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    3-Point Hitch Mighty Lever

    Hitching up equipment, maintaining equipment or fabrication and repair having the the right tools sure helps. Have various pinch poles, crowbars and levers like most farms. Tried a small indexing head lever for the shop and was quickly a favorite go to tool. Bought the larger 48” to keep in the...
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    Bought a 20’ steel bridge this weekend. Doll up with some steel implement wheels, some base steel paint and set across the creek. Like I need another project.
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    Rotary Cutter Self powered bush hog Woods bb72 rotary cutter powered with 30hp Diesel engine.
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    Grading level

    Saw this at Bear Den campground off the Blue Ridge parkway. They are building and refurbishing new sites. Equipment parked beside us so felt at home. Level strapped to front guard L6060 with topNtilt yardbox.
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    SSQA plate from TITAN

    Ordered a 3/8” full back ssqa plate late Monday, end of Titan Attachments Memorial Day sale for a project. Got here 10am Wednesday morning. Shipping weight 108#. $119. Box had just a few tears and the plate was plastic wrapped. No damage. Corners were welded. Nicely made. Took time grind a...
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    Deep lug R4 tires

    Put these on the front of a Kubota M59. Immediately improved traction. Heavy sidewall and rim guard helps with loader operations. Twice as heavy as OEM tires. Several years now and doing well. Tractor stays mostly in 4wd and scuffing off-road is minimal. Only problem is they are difficult to...
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    Hazard light protection

    While browsing the local scrapyard for fun bought some short drops of stainless steel tubing. Back home cut some 2” rings of 5.5” OD, 1/8” wall tubing. Drilled a 1/2” hole for the lamp bolt. TSC has these lamps for $7. Had to slightly oval the hole and temporarily removed one lens for the lamp...
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    Show your man baskets ideas

    Forklift platforms are common and used safely everyday. For tractors the the hazards of off road and usually dangerous operation of construction, maintenance or tree work are many. Telehander type baskets closest comparison. Probably a good argument to never have personal on a tractor FEL...
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    Brush saw

    Bought this flat belt saw at the scrap yard for $46. Simple angle iron frame with hinged table to crosscut firewood or posts. Poured bearings have no play and rotate. Better now with a few pumps of new grease. 28” blade pretty rusty. People spend that much on blades for decorating or cut up for...
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    SSQA Lips

    This might be a trend on newer tractors. My 2016 Kubota B26 ssqa factory HD bucket has flared lips to help center the tractor ssqa mount when attaching. Of the dozen of other attachments from various manufacturers it’s the only one I have ever seen to have this feature. Have great line on sight...
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    Differential lock pedal

    The differential lock lever on the Kubota’s are rather simple compared to other tractors or equipment. Coupled with often muddy shoes a little lacking. When needing to engage one is usually preoccupied with competing operations or hazards. Spent hours thinking about different ways to improve...
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    Backhoe Backhoe bucket hooks

    Best idea or types of hooks for backhoe buckets? Hole or slots in the side cutters for Clevis or chain? Finally got around to welding a 3/8” chain hook like has been on several older buckets I’ve had. Don’t use much but very handy sometimes. Base welded a little ways up on the wear strip.
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    One of the best retirement jobs we did was to add a deck all along the back of the house. 48’ long, 13-14’ wide, mostly covered. Don’t like wood outside steps so bought steel and concrete used stair section from hotel demolition to install. Time changes plans. Had to spend time caregiving...
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    Spring house rebuild

    The spring house was crushed from tornado tree damage this summer. The spring was the water source and refrigerator for the 1000acre land grant over 250 years ago. It was rebuilt ~80 years ago with mostly white oak, rock and concrete. Currently supplies water to three houses and farm. Have done...
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    Loader Quicke soft ride

    Bought this NOS off eBay for $47. 210psi precharge on one bulb. The other bulb has plastic mounting cover over stamped info. Quicke is a Denmark brand loader manufacturer? My idea is to use this on a Kubota B26 loader. Anyone tried this on a scut? Used this brand of accessory?
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    Loader Loader lift pressure gauge

    Recently retrofitted a Kubota Soft Ride (KSR) system to fit a M59 loader. Nice upgrade and would highly recommend this option if available. Greatly reduces stress while carrying loads. Added a permanent pressure gauge at the same time. Anyone else monitoring their loader lift pressure during...
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    Mowing B26 won’t start after washing

    The B26 with the rear discharge finish mower going reverse is an excellent leaf blower/mulcher for the yard and gravel driveway. Only problem is having to drive in plume of dust. Doesn’t work near as well going forward. Decided to wash off using a garden hose and brush with wash and wax...
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    Mowing L39 hydraulic case vent?

    BIL noted the lack of a vent on the rear of his tractor rear axle near dipstick and threaded fill port. My tractors have a rubber or plastic crooked neck to vent the hydraulic reservoir. Checked with local Kubota dealer service department and they could not find one. Ask their mechanic and he...
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    Loader Pole saw

    Like many I use my tractor grapples often to help keep up my property. Recent EF0 tornado bounced around and left us much tree damage. Several piles and over 100 trips to one gully. Lots of trees and tree tops that need to be cut up into manageable pieces. A lot of cut, clear and repeat. When...
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    Brush, what to do with it?

    We generate a tremendous amount of brush. 140 acre Tennessee foothills farm with about 40 acres cleared. 1/2 mile driveway thru the woods with miles of other trails. Much brush from keeping the roads, pastures and fields cleared. Have done some burn piles. Getting harder with permits and...
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    Spark arrester cleaning

    Interested how folks are cleaning their spark arrester mufflers Owners manual says every 250 hours. 2016 B26 has a simple cone screen attached to the tailpipe with one screw. Cleaned it a couple of times. The screen being about 20-30% plugged. The screen was an option (~$70) and I guess was...
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    Grading Chasing gravel

    5” of rain in a couple of hours last evening. Good gully washer. 20-25 miles any direction no rain. Very little washout in 0.5 mile main driveway, 0.3 secondary and miles of dirt. Creek waterfall sounds good from the back porch. Land plane has made more difference in the last 3 years than...
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    Oil & Fuel B26 front axle oil

    Did the first 400 hour change of front axle UDT oil. Surprised how dark and the fine metallic sheen of the old oil. Hope the gears have polished their contact patches. Put back 5qts Lucas 75W-90 synthetic gear oil. See how it does for the next 400 hours. Can tell the difference in gear sounds...
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    Loader Bonnet protector for M59

    Needed more grill guard protection for brush, tree, dirt and stump work I tackle. With help of TBN members made improvements. The bonnet protector hinged to front guard was an option no longer available. Luckily found a NOS from Messicks. Had to source some of the hinge hardware also, no big...
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    Mowing L39 lost clutch

    While my brother in-law was bush hogging lost clutch. Making passes pushed in the clutch to roll back a bit and lost clutch. No noise and everything else works. Intelapanel says the gst transmission goes thru the gears. No forward or backward travel. No pto. He had just changed UDT and filters...
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    Oil & Fuel B26 Hydraulic inleakage

    Coming up on 400 hour service. B26, 2016 model. Noted some external leakage at fill plug and dipstick after mowing for several hours at a time. Not much but enough to attract dirt. A friend with an earlier B26 had a worse problem caused by rubber elbow on the suction side of pump. Air was being...
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    Loader Wicked grapple

    Owners of L39 using Everything Attachments Wicked grapple? Up to 55hp. Or their heavier utility grapple for up to 75hp? L39 FEL is strong for its size.
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    Oil & Fuel Dipstick retention

    While working on M59 a few days ago noted oil spray on the side. The dipstick was missing. Probably got dislodged during some recent brush moving. Looked for it but no go. Had the dealer order one and within a day got it. $ouch$ In >50 years and dozens of tractors this is only the 2nd time...
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    Loader SSQA mount play

    Using skid steer grapple I bought about 25 years ago on a M59. There seems to be excessive play in the mounting. Can’t see damage on the tractor or grapple side. Don’t note excessive wear. At the shop I could slide 1/4” plates between the lower tractor hitch and grapple tab. I also could put a...
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    Woods RD7200 belt guard repair

    Past several years the sheet metal belt guards mounting holes were fatigue cracking. One hole completely gone. Two top holes on two guards. From some scrap 1/4” plate cut some pieces to weld on top. Cut the hole/slot with the plasma cutter using templates. Perfect match...
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    M59 bolt-on tool caddy

    Details on fabrication under general topics, customization. Share with my orange friends. Several ground defense plates added. Gas and oil for chainsaw. Container also carries saw wrench, round and flat files, sharpening guide, extra chain, and two wedges. Multi tool hammer wrench...
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    Tire Selection Kubota tire upgrade

    Bought a used M59 about three years ago. Idea was to replace my aging ag tractors and backhoe. No end to the comparison between R1 and R4 tires. Complicated by the tremendous lift strength of the FEL. 1000 hours had worn the fronts. I first grooved the worn tires to improve traction in mud and...
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    Chainsaw and chain holder

    Gleaned lots of good ideas from this site. Building what hopefully works for me given skills and materials around most farm shops. Going to document as it evolves. Comments welcome. Plan is to attach a steel tube to the loader upright. 6x6x26.5” drop from scrapyard. Chain hook and drain holes...
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    Used the B26 and rear finish mower to blow leaves and chop up leaves on a 1/2 mile driveway. Noted black exhaust smoke when under load. At the shop stopped to check air cleaner. Packed with small acorns around the filter. Luckily no damage. Tied new dryer sheets in engine compartments of the...
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    Loader Hydraulic coupling clamp

    Hydraulic Quick Coupler Connect Under Pressure Clamp XBoom Coupler QC-Mate 12-in | eBay Found this on eBay Made this years ago.
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    Loader M59 bonnet cover

    Tried before to get an option for the M59 front grill armor, a bonnet cover. Was told by local dealer they were no longer available. Thanks to a knowledgeable TBN contributor (rScotty) tried again thru Messicks. They had one, maybe the last one, at one of their stores. $230 +$30 shipping. It...
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    Loader M59 broken loader pin

    Noted a broken lower bucket pin while greasing the tractor. 1183hrs. Half the pin that has the grease zerk was gone. Several of the pins close to the bucket have considerable slop. Previous owner wasn’t friends with a grease gun. Question is there better sources for pins/bushings other than Kubota?
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    Oil & Fuel HST temperature gauge

    There have been good discussions on HST operations, fluids, noise and filters. Has anyone installed a temperature gauge? Best placement for the temperature probe? Love the operation of both M59 and B26 tractors. Probably don’t let them warm up enough in cold weather before use. Concern of...
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    Loader Bucket hooks and hitch receivers

    Handy as pocket on a shirt. Indusco weld on hooks on Amazon are hard to beat. 3 ton, $20ea. Look for “used” on Amazon. Might be warehouse dirty? Or not in original bag but certainly good enough to weld or use at a cost savings. Have recently got 1” weld on D-ring for $7.11 delivered.
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    Sprayer Sprayer attachment

    Hard to secure a sprayer in a bucket particularly on hilly ground. Tried old tire or blocks in the bucket to support the sprayer to strap it down. A hitch carrier in a bucket mounted receiver hitch works great. Chain/chainsaw holder makes for a convenient spray wand Scabbard.
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    Loader M59 grill guard

    3x6” tubing, 1/2” plate, 1/2” quarry screen, 3/8” chain hooks and 1” D-ring. The original guard went from 38 to 108#’s. Boxing the original guard metal and bends adds strength. This is the fifth guard I have done. Have had the tractor for about 2 years. Gathering materials from the scrapyard...
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    Loader FEL loader safety prop

    Often raise the loader to better access the engine for maintenance. Cleaning radiator/screen often required during mowing season. (Radiator Genie tools are the best!) Had a redwood 4x4 that was light and strong for a prop. The M59 has a well thought out metal U-shaped cylinder prop attached to...
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    Loader M59 hood protector

    I have only seen pictures of this accessory. Heavy metal hood/nose protector that hinges to the grill guard. Unique to the M59? Useful accessory? Worth buying ($225)or fabricating? Reviews please? Had a stump root come over the grill guard into my hood a while back. Able to bend, weld and...
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    Oil & Fuel Hydraulic leak help

    Have a hydraulic leak on the right oil cooler connection on B26. Oil/dirt building up on radiator screen and around area. Looks like an external spring clip holds two metal tube fittings together. Suspect a bad O-ring between the two. This is where a parts manual would be helpful. Is this common...
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    Oil & Fuel Diesel Engine

    When I bought my first new truck, 1996 Dodge diesel, the dealer gave a year subscription to “Turbo Diesel Register”. Joined the local group of diesel heads who know a lot more than I. One meeting was at a local high end commercial/industrial diesel shop for a weekend tour. Most of the truck guys...
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    Traction Groovy tires

    Been playing around with grooving R4 tires. First tried worn M59 front tires. This helped with loader work and hilly lawn and pasture. Since replaced with high ply extra deep tread R4 Next R4 on B26. 4” of snow on my driveway would stop my old B20. These worked good in snow. Gravel will...
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    Welder upgrade

    Bought a miller 211 mig about 10 years ago and just love it compared to stick welding for 98% of what I do. On any welder the ground wire and clamp are marginally acceptable. First thing I did was to double the size (gauge), length of the cable and improve the grounding clamp. Next change from...
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    Mowing Mowing with Kubota

    We have tried many different machines to maintain our hilly, wooded property. We used a Kubota B20 and 6’ finish mowers for over 20 years. Upgraded to B26 a few years ago. Better in most all aspects. Installed 2” rear wheel spacers and ballast to help stability. The Woods RD7200 just turned 20...
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    Front-End Loader Review of chain and chainsaw carrier.

    Clearing trees is a frequent job. Homemade attachment makes carrying chain and chainsaw convenient and safe. The 5”x5” steel tubing is a nice size for a couple of chains. The threaded bar clamp is not necessary. The rubber appliance foot supports the saw body works the best to stop vibration...
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    Oil & Fuel Best spray multipurpose lubricant

    Like many have a shelve full of different brands and types of spray lubricants. While spending several weeks per year on the gulf coast beach in an airstream trailer have tried many to combat corrosion. Local Ace hardware had several brands catering to marine fleets. New to me was a product...