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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    It depends on what it is. The Pittsburg sockets and wrenches along with their US General tool chests are good. There are a lot of younger Pittsburgh fan guys/gals in my area in area making a decent living off their HF tools. If I was working full time at a shop and they told me I had to BYOT, I...
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    Well it lasted 2 1/2 years: Bushhog 286 Output Shaft Repair

    Have you tried a local machine shop? I've had them R&R all kinds of stuff for me, including making BETTER parts than you could buy.
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    What's the deal with "digital" LCD screen welders?

    For an industrial piece of equipment, why does one need an LCD touch screen on a welder? Seems like it would be very complex if it were to break or if the memory got corrupt it would turn into a brick. I like my Miller 200 Syncrowave...
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    Oil & Filter change now or later?

    I do hours on all my equipment including my trucks. I don't mess with miles or what not. I've been doing this for decades with no problems or ill effects. Other folks mileage might vary, but this is my own experience.
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    Extending diesel exhaust to prolong operator life

    Noooooooo..... diesel forever.... lol
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    Extending diesel exhaust to prolong operator life

    I've done that on 8N tractors before and a lot of other tractors and machines. Nothing wrong with it. It will actually be a tad quieter too. It's odd, I love the smell of diesel fumes, but I know it's as bad (probably worse) than smoking cigarettes... -- I know, I'm doomed.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that DO SUCK II

    I love my Nitrocat 1200-K. It will loosen heavy truck and bus lug nuts with ease at 90PSI. It's priced right too. I know of a couple shops in my area that have had theirs and use it every single day with no problems.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that DO SUCK II

    I've been a Craftsman hand tool and DeWalt guy all my life. Only because those tools were always readily available to me, and I've never had a DeWalt fail me. A few years ago I was building a deck, and I got some free rough cut "large" 4x4's and I needed to make them about actual, and I used my...
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    New Battery

    Yep, I do the same. I shove the largest battery that it will fit in the compartment. Always check to make sure the +/- are on the right sides though...
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    Craftsman/Kobalt/Tekton/Pittsburg Sockets/Wrenches -- General Thoughts/Question

    Very interesting responses... I find this thread quite enjoyable to read. I'm was hesitant on asking, because anytime someone brings up brand names of tools, folks often times get very, very defensive. In any event, one thing I do know is that HF doesn't sell many 18mm wrenches for some reason...
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    Craftsman/Kobalt/Tekton/Pittsburg Sockets/Wrenches -- General Thoughts/Question

    Great replies. Thanks for the advice folks gave. I think having what I'm running now is sufficient. For what it's worth, Craftsman is still lifetime. Just if you were to trade a broken USA stamped tool, you'll get a Chinese clone with the exact same part number. Lowes has no problem doing it...
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    Craftsman/Kobalt/Tekton/Pittsburg Sockets/Wrenches -- General Thoughts/Question

    So I've got a very, very nice set of Craftsman USA made sockets with assorted goodies. Both in 6 point deep and shallow and 12 point deep and shallow in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch drive. Along with all the 6 and 12 point box wrenches. All made in the USA. My father and I pitched in the early 2000's...
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    What is the cheapest kubota zero turn diesel?

    I had someone compare their Cub Cadet GT1554 with a 27 HP Gas Kohler to my BX2200 with 22 HP. You do the thinking/math on that one... IIRC I think it died last year with only ~600 hours on it. Hmm, my BX2200 as of right now has 3,142 hours and it keeps on ticking and works like day one.
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    New hydraulic hoses

    Folks often think the hydraulics on a tractor are the same for hydraulic brakes on a car. They think if you pop off a line that you need to bleed the system by doing some kind of vacuum process, which is not true. You just put the new hose on and cycle the hydraulics a few times and it takes...
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    Backhoe Bh 77 pin will not take grease

    x2 on the incompatible greases. I tell folks that service their own equipment not the interchange greases, along with brands of greases. Grease isn't just grease... it's actually highly sophisticated now a days.
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    Kubota L5030 HSTC Heater Fan Repair

    Excellent! Know you and others know why it does this. I love doing failure analysis and tear downs.
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    BX22 Stuck in Turtle !!

    My BX2200 has to be in N and the treadle needs to be in the middle for it to start. It gets me all the time to this day.
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    Cone wood splitters

    When I used to help a local farmer when I was young kid, we had one of these. I used it a couple times. I thought it was safe, but what I think is safe is totally different than most.
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    Flail mower angle

    I run my flail mower level. On my FM62 it has a solid and also float position on the hitch. I use the float position as it gives the best cut on curvy ground. I slightly pick it up when turning not to tear up the ground. I do occasionally use mine to mow my regular lawn. Does a fantastic job.
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    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    I use mine to pick up my MMM to relocate it for the season.
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    Landpride FM 25 48” flail mower with HD Y knives

    That does not make any sense. Even though the manufacturer doesn't mention it, does not mean you can use one. You can easily run a 60" flail mower on that B2601. People do it all the time.
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    Landpride FM 25 48” flail mower with HD Y knives

    I have a Woodmaxx FM62 on my little BX2200 and I have the Y knives on it. Y knives are grass knives and do a phenomenal job being used for finish mowing or grass/very light brush cutting. The hammer knives are used for brush cutting and for rocks/rough terrain and they leave a rougher finish...
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    Wrong BX23S Backhoe controls?

    How does it work and do you like it?
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    RTV 900

    Welcome! I like your handle btw. :)
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    Tip: Side Pulley Boss and Shaft Alignment on MMM

    For those that like or try to fix their MMM, but keep running into toasted bearings more often, make sure you are putting your boss and shaft together correctly... I recently helped two folks out in my local area that kept eating through bearings, because the lack of lube or lube wasn't going...
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    3 point hitch rototiller for BX25D

    I do recommend a smaller 42" - 48" tiller for the BX. I also highly recommend you get very familiar with a slip clutch. Especially if you plan to leave it outside. Rust and corrosion is your enemy. Plenty of folks on here broke gearboxes on small and large machines using tillers and bushhogs...
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    Flail mower vs Bush Hog

    I run a Woodmaxx FM-62 62" flail mower on my BX2200. I like I can cut tall grass and small saplings safely, then go ahead and mow my lawn with it. I'm running Woodmaxx's exclusive Y grass knives on it. (They are actually a Y with a center piece like this: \|/ ) Does a great job! Here's...
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    Using B7800 with over seeder

    In the pictures, I see them running it with a L3901, so that machine has around 30 HP to the PTO and your B7800 has 22 HP to the PTO. Both can lift about the same. I would say it should work.
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    Kubota RTV1120 2 meter ham radio install

    Yep, I'm a HAM radio operator! If I ever get a cab tractor, I'm for sure going to install a HAM radio in it... probably only do a 1/4 wave 2m antenna on it though to keep it from getting destroyed by trees. 73's KC2QQR
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    Grease points on Kubota

    There is a owners manual for your tractor itself, then a separate owners manual for the loader.
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    Rear remotes/hydraulics on BX25

    For reliability, manual handle is much better.
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    Looking for help on different bucket connection styles for BXs tractors to run forks

    I'll add... tractors are not forklifts and as Jeff said, you can't pick up a laden pallet. With proper ballasting, I've lifted at most a 1/2 pallet of light material like mulch. Where they come in handy is that I built a wooden box mounted to a pallet to put rubbish like leaves/twigs/sticks...
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    Field Mowing Pattern - Side Discharge

    I can turn my BX2200 into a mulcher in 2 minutes with a piece of sheetmetal and a C-clamp. Cost me nothing, because I found both at the junkyard in a retired service van.
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    3901 HST RPM for engaging PTO vs RPM for operation

    The way I tell folks, is you need to treat it like driving a standard shift car/truck... you ease into it at low RPMs without stalling to get the max life out of a clutch.
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    Looking for help on different bucket connection styles for BXs tractors to run forks

    I just use the Titan Attachment clamp on forks. Always works well for me. It's also nice they are not machine specific and I can share the wealth with my neighbor on his machine.
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    What is the cheapest kubota zero turn diesel?

    I noticed the cut on the thicker grass was less blotchy. It actually cut the grass better. Not sure why, but I'm thinking it has something to do with torque. With normal height grass, could tell no difference. I did notice that the diesel rode less shaky/bumpy, probably due to the mass of the...
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    What is the cheapest kubota zero turn diesel?

    Yes, get the diesel! :) I recently tested both Kubota options of a 24HP gas 60" ZT and a 24HP diesel 60" ZT in tall, thick grass and the difference became apparent rather quickly. The diesel also sounded better and it was a bit quieter and it didn't sound like a "lawn mower".
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    F3990 Owner: Why can't I run B100?

    There are additives by PowerService that can mitigate algae. I add it to my fuel tanks once a year, even up in the northeast...
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    Check out my new powerhouse

    Very cool! I really want to get a diesel lawn tractor. Just because they are neat.
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    KX057 Excavator: Track wear question

    Don't feel bad... there are a lot of things I own that a "homeowner" just shouldn't own or have... lol I like everything industrial grade. It drives people insane though. My next house I want to build will be industrial warehouse style... double-block concrete walls, steel I-Beam everything...
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    L4330 not turning on

    I would replace the battery. Batteries are consumable items and need replacing every few years. When you replace it, make sure to get a paint pen and write the date of replacement on it. If you want to be double sure your battery is shot, when you bring it to the parts store, ask them to do a...
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    KX057 Excavator: Track wear question

    Your tracks might be a tad too tight.
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    I'll add one more thing... it's pretty slick to post this on a public forum -- especially if it's a username or email address you use in other places and slip up. Forums and other places where I'd look, along with eBay, CL, etc. If there was reason to believe of a criminal act, the forums...
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    A few years ago a buddy who worked for a towing company brought me on as a "repo scout". Basically I would go around with paperwork and locate repos. From cars, trucks, semis, motorhomes, trailers, motorcycles, and yes, even tractors and other farm equipment. I would have to observe and work...
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    Broke my lift linkage.

    If I lived closer I'd do it for a gallon of maple syrup...
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    Complete New Mower Deck (Push Mower) Kit

    Yeah, I have those options. I currently got it mounted to a "used" deck I found on the side of the road. This engine has been mounted to several decks in it's lifetime. I can't believe some of the stuff I find, especially on clean out days. People have no sense of keeping anything. Guess it's...
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    Complete New Mower Deck (Push Mower) Kit

    I am looking for a generic new pusher mower deck. Basically one with the handle bars, the deck, and wheels. I don't care if it's assembled or not. I have an nice 7 HP Briggs I just rebuilt and I want to put it on a new deck. I did fuddle around with replacement parts sites, but it's like you...
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    3pt not working, not sure what I broke

    You likely broke the lift rod in the cylinder case or cracked/sheared the lift arms. Since there is noise emanating from the transmission, I also have reason to believe there might be carnage done to the PTO gearing. I would tow it if you can. Post hole diggers are rough on machinery in...
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    B2650 tire pressure for mowing

    I don't like ZTRs they cut sloppy, they gouge up turf when turning, and leave rings around things when going around them from the tires. Yes, they do cut fast, but do a sloppy job at it. When I used to work for a company that did lawn care, they told us to go fast because then it avoids the...
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    BX2350 jingling sound

    Well that's a good find! Do you need help getting it fixed? I can give you pointers.