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    Different hydraulic oil???

    I have a TC45DA and want to use a neighbours hydraulic lift Trailer to haul wood chips. I was told that the oil in the trailer maybe different from what I use in the tractor. Does it matter if I use the trailer and mix the hydraulic oil? OR should I use a different hose? Thanks for any...
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    TC45DA starting problem

    My TC45 is having an intermitent issue starting. My shifter from high/neutral/low has always been stiff to move between functions. Now every other start, when I place the lever in neutral, there is dead silence when I try to start the engine!!! No turning over of engine, no clicks of any sort...
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    Top speed for TC45DA?

    I know my TC45DA can not out run my Tundra, but, what is the top speed for it? When I need to travel to the local gas station, or to other properties in the area (less then 3 miles), I need to pack an over night bag!!!!! Dairy cattle out run me!!!! I swore I saw grass grow during my...
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    TC45DA compatible with BH90x

    I am getting mixed messages regarding the compatiblity of adding a BH90x to my TC45. From what I read on TBN it is a good match. When I called a local dealer, I was told that the BH90 maybe too much for the TC45, that the BH80 would be a better fit. Also if I went for the BH90, I would require...
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    leaky hose

    I was on my return trip (20km) from recieving the 50 hr overhaul on my TC45DA, when I noticed oil spewing from the bottom of the tractor. Thank god I was only a kilometer from home!! I discovered that the oil was coming from a small 5 inch rubber hose on the left hand side of the tractor...
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    engine cut out while digging

    I was digging a ditch using the loader on my TC45 and when I got down about 3 feet or so, the engine would cut out. Very similar to when you lift your butt off the seat while in operation. My friend suggested there might be a switch that activates when the engine is over a certain degree...
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    It is a Brand new TC45DA!!

    Its like being an expecting father all over again!! Sweaty hands and all! It arrived on Friday...all clean and ready to go! i have read the manuals front to back & back to front.....still a million questions.......stay tuned. Steve
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    Gone blue!

    As many have done in the past, I want to thank all you for your valuable insight on the pro's and con's of purchasing a tractor. Deciding on the color was the easy part. Deciding on what type of tractor to purchase was far more difficult. Decision time.........I purchased a new TC54DA. This...
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    Price Check TC40DA Canadian price check

    I have been monitoring this site for the past few months and this is my first post. I have learned more about NH tractors from all of you, than a couple of the salepersons I have talked to. They didn't even know about this website! Shame on them! Can any of the folks living in Ontario, give...