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    Backhoe Thumb for BL4690B backhoe

    I have made a commitment for a used BL4690B backhoe. Any suggestions as to what thumb to get for it and where. Only need a mechanical one. Vernon
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    HughesNet G4

    Is anyone getting service from the new Hughes satelite EchoStar 17 launched July 5, 2012? My wireless provider was bought out by Skybeam in Texas and is getting worse by the day. I would like to know if the Hughes service is any better than previously reported. Vernon
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    Shipping a handgun from WA to TX

    I am buying a nice S & W Model 37 from a friend of my son's. I will have it shipped from Washington state to Texas. I haven't done this in 2 decades. Any hints or gotcha's I should watch out for? Vernon
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    Porter-Cable 250mtk oscillating saw

    Any body have one of these. I need to get such a saw and the p-c quick blade change intrigues me. Are these any good. I would get the AC version instead of battery. DeWalt 18v are the only battery tools I buy. I am soured on Makita. Vernon
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    Ratchet Rake

    Has anyone used one of these? I did a search but did not get a hit. Vernon
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    Cylinder only moves part way

    The cylinder on my ATI GK4866 grapple only moves part way. The first time I tried to operate it after no use for about 6 mos it moved part way. I noticed that one pivot pin was missing (another story). It took about a month to get the pin. Put the pin in but still had the same problem with the...
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    Working around handicaps

    I have chosen to use two canes to get around, much faster, rather than a walker an expect to have to for a while. This is the result of breaking my hip and two bad knees. The result is that it is almost impossible to hand carry things. After many searches I found a 5.11 PUSH (Practical Utility...
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    ATI GK 4866 grapple part

    I have lost an outside pivot pin and would have to go through a dealer and pay more than 25$ for a replacement. The pin is 1" dia by 2-3/4 long. It has a zerk fitting mounted axially on one end and 1/4" hole across for a lock bolt at the other end. Does anyone know if this is a standard pin...
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    Sloped Bank Mower

    Today in Houston CL is a flail type sloped bank mower. Looks like it is self contained hydraulics as it has a PTO shaft connection to the tractor. May be a deal for someone Vernon
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    Snow in central Texas

    Ever since we have become concerned about global warming there have been more incidences of snow than I can remember from years past. And I have a lot of years past. I am watching the radar and am seeing snow just over the county line north of me. Just a couple of miles away, hope we get some of...
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    Woods BH6000 backhoe on a L3130

    I have the opportunity to pick up a new BH6000 at a good price. I know that it is intended for smaller tractors but it is a good size for my intended uses. Has anyone used this combination and/or does anyone have any advice on how to setup the installation. I don't have the answer yet but I...
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    Super Big Load

    Right now there is a very very large load moving from Houston through Bryan/College Station for a new power plant near Waco TX. The load is 1.7 million lbs, 39ft wide and 300 feet long. It moves 10 miles per DAY. A local TV station KBTX has the story on their web site with comments from their...
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    Flow reduction from elbows

    Is the flow reduction from elbows generally a concern for other than hydraulic motors? I am thinking about reworking the layout for the lines of my auxiliary circuits and would add elbows for compactness. Vernon
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    Orionid Meteor shower

    The Orionid Meteor shower is Wednesday morning. Look southeast before dawn. Info here: NASA -The 2009 Orionid Meteor Shower The forecast for us is clouds and rain so I will sleep in. Vernon
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    Unique boom pole design

    I was viewing another forum and spotted this Two recent projects: Boom pole and steel table - The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Workshop BBS Thought some TBNers might be interested. Looks very well done. Vernon
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    EZ-GO Workhorse 1200

    I have a 2002 Workhorse 1200 bought used. The engine needs work, leaks oil and has a lot of blow-by. Anyone know of a source of reasonably price engine parts or a rebuilt engine. I might even consider a new engine. Vernon
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    A find at TSC

    I was there yesterday to get a couple of standard Pioneer 1/2" NPTF male QD halves. Saw some with 3/4" ORB female threads that were marked that they would couple against residual pressure. I had never seen or heard of this before for this type of QD. If they had had 1/2" NPTF I would have...
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    AGW-Anthrogenic Global Warming

    My son, granddaughter and I have been having an ongoing arguement about global warming. I contend that they have been brainwashed in support of global warming as I am a skeptic about man-caused global warming (AGW). I have been researching what is really known about "global Warming". I put it...
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    Question for long time reloaders.

    I am trying to find true rifle loads for my 38-40 Winchester 92. All of the current data that I have found are for pistol only but I know Winchester had some time prior loaded a 180gr bullet to almost 1800fps. What with a flood and a move I cannot find any of my old loading books. All of the...
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    A photo essay: Shuttle Endeavor

    Here is a photo essay showing a flight cycle of Shuttle Endeavor. It contains some little seen steps in a shuttle flight. Round trip with Endeavour - The Big Picture - Enjoy Vernon
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    What is your guess: future of oil prices?

    I suddenly find myself rooting for oil prices to go up :D:D:D:o I recently sign a mineral lease and what happens depends on the future of oil prices. A new well was recently started a 100 yards or so from the property but we were not included in the unit. That well and another had been...
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    Backhoe BH90 backhoe: Want copy of installation instructions

    I have seen a couple of used Kubota BH90s (no tractor) at somewhat reasonable prices. I figure that in the near future there may be more on the market. I would like to get a copy of the installation instructions so I can evaluate what has to be done to install BH's I find on my L3130. Can...
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    A rude awakening

    During the mild weather we usually sleep with a window open at the head of the bed. About one a.m. this morning....bark, bark, bark, YOWLLLLLLLLLLLL........bark, bark, bark, YOWLLLLLLL :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: It almost literally bounces me out of bed: it was LOUD. I got to the...
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    Deal on Worktunes Hearing Protectors

    Our local Lowes has the AM/FM Stereo hearing protectors on sale for just under $40.00. They have digital tuning with presets plus an input jack (includes the patch cord). Just got them tonight so haven't put them to an operational test but thought that I would put the word out. Vernon
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    This one is for Texas --IKE

    Here we go again. This one looks fairly certain for Texas. Now forecasted for Friday afternoon, anywhere from Port Arthur to Corpus Cristi. I think I will get serious about clean up outside. I still have some leftover construction material stacked fairly close to the house that I need to move...
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    Ruger SP101 .327 magnum

    Has anyone seen one in a store? I am thinking that I would like to have one around the house and maybe to carry when out on the tractor. My local dealers say that they can't get one. Vernon
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    Thoughts on leasing for oil/minerals

    Out of the blue, I received an offer to lease my mineral rights after 20 years of being ignored for my small holding. I am carefully considering this offer and will consult an attorney. This lease contains clauses I have never seen before in my two previous leases so I need to get a good...
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    Engine overhaul-EZ-GO Workhorse 1200

    I have an EZ-GO Workhorse 1200 that came from a golf driving range. It has the protective cage and a mount for a ball pickup unit on the front. All that is beside the point. I am sure that it was abused by the youngsters that operated it. It fouls plugs badly and oil pressure is low plus leaking...
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    Firefox v3.0.1

    I let Firefox v3.0.1 update be installed this morning and started having trouble with TBN and other sites. I began getting "Server timed out, try again" messages. I had this problem with earlier version but found that resetting the timeout value to 300 from 30 (secs) solved it. I cannot find a...
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    Computer ?: Dual boot, XP over Vista

    I am tired of Vista telling where I can and cannot go on my computer of which I am the sole user. I have obtained an OEM disc of XP Media Center that I plan to install in a dual boot configuration. I am looking for experiences with such a situation. Forewarned is forearmed! I hope! This "access...
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    A reminder of natures power

    An example of natures power. This one has intrigued me for years. NASA - The Tunguska Event--100 Years later Man's work is relatively puny. Vernon
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    For those who remember WWII and the aircaft

    Here is a link to the finest set of photographs of restored WWII war birds. These are the aircraft I grew up watching and been studying these photos. Enjoy Vernon BZ's Chino's Planes of Fame Photo Gallery
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    Planning ahead: 400 hr service

    Planning ahead for the 400 hour service on my L3130HST. Primary question: is it practical/possible to purchase Kubota's SUDT on-line? Prices & shipping charges? My nearest Kubota dealer is 80 miles round trip and the one I prefer is 180 miles rt so on-line purchase is worth investigating. Of...
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    Welding galvanized: precautions?

    I tried some searches but could not home in on the answer although I know I have read it here (TBN). I was given the bow support post from a boat trailer with a winch on it. Galvanized of course. I want to mount it on my new pipe top trailer rigged to lower and lift the tail gate/ramp. Other...
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    Where to buy surplus IBCs?

    I am looking for a source of surplus IBCs is southeast Texas, particularly Houston. IBC=Intermediate Bulk Container usually in the 200-300 gallon capacity. I want 2 or 3 for water storage to put together a small brush fire extinguisher setup. Any ideas? Vernon
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    "Space Program Improves Life on Earth"

    I thought I would pass on the following article with the title I quoted. I get tired of people bashing NASA without understanding what we all gain from it. Space Benefits Please realize that the things mentioned are only part of what NASA has contributed to our lives. Vernon NASA Retired
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    Plate joiners (biscuit cutters): comments, ?

    I am planning on buying one and would like any comments or recommendations about the various brands. I am leaning toward DeWalt simply because I have had good service out of those that I have. I would appreciate any and all comments. Vernon
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    How to lift tailgate/ramp?

    I just acquired a 6' x 10' single axle trailer for carrying my EZ-GO WorkHorse and hauling about the place. Save me using the longer trailer. Because of my bad knees and back I am looking for ideas on how to gain assistance in lowering and raising the tailgate/ramp. Has anybody used a boat...
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    I spotted a M4500 beside the road with a for sale sign this afternoon. I could not tell if it was 2 or 4wd. Anybody know anything about these. I had the thought it might be useful for heavy shredding work and save my Grand L. Vernon
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    Listing for used pallet forks

    The Craigslist for Austin, TX has a listing for used pallet forks. #603766248. I don't need any but maybe somebody here can find what they need. Vernon
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    The value of the space programs

    As an ex NASA type I frequently get jumped on about the money "wasted by going into space". The following is the best assessment of the true value of government spending on space and other programs. The Space Review: Is space exploration worth the cost? You may think that the space program is...
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    Auto salvage titles in Texas

    I have been looking for an old but serviceable pickup. Ran onto a good prospect in the local Graigs list but it has a salvage title. What has to be done to get a full title on a working vehicle? I delayed doing anything beyond talking to the owner while I loaded AutoTap Diagnostic Scanner...
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    A new? approach to repairing septic systems

    I just ran across this way of repairing failing septic systems Septic system repair that is simple and inexpensive Has anybody encountered this system or know any thing about it? It claims to convert anaerobic systems to aerobic systems. I plan to contact them but will do a lot of research...
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    Flail Mower Caroni Flail Mower - Hydraulic Shift Kit

    I purchased a Caroni TM1900BSC flail mower from Agri-Supply and like it for my mowing needs. Right now I am running it at the highest setting for the high grass and light brush - will set it lower when I have it all knocked down to that level. Now for the reason for this post! I also ordered...
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    Hauling household goods

    Our son is planning to move out of the San Jose, CA area back to Dallas, TX. He is looking for an economical way to move his stuff. Is there a site like that on YT for tractor hauling but for independent haulers with enclosed trucks looking for loads? Vernon
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    More photos from Hubbel Space telescope

    These are beautiful. Almost worthy of enlarging and framing, Enjoy Photos: Stellar views from the Hubble at 17 | CNET Vernon
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    Watch a Solar Flare Explode

    Here is the link to an incredible movie of the Solar flare from sunspot 930 on 12/13/06. NASA - A Massive Explosion on the Sun The complete details are at the link story. Vernon
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    Flat tire service!

    For the second time I popped a front tire bead loose by not realizing it was low and making a hard turn. Lifted the tractor with the FEL but could not get air into the tire, an R4, fast enough to reseat the tire. I called a road service company to take care of the tire. The operated put a...
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    Metal Lathes

    I have had an Atlas/Craftsman 6" x 18" metal lathe since the mid 70s but have not used it in about the last 10 years. Before that I had used it mainly to turn drivers for bushings, bearings and seals. I have had some potential projects lately so dug the little lathe out but it needs a lot of TLC...
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    Mini split heat pumps

    I am planning a couple of additions to this house to add much needed room. Rather than get into replacing the existing unit (A/C & electric heat) and reworking the ducts $$$$$$ I am looking at using mini split heat pump units in the additions. Some of these units are using Freon R410A rather...