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    Aluminum vs. Cast Iron as tractor components in CUTS and SCUTS?

    In another thread today, the comment was made that some tractor brands are using aluminum instead of cast iron for certain key components on SCUTS and CUTS, including transmission cases. I hadn't thought much about this, but it has me curious. I'd like to learn more about this, from the...
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    Comparison Engine/PTO HP and "rated RPM"

    I haven't paid much attention to this up to now, but I've noticed that for CUTs with similar frame sizes, the published specs of one tractor brand might state gross (or net) engine HP and PTO HP at, say, 2600 "rated rpm", while another might state it at 2800 "rated rpm". I know only enough...
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    Uses for extra Quick Hitch Top Hooks?

    Ideas welcomed. I've ended up with four extra OEM top hooks from Harbor Freight Cat 1 quick hitches. I swapped each out with an aftermarket top hook that protrudes a bit further for easier implement engagement. These are heavy, sturdy hooks. Hate to see them go to waste. I'm thinking some...
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    Adapting a 3pt drawbar to a generic Quick Hitch

    I keep a Harbor Freight cat 1 quick hitch on each of my loader tractors. I wanted to use an old "3pt Drawbar" I've had in the barn for years to pull a manure spreader and a log splitter, and to move trailers around, without first removing the QH. A traditional "drawbar lock" (see, e.g...
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    Hydraulic leak at inlet port of NX joystick valve

    My 2014 NX4510HST has developed a significant hydraulic leak at the inlet port of the joystick valve, where the fluid from the primary hydraulic pump enters the valve body. See the red arrow in the two pics I've attached. One view is from the right side of the valve, angling upward; the...
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    Tip for NX-Series Owners: Mysterious starting problem solved

    I'm posting this in the hopes it might save another NX-series owner some of the head scratching I went through recently with a mysterious starting problem that turned out to have a very simple, but surprising explanation. Apologies for the length, but I thought of some TBN'rs might find the...
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    NX4510HST mystery bullet connector ID?

    Attached is a pic of the harness to the starter solenoid on my NX4510HST, looking fore to aft. Anyone know what the separated bullet connector at the bottom of the pic is for? One wire is blue with white stripe, the other is black. Because of its tarnished appearance and the fact that...
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    Woods paint color match

    I recently needed to prime and repaint some areas on a Woods HBL84-2 rear blade. Rather than having Woods OEM paint shipped in, I found a very good match in rattle cans at TSC. I'm posting this in case others have a similar need. It's Case Power Yellow 8-22983 by Majic. See pic.
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    Kioti ECU software update notice?

    Just received a notification from Kioti corporate that they are conducting a software update on the ECU of my tractor (NX4510HST Cab, delivered early 2014). Says the update will take less than 30 minutes, and will be done by the dealer, on-site at my location, and at Kioti's expense. (That's a...
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    NX series engine hour meters

    Anyone know for certain whether the engine hour meter in the tach of the NX series records actual running time, or running time based on an algorithm tied to engine rpm? In marketing for the DK series, Kioti has said "The electronic hour meter accurately records the real working hours of the...
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    Straightening Skid Shoe bracket with heat?

    While plowing snow with my new Woods HBL84-2 rear blade, I backed into a frozen timber retaining wall hidden in a friend's snowbank and bent the bracket on my right hand skid shoe. :eek: Pics attached. You can see the skid shoe post is roughly 30 degrees out of position, relative to the left...
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    Connector for adding beacon warning light?

    I'm planning to add an amber beacon LED warning light to my Kioti cab to augment the OEM flashers when plowing snow and grading. Probably this one: HQRP 12V DC Emergency Amber LED Strobe Mini Light Beacon Flexible Pipe Mount / Low Profile, Tow / Plow Escort Safety for Truck Car Auto...
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    A Rear Tire Puzzler For You

    I'm out at the barn the other morning getting ready to muck the stalls. Not only are my hands starting to freeze because it's suddenly gotten cold as the dickens, I look over to the aisle where my little Kubota B2150 is parked and I see this: Great, a puddle under the left rear tire, just my...
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    20' 10K Deckover behind '99 Expedition?

    A buddy of mine has ordered a new gn equipment trailer and is offering me his bp for a good price. My problem is the tow vehicle. I'm wondering if there is a safe way to beef up a '99 Expedition to tow the trailer carrying my Kioti NX4510HST w/ cab. Happy to let this opportunity pass, if not...
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    Loader Leveling bar adjustment on Kioti KL6010 loader?

    Our NX4510 has the KL6010 loader. The level indicator for the bucket looks to be the same as on the DK series loaders, and probably others, so I'm hoping someone has a suggestion on this. When the bucket is level, the top of the rod is actually about 1/2" below the top of its sleeve, so can't...
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    Kubota B2159 front drive shaft and U-joint removal

    After many years of reliable service, I broke the U-joint between the transmission shaft and front drive shaft on a B2150HSD with 4WD. Looks like to replace the U-joint, I'll need to (1) remove the front drive shaft (with half the broken U-joint pinned to it), then (2) somehow separate the rest...