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    Another confused first timer

    Branson? I don’t know if you have any dealers nearby but, good value for your dollar. Mike
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    Kubota or mahindra

    Yep. My dealer pays the 0% fee. Mike
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    Kubota or mahindra

    I will definitely consider one for my next purchase! Thanks Willy :D Mike
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    Kubota or mahindra

    When the OP is making a decision between Mahindra and Kubota…the answer is always…Yanmar FTW!!! Thank you Willy ;) Mike
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    Cub Cadet Steering Wheel Zero-Turn

    ^^^^ Nothing wrong with lap bars, but for those of us with steep hillsides, nothing beats the added stability and control of a steering wheel. Mike
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    Ford 6.7 Diesel Fuel Filter Tried to Kill Me

    Good to know! Mike
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    Showroom Shock !

    It’s here in the Northwest too! Tractors, cars, trucks, implements, attachments, etc.. Mike
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    I'm just making sure Willy... ;) Mike
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    Willy, are planning on purchasing an LS tractor? If so, we’ll need you to start posting videos… Mike
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    It’s hard to say in this market but…in my area, the Kioti is just as expensive as Kubota and Bobcat is cheaper than Kioti. Go figure. Mike
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    Are you just shopping brands? Do you have a tractor size, weight or HP considerations? If you’re set on Kioti, please look at Bobcat too. The Bobcat is a rebadged Kioti (with a proprietary loader) and it may be cheaper than a comparable Kioti. Mike
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    There you go Willy….YANMAR, YANMAR, YANMAR!!!! Don’t let us down again!!! ;) Mike
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    Dealer communication

    The current customer service experience depends on lots of factors; the sales staff, the nature of the questions, value of interest and manufacture dealer support, in this ever changing market/environment. I could probably claim the same underwhelming sales experience with my new 2022 truck...
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    selling a (used) bx2660 potential buyer wants it w/out the loader, advice& value please

    No way…especially in this market. He should take it as-is or find another buyer. Mike
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    Cub Cadet Steering Wheel Zero-Turn

    So, I totally missed this service in the manual. However, the service indicator on the mower informed me of the need for a fluid change. The plug on my oil drain hose was virtually welded on. It had tons of red loctite on the plug. I had to use an impact gun to free it. Crazy. I’m just...
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    Just a little dangerous.... imo

    I hope the bucket is made of plastic! Mike
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    Correct my thinking...

    The MF GC1725M is a great tractor and really good value. It would definitely save you trips to Home Depot and you could do your tractor work at your convenience. That’s pretty important in my book. Mike
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    Spend my money.

    Thank God Willy showed up!!! YANMAR FTW!!! OP spend your money!!! Mike
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    For you blade fanatics...

    Interesting…. I’d like to hear some feedback from folks on performance and long term cost compared to traditional blades. Mike
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    Formal Training?

    Aside from a little instruction from my neighbor (professional operator for 30 years) and hours of seat time, that’s all the training this city boy received. I’ve done a couple stupid things on my tractors but, I’m getting better with every hour and the neighbor is happy with my work, skill and...
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    L3560 orderd

    ^^^^ Ive had my new 2021, now 2022, Ford F-250 SuperDuty PowerStroke on order since April. I still don’t have a VIN # or build date. Crazy. Luckily, I’m patient, what else can you do? Mike
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    L3560 orderd

    Congratulations on your Order. The L3560 is a very nice tractor! Mike
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    Cub Cadet Pro Z - Any Experience?

    ^^^^ Im not a brand specific guy but, me too. Mike
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    Advice on 25 hp tractor purchase

    I won’t say it’s often, but it happens at new-car dealers. Mike
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    Belly mower does a ragged job - why?

    My B2601 (w/60” MMM) did a pretty darn good job mowing my property. I mowed in Medium gear at roughly 2,300 RPM without the loader attached. Quality of cut was good, not as good as my new ZTR, but good. Mike
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    Cub Cadet Pro Z - Any Experience?

    ^^^^ You may be doing better than I with fuel consumption. It’s worth noting, I do mow steep hillsides, so that may also increase my fuel consumption a bit. And, because of the hillsides, I fill both tanks and keep the fuel lines open on both, to make sure I don’t starve the engine of fuel when...
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    Cub Cadet Pro Z - Any Experience?

    How long are your mowing sessions? My old boss has a BB Rouge (?) with the 999cc FX Kawasaki engine. I demo’d his mower on my property before making my decision to go with the 560 KW S. The 999 FX drinks fuel. I thought, and we figured the 850 FX wouldn’t be as thirsty and perhaps it’s not...
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    Kioti CX2510 vs Massey 1526 vs other

    I had a Kubota B2601, great tractor. I highly recommend it. I also like the Massey Ferguson tractors. The Bobcat is a Kioti, they basically the same tractor, however, the Bobcat has its own proprietary loader. You can’t really go wrong with any of the tractors you’re considering, they’ll...
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    New Kubota LX2610 Owner

    Congrats on the new tractor! Mike
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    Massey Furguson 1835M

    Really really like it. It’s super simple and without any unnecessary features. It does everything I ask of it and perhaps a bit more. Great tractor! In retrospect, however, I could have gone a little larger. A little more weight, HP and lifting capacity would have been nice. But, I didn’t...
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    Cub Cadet Pro Z - Any Experience?

    ^^^^ Excellent! Good to hear! I mowed with my 560S yesterday. I’m thankful to have such a capable and fine machine. Mike
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    How can I be sure the check will be good?

    I accepted a personal check when I sold my B2601 tractor. More than double the OP’s amount. I simply told the buyer the tractor will remain in my possession until the check cleared my account. The check cleared in two days and he came and picked up his new tractor. Mike
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    Massey Furguson 1835M

    ^^^^ Me too. Really nice tractor! Congrats to the OP! Mike
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    Cub Cadet Pro Z - Any Experience?

    Ferris definitely has the better suspension setup when comparing ZT’s… The Pro Z front axle has a pivot type suspension setup and nothing for the rear wheels. The Pro series also have a suspension seat or air ride seat depending on the model. Mike
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    Cub Cadet Pro Z - Any Experience?

    Kawasaki on most models Mike
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    Cub Cadet Pro Z - Any Experience?

    I too purchased the Qwikshute block plate. It’s an excellent addition to an already amazing mower. Mike
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    Cub Cadet Steering Wheel Zero-Turn

    ^^^^ I recently purchased a 2021 Cub Cadet Pro Z 560 S after extensive research and demo’s on my property. I’m extremely happy with this mower. Mike
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    Looking at new tractor...need advice

    I agree, I like the way the MF 1835MH looks and drives. However, I ended up purchasing another Kubota so I don’t have any operational experience with that tractor. Mike
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    No Loader

    Yep, that’s the same story everywhere, you’re not alone. Virtually every market has been affected. The dealers are doing their best to establish accurate ETA’s but they’re often wrong as market and manufacturing conditions continue to fluctuate. In these situations, patience is key. Mike
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    Thoughts RE Bad Boy Renegade Diesel vs. Kubota ZD1200 ZT Mowers

    ^^^^^ Agreed. My Cub Cadet Pro Z 560 S is designed for around 20 degree slopes, I believe but, I mow on some 40 + degree hills. On the steep stuff I mow mostly straight up and down but, there are trees I mow around and I don’t have a plateau up top, so I have to also change direction in steep...
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    Tractor News Bad boy compact tractors?

    Congrats!!! Mike
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    L2501 I love it BUT

    Thanks for clarifying… Yep, been there, done that. I’ve turbocharged, supercharged, added nitrous oxide to N/A engines and raced (drag & road course) many gasoline and diesel vehicles in my time. Luckily, the vast majority of my experiences have been positive. Mike
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    Thoughts RE Bad Boy Renegade Diesel vs. Kubota ZD1200 ZT Mowers

    ^^^^ Having the ability to test-drive options for your specific situation is best…especially when you have hills and rough terrain. I tried several ZTR’s on my property (including a BB) and was sold on the Cub Cadet with the steering wheel after a demo. Mike
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    L2501 I love it BUT

    Warranty after add-on Turbo, No. What was your experience? What make/model tractor? Who’s Turbo? Mike
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    Honda Pioneer 500

    Thanks for the update! Mike
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    ZTR or Rider?

    I highly recommend the Cub Cadet ZTR with steering wheel….if you want to spend the money. They are a fantastic mower. Mike
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    L2501 I love it BUT

    It certainly won’t be an option for everyone, but for some, adding a Turbo does make a lot of sense. Obviously, adding a Turbo to an L2501 wouldn’t be a replacement for a larger (heavier) tractor, however, it would allow the tractor to power a wider variety of rear PTO implements, make the M &...
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    New Pioneer 520 Arrived

    Those coilover shocks look like quite an upgrade! Mike
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    New XUV 590E S4 gator

    Very nice! Congrats! Mike