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    BX three point hitch

    I have a kubota BX 2680 that I purchased with 18 hours on it. I have added the BX2419 rear remote as well as a land pride QH05 quick hitch. Additionally I have installed a hydraulic top link. My problem lies with some clearance issues. When the three point at its highest point, without a 90...
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    Kubota BX1800 Tachometer

    I purchased my new to me BX1800. I believe That this tractor sat in the south west sun for 10 years after the owner destroyed the transmission by stomping on the differential lock when the right rear tire was spinning. The result was the final drive, brakes and Main transmission case were...
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    Kubota Bx1800 Mod

    Greetings, Recently bought a Kubota BX1800 with loader. When I picked it up it was in pieces. The transmission main case was destroyed and I just finished rebuilding it. It runs great and have used it for a total of 8 hours. I didn't like how the tractor beat my back up so I put on a...