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    Christmas present for cfaxman ?

    Bobcat, Magni Team On Telehandlers - Diesel Progress
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    Anyone looking for a new truck ??

    Hercules 6x6 Military — Rezvani
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    Blizzard of 1983

    February 11 and 12 1983 a two day blizzard began in the eastern United States. It snowed so hard in Allentown PA and Hartford CT that five inches accumulated in JUST ONE HOUR . From the Old Farmers Almanac calendar. I was in PA at the time and it was a good dump, even got some thunder snow...
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    "Snowbound" - an Allis Chalmers promotional film - YouTube
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    Important to have the right tools!
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    Yet another roll over

    Off-duty Md. firefighter killed in apparent tractor accident | WTOP
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    Be careful out there !

    Firefighter dies in crash while driving to help Harvey flood victim -
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    New Kubota possessed by a Witch !

    A Ditch Witch that is ! 25 hp Kubota, handier than a shirt pocket ! Got her set up with bucket, forks, Branch Manager grapple, Quick grab mini grapple and a Stumper 220 stump grinder. A real diesel powered Segway !
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    Don't mess with mamma !

    Friend of mine sent me this, now the boy is if to freezer camp !
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    Girlfriend's gone crazy for chicks !

    She turned the woodshed into a coop, figure we lose about a buck an egg, guess she thinks we'll make it up in volume ! K's BackYard Girls Check out her facebook page & like ! :dance1:
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    Still cold war !

    From missles to logs ! Ураган и ДТ сообща вытаскивают поуши застрявшего Кировца
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    Chipper Feedback on Tomcat chipper?

    Anyone had a chance to use the Tomcat TC8 chipper yet?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\%22%20Woodchipper&sub_category=TC08&scid=134
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    Just when you thought you saw it all

    Wonder if this is better than standing in the bucket ! YouTube - Redneck Tree Trimming