock online at Messicks. I can buy them now at a fraction of the cost if I buy aftermarket. As long as the angles of the hoses is correct, is...
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    ZG222 zero turn mower - Good, bad, or ugly?

    Here's the backgound: I have a friend who inherited a ZG 222 mower with 198 hours on it. He has tried it a couple times and cannot get used to using a zero turn and says he doesnt want to try at his age of 75 years old. I have never owned a zero turn but have used this one a couple times. I...
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    Hydraulic Bypass valve adjustment for B1750d 4x4

    I've had an issue with the B1750d 4x4 (gear drive) tractor. I bought it from a friend's estate a few months back and have trouble getting the 3ph to raise implements more than a couple inches unless I push the FEL into detent. I have tried to address this in an earlier post but I haven't...
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    Hydraulic problem on B1750d

    Not sure if I sure post this in this section or the hydraulic section but here goes.... I'm buying a B1750d - not hydraulic but it is 4x4. There is a 40" tiller on the 3 ph. When checking the tractor out I noticed that the tractor only wanted to pick up the tiller a couple inches. The FEL...
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    Pricing a B1750 4x4

    I'm looking at buying a Kubota B1750 4x4 manual transmission tractor from a deceased friend's estate. It is not HST. It has 1440 hours on it and appears to be in fair physical condition - paint, tires, etc. Most if the stickers are not legible. The engine was rebuilt by the local dealer...
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    Help removing the clutch on Bcs 720.

    I picked up an abused 720 last year and am finally getting around to working on it. The clutch is seized and the engine is toast so I picked up a cheap Predator engine to put on it. Today I pulled the old Briggs I/C 7 hp off along with the clutch. The problem is I cant seem to get the allen...
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    Confused about hydraulic block for grapple

    I'm planning on buying a grapple next week and am planning on using my rear remotes to power it - at least for now. But this afternoon I was taking a closer look at the hydraulic control joystick and block and noticed what I think may be an extra set of ports on the block that are not being...
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    MTL grapple reviews anyone?

    I'm wondering if any of you guys who have owned a MTL grapple for a while can give me your impressions on the implement. Any problems, likes/dislikes, etc. I'm leaning heavily towards buying one from those guys in January. Their price is very tempting and their build quality looks good to me...
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    L4400 HST struggling on hills

    I recently bought a 2010 L4400 HST with 305 hours on it. I just used it to pull an old MF3 square baler after cutting the 8 acre field using my M6800 with a NH451 sickle mower. The tractor did fine pulling and operating the baler but getting the baler back home (maybe 3 miles, mostly uphill)...
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    Another part needed for MF 3 baler

    I was able to get the needed cylinder spider for my old baler through a dealer online. After it arrived and I started to replace it I realized that I actually need another part that Massey called a tooth bar crank assembly. The bearing had fallen off one of them and that allowed the assembly...
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    NH 65 square baler manual.

    Anybody have a pdf of the manual for the New Holland 65 square baler? I have the worthless owners manual but need info on the knotters. I have picked up the little baler and it is missing some springs. The nh website doesnt give sizes for most of the springs. Any suggestions?
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    MF 3 baler part needed

    I am in desperate need of a cylinder spider for a MF 3 square baler. Any leads from anyone? (Its the part inside the pickup that the bars with the teeth attach to).
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    Rerouting exhaust on L4400

    I just bought a L4400 with 305 hours on it. It is primarily meant for my wife to use. She likes the tractor but it has one problem- the exhaust exits on the left bottom side of the tractor. This means the she winds up breathing in some if the exhaust which gives her migraines. Can the...
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    Buying Advice Chance to buy L4400 HST

    I have a chance to buy a 2010 L4400 HST from an aquantence. It has under 400 hours on it with a 703 FEL without a SSQA. (Will want to add that SSQA to add a grapple). The price seems really good. (Under 15,000). I currently have an M6800 that I bought new in 2004. I have less than 850 hours...
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    Ford 513 rake

    Anyone have a suggestion on where I can get a replacement belt for my rake? It's a round belt that is around 5/8" or 11/16" in diameter and 137" long. The dealer has it for 164.00 and I'm hoping for an alternative.
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    Hay rake tires

    The tires on my old ford 513 roller bar rake are seeing their last days. They are bar tread like tractor tires, 5.0 x15. Is there any problem with me using a regular 3 rib front tractor tire on them at 50 bucks a piece versus the original type at 150 bucks a piece? I don't see an issue myself...
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    Ford 513 hay rake

    Anybody know a reasonable source to buy a replacement belt for my ford 513? It has some wierd round belt. I believe the rake was made by New Idea for ford. Also, the mower has tractor tread tires on it (5.0 X 15). They are dry rottened and in need of replacement. Can I use 3 rib tires on it...
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    NH 451 serial numbers

    Can anyone tell me the years of manufacture for two NH 451 sickle mowers I have ? Here are the serial numbers: 233984 324015 The first mower says New Holland on the tag and the second one says Sperry Rand New Holland. Why the different nameplates? Thanks
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    bcs 850 reverse issue

    I bought a used bcs 850 a little while back and recently the reverse cable broke. I bought a new one and replaced it. The problem is that the shifter lever won't go all the way back to the stop when I pull the shifter lever into reverse. The spring seems fine but the rod won't go all the way...
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    JD 14T - did I completely kill it?

    So last year I bought a 14T baler that had been reportedly sitting in a shed for 20 years or so. The guy I got it from bought it from his neighbor and he couldn't get it to work at all. I had to replace a tire and tube before I even made it home. I finally brought it home and replaced most of...
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    JD 14T Baling millet?

    I am trying to figure out what I should plant in the next month or so. I have a couple horses, a cow, couple llamas, and some potbellied pigs. I'm hoping to plant an acre or two of something that I can bale with the 14t baler I got last year. Just picked up a NH461 sickle mower and I did get...
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    Questions from a BCS newbie

    Hello everyone, My BCS 850 is still new to me what with the weather not exactly cooperating as of late. I have been able to use the 38" lawn mower a couple times. It works well. But I'm still looking for a 40" or bigger sickle mower. ( I'm wanting it to mow below the bottom wire on my high...
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    Sickle mower needed ...Ford 515 or NH 451?

    I'm looking to buy a sickle mower to use on my Kubota M6800. There are a couple advertised in my area. One is a Ford 515 for $450 and the other is a NH 461 for $1200. The NH looks much newer just looking at the pictures. Both claim they were used last year to cut. The guy who is selling the...
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    Shuttle shift sticking in M6800

    I wanted to post about a problem I was recently having with my M6800. Lately, whenever I needed to go from forward to reverse or back, the shuttle shift lever would stick and I would have a hard time trying to get the tractor to go into gear. I was starting to think that I was in for a very...
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    2008 Polaris Ranger 500 4x4 not working

    So I was out on my property last week tracking a trespasser's footprints when I wind up stuck. Situation: steep decline, wet clay based soil, open power line area. When I tried to engage the 4x4 it clicked but never would work. Locking rear diff didn't seem to work either. And of course, I...
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    BCS sickle bar mower wanted

    I am interested in buying a used sickle bar mower for the 1997 BCS 850 I just got. I've been checking Craigslist but no luck so far. Anybody got one for sale? Any recommendations - oil bath versus grease zerk? Single versus double? I'm planning on mowing under my high tensile fence a...
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    BCS 850 new to me.... Maintenance help

    I just picked up my first two wheel tractor- a BCS 850 with the Briggs 14 hp engine. It came with a 30" tiller, a 38" mower, a furrower, a plow, dual wheels, wheel weights, mowing sulky, and quick connects on the implements. The guy also designed and built his own counterweights for...
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    BCS 718 or 850

    Just wanted y'all's opinions. I'm considering two different machines. One is a 718 that is 5 years old. Comes with a tiller attachment. The other is a 16 year old 850 that has a tiller and a lawn mower deck which is something I don't want. It is twice as much as the other and 3 times the...
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    Price for 205

    Help please! I'm going to look at an old 205 (with sickle bar mower only) tomorrow. The guy said his grandfather bought it new in 1992. It runs only with the throttle maxed out- wont idle at lower settings. It's a 6 hp engine so I guess acme or bcs engine. They want 450 but I think that's...
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    Husqvarna riding mower not starting

    I am looking for some guidance for my mower. It's a Husqvarna Yth210XP riding mower with a 21 hp Kawasaki engine. Here's the story: went to insert the key to start my mower the other day and and didn't notice that a dirt dobber (small wasp) had placed its pupae into the ignition switch. That...
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    JD14T baler newbie needs guidance

    Hello all. I bought a JD 14T baler and have been getting acquainted with it slowly. The guy i bought it from got it from a neighbor who said it had been shredded for over 20 years. I figured for 300 bucks it would be a good learning experience if nothing else. Anyway, I bought the manual...
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    Horse behaving badly

    Hello all. I am new to the forum and to my 1981 Horse II. A little backstory: I inherited my tiller from a now deceased neighbor so I cannot ask him if it is tilling true to form ror this area. It was in pretty rough shape when I received it. It hadn't been used for about 20 years. I...