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    Food plot 2015

    That's what I mean by red clover. I am always surprised by how well red clover will colonize open spaces in acid soils. It seems like there are always seeds around to keep it going year after year. All the dried, dark brown heads in this pic are red clover. I noticed a lot of bees and...
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    Four-legged robots

    I just saw this, it's been out since this February. Pretty fascinating robotics. Electronic controls with hydraulic actuators. I bet it could be programmed for herding work among other uses.
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    Good morning!!!!

    Mid-80's again today with possible late afternoon t-storms passing through. Tuesday morning I messed up the top pad on my left index finger moving some large rocks. Sort of skidded the pad mostly off when it got pinched between rocks. Not doing much until that heals a bit. Good thing I am...
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    I have finished picking up stuff on the surface or shallow enough to root out with the FEL bucket. Next step is to dig up rocks with the backhoe that are sticking up higher than I would like for mowing. This 1/2 acre area in the pics below is chock full of rocks. The guy who did the clearing...
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    Good morning!!!!

    Be careful what you wish for.... :D Today was rock digging day. This ~1/2 acre area in the field is carpeted with large rocks. After everything settled some were just too high out of the ground. WV is a beautiful place but they also have lots of rocks I think. The thrill wears off. :o 75F...
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    This what the beaver bog looks like today. They are always hard at work living up to "busy as a beaver." This is the larger pond that the small stream enters after it comes down from that knobby hill in the background. The lodge center-left is in use now. The straight line of mud and sticks...
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    Some update pics. I declared my one-day independence from rock picking today. :D The air is muggy and calm anyways. There were a couple times I wondered if I bit off more than I could chew but I'm close to being done with the hand work now. I bought a 3pt spreader last week to spread lime...
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    It is when the beavers are using it. It's a beaver bog fed by a small stream that comes down from Boardman Mtn., that knobby hill to our north. Most of it is less than 3' deep. There are actually three connected, terraced areas they have dammed off and on but they seem to keep just one pond...
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    Good morning!!!!

    I ran across this scenario for the "end of the universe" as The Big Rip. I got a kick out of the "You are here" arrow. Cosmology is weird, fun stuff since no one really knows what the total picture is, or how or if the universe ends.
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    Historic Aerials: Old to New Land Images

    This site can be interesting if your property area is in their database. My lot has aerial photos/images back to 1953, 1965, 1997, 2007 .... Fun to compare what was to what is, and watch the changes over the years. Search on your street address. Turn on "Slide" to see a split screen of...
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    TC35DA Backhoe hydraulic connections

    The pics are from my 2003 TC40 gear with a 758C backhoe. Hope this helps. Sorry about the dirty tractor. This male coupling is where your hose 21 would attach. It's piped to the body of the casting where the 3pt control lever attaches. This female quick connect is disconnected and the...
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    I took a few update pics this morning. The reddish-yellow is Sheep Sorrel seed stalks (AKA sour dock, dock). It rapidly colonizes disturbed ground and likes high acid soil. I have a lot of it. The short green growth is orchard grass and timothy that I seeded last fall. It's not going...
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    Wedding Costs....

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    Good morning!!!!

    Ask and you shall receive. :) The tall skinny trees are ash. they always leaf-out late but those at the end of the drive are not doing well. They haven't been real happy since cutting the driveway through there back in 2005. Oh well, the emerald ash borer is coming so no use getting too excited...
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    Good morning!!!!

    31F & overcast. Headed to hi 40's today. Last night's almost 3" of snow. It was a fine December evening. :laughing: I'll bet the grease nipples are getting stiff on Eric's Iseki about now. New toys at the fire house. A Honda EU2000i with an attached floodlight. Our old generator weighed a...
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    Tree damage, what is the cause

    Some pics I took today of Pileated woodpecker work. It (or they, there is usually a breeding pair for one large area) started on this tree early last week. Around here, if they work on a tree, you can be sure it has black ants in it, so they are not ruining a good tree normally. Depending on...
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    Raised beds and gardens

    Here are pics of my beds today. They are 5'x10' and three 2x8's tall. There are four bulge restraining cables per bed, two at ground level and two near the top. Not sure how necessary those are, but I have no bulging issues--in the raised beds at least. :p As you can see, winter doesn't want to...
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    food plot and soil improvement.

    I have some pics. This is a nasty area. The foreground wasn't cleaned up yet, where I'm standing is very ledgey. Back against the trees to the right is pretty much cleaned up. That is one of the better stretches of ground in the field.
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    It Tastes Like Chicken

    Lab grown meat. The future? After first lab-grown burger, test-tube chicken is next on menu | NewsDaily Demand for meat is expected to double between 2000 and 2050, when the earth痴 population is set to surpass 9 billion, and proponents of growing meat in the lab say it is the only way to meet...
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    Good morning!!!!

    Something happened there, not sure what. :laughing: 16F headed to 4F overnight. Very sunny 26F today. Forecast highs above freezing the next 8 of 9 days. Caught two mice last night, both were small and I feared a nest. I reset the traps this morning and nada so far. Hope that is the end of the...
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    Out of state Maine vehicle and trailer registration This has been discussed in several threads in the past, just thought I would post this as an FYI. There are three on-line third-party Maine registration services listed in the...
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    Good morning!!!!

    How's this?
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    Good morning!!!!

    Took these this morning, it was nice enough to do a little snowshoeing before breakfast. What home looks like this time of year, just in case Drew really misses the snow. :laughing: The building on the right is the tractor garage. The north side and half of the west end is earth-bermed. 18"...
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    Good morning!!!!

    10F & still windy but the snow has stopped. I could see the snow was slowing down when I went to bed around midnight. 22F for today's high and 15-20 mph winds. There is a snowdrift I need to cross to get to the detached tractor garage about 100' away. This is to the left of that doorway, you...
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    Good morning!!!!

    7F and still snowing & blowing. Hard to say with drifting how many inches we have so far, I'll guess around 10". There is a narrow drift over 6' tall cutting across the overhead door, but 10' away there is a bare driveway gravel patch. So it is with drifting snow. Until you can get out into an...
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    Pallets in fields

    Are there mysterious "Shoe People"? There were old tales about these people. They may be dangerous; old women starving and whipping children while making them live in a shoe:. There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn't know what to do. She gave them some...
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    What's for supper???

    My pizza this afternoon. Dough rolled out on corn meal and stretched, about 7 oz (1/2 small jar) of Classico pizza sauce. Ready for the oven. Pepperoni, sausage, well-sauteed baby portabella mushrooms, pickled jalapeno slices, fresh mozzarella and shredded 4-cheese pizza mix. Ready to...
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    Good morning!!!!

    This is the pizza dough after proofing (rising) in the frig for 2-1/2 days. The package on the left is what it looks like frozen. You can see the finger poke indent that stayed indented, meaning the dough is ready. This is the pepperoni grease I didn't eat. :laughing: Sliced the pepperoni...
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    Good morning!!!!

    15F & snow shower, less than 1" expected. Could see mid-20's later today. Here's the new cabinets hiding the mini-split lines. For back-fitting I think we did a reasonable job of covering things up. Would have been better if it was planned during construction, but that's life. Above the frig...
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    Log pulling tractor backflip

    Driver trapped for 2 hours after tractor flips in logging accident "The chain being used to haul the logs was attached too high to the tractor痴 rear, causing it to flip end-over-end ..."
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    I Need One of These

    Navy: New laser weapon works, ready for action - Would it clean the ice off my driveway? Take down black flies? Cut firewood? I'm sure I'd find a use for it. :laughing: Cool stuff.
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    Removing Ethanol from Gasoline

    Ran across this magazine article in Northern Woodlands. Sorry it's not online yet. Maybe it's old news, but it was new to me. A small engine repair mechanic, Dwight Broome in Concord, VT cut the bottom off a propane tank (large enough to hold 5+ gal) and unscrews the valve fitting replacing...
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    Good morning!!!!

    Thanks. Seems to suit the general mood lately. :) I think Drew should have an avatar, and I think we should be "helpful" with suggestions. Here is one: I've seen fairly large flocks of crows several times recently, here and on the road to Ohio. Crows are smart and fun to watch.
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    Dog pics

    Not me, just the retirement account--munch, munch, munch. :laughing: I see Milos is drooling in that pic. He is showing his age, really weak in the hindquarters. This is Sira at a "barn hunt" this past weekend. There is a live rat in the PVC tube, dogs have to find the tube with the live rat...
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    Dog pics

    Sharon has been using air dried food from Seems to be good quality stuff and we augment it with raw meat. Ready for a walk in deer season:
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    Specialty Hay Story

    40 lb timothy and alfalfa mini bales for horses and chicken coop bedding.
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    Good morning!!!!

    I went for a walk in back part of our lot today. Hadn't been back there all summer. Tree felling beaver-style. Yellow birch I think. Lucky for them the top fell into their pond. This cutie was watching me while I was looking at the beaver's work. The fur blends well with the beech bark. Look...
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    Another cleared area pic. The green fuzz is Southern States Coop north horse pasture mix: orchardgrass, timothy, ryegrass, bluegrass, and a bit of ladino clover. For a quick test I broadcast a 50 lb bag along with some pelletized lime and high nitrogen fertilizer. Just had to see what would...
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    Pics of the areas I worked on and are pretty clean now.
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    Time for an update since I probably won't get much more done this year. Need to catch up with some regular chores before the snow flies. I have about 3 acres, maybe a bit less, yet to do out of the 12 acres. I averaged about 1/4 acre per day it seems. Some go areas faster, some slower of...
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    Are You Ready To Eat Cricket Flour?

    I've seen a couple of references to cricket flour being added to prepared foods lately. Except for whatever makes into my peanut butter and cereal, I've never eaten insects and don't think I want to either. :) I just picture the yellow-white goo of a stepped on cricket. :eek: Startups Pitch...
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    Lithium: It's Something In The Water

    Interesting article about studies correlating naturally occurring lithium in water supplies to beneficial effects. Historical precedent (from the linked article): LITHIUM has been known for its...
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    Critters captured on camera

    This red fox has been hanging around the house for a couple months now. It keeps an eye on the house but is not too worried. Apples are on the menu. Time-out for a chin scratch.
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    Solar Flare coming Sept. 13th

    Get your tin foil hats out. :D Big solar storm heading toward Earth -
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Fitting chains R4

    This is the style of Tellefsdal chain I have for the rears, light v-bars on the fronts. I use recycled tire horse stall mats on the floor. We had some extras that used to be in a dog kennel. They are probably worth buying for ice chain parking on concrete for mid-size and up CUT tractors...
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    Mechanical Blueberry Harvest pics

    Interesting machinery harvesting wild blueberries on the barrens in Downeast Maine. Hand rakers, migrants being replaced by mechanization in Down East Maine
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    Tractor & Truck Thief, Paving Roller Thief Caught

    Vermonter charged with stealing tractors, trucks, including in Maine - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram BURLINGTON, Vt. A Vermont man is facing federal charges he possessed a number of tractors and trucks that were stolen over a 12-year period from Vermont, New York...
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    Some before and after dragging pics: This area has nicer dirt, and deep enough that the dozer could leave it fluffed up. It levels pretty easily. To the left side is after one pass. This not as nice dirt after one pass. The hump sticking up across the center of the pic is solid ledge with a...
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    Some pics of the I-beam. I decided to weld the 3/8" repair links together after making 12-link loops. That held up for five hours of dragging today with no problems. I ran slower today in 5th gear of 12 (mid-range 1st gear) @ 1800 rpm and stayed in two-wheel drive to allow for tire slippage if...
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    Reclaiming a long-lost field

    Some pics of removing the rock wall. It ran across the center of the field. Most of it was just a mess except for about 50-60 feet that had never been skidded over. I decided to just get rid of all of it. They are a pain to keep the trees from growing next to them where the bush hog can't cut...