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    Assistance setting up the perfect hydraulic system.

    For the shute rotation I would just get a cheap knock off motor, They are in the $150 dollar range. The problem is some of them are not rated for the 1500 to 2k shaft seal like the Charlynn motors are. With a cylinder spool you may see that kind of back pressure, where a motor will not normally...
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    Assistance setting up the perfect hydraulic system.

    Deere man is spot on, if it were me the first thing I would do is get the GPM flow on the tractor. That is where I start with my customers. I use flow controls for the motor and a restrictor for the cylinder. If your shute binds up or freezes you will have scrap parts with out a adjustable...
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    What tires are on your truck?

    Most of what people drive in is hard pack or would more fit into the ice traction section of the graph. Very rarely do you drive in 1' or more fresh snow on a road unless you are breaking trail with a truck then dedicated mud/snow tire is preferred. We live in the snow belt and maybe twice a...
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    Bobcat vs. Kioti Maintenance

    IMHO, the 50 hour service is the most important. It get all the initial crud out of the systems. I do oil changes at 100 hours with whatever oil meets spec in these small tractors. Clean oil with the correct additive package is better than a boutique oil that is over hours. I have a loader with...
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    How happy are you?

    2012 DK50HST, 1500 Hours and nothing too bad to fuss about. Tractor gets used in logging and dirt work. Had bad threads on a filter head for the HST. A shutdown solenoid that I had to replace. A planetary cover plate that cracked from weight carrying constantly. So, so far 600-700 dollars in...
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    I'd just though I would throw this out here, just picked this grapple up and it is in fair to good condition. Built very heavy duty with 3/4" plate, double lids, 3.25" bore cylinders for clamps. My plan is to cut this unit down to 54" and remove one of the clamps/lids as I have never had a use...
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    Valve screwing with my head

    The best way you can do this is by having a dedicated pump circuit for the saw and the splitter. Then you can use another circuit to operate the remaining functions. You may need a 4 or 5 circuit pump. Adding a circuit to a pump is cheaper and more efficient than trying to split hydraulic flow...
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    Looking to build a skid steer boom pole

    This one is not hydraulic but I just found the next smaller tube that fits inside and use the hook bolt as a anchor for adjustability. I have not even purchased the extension tube yet. I have not needed it. This one will set trusses on a 30' wide pole barn. CJ
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    Trailer Upgrade

    I have both loaded and unloaded the 22' with supported flip down ramps with no issues. The car hauler, not a chance. CJ
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    China ST Trailer tires, I am done with them.

    Pretty much as the title says, I am done with China ST series tires. I know there is a few good ones out there, Greenball and Maxxis come to mine. But I can never find them and the LT tires I put on my dump trailer run cooler and don't squat as much as the junk ST tires. The LT are rated at less...
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    Individual ramps vs. gate?

    The last 4 flatbeds I have owned had slide in ramps and I either destroy them or have to build a set that will handle the weight. My gooseneck had slideins and the MFG said no problem with 15000lbs, HE he, ya right. Nothing left after loading the dozer. Built a set of flip ups and never looked...
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    Need help deciding on a grapple

    For myself I am having a hard time finding one in the 50" range that will open far enough for my needs. Everybody I talk to wants me to buy a 60" heavy duty one and I DO NOT want that. Almost looks like I will build one myself or have MIE build me one. Here is a few pics of the mods to my econo...
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    heavy ramps are too heavy

    Here is some pics, sorry it was early AM.
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    Grapple Which type of grapple is best suited for...

    Every time I possibly can, it will be loaded to the max and that is most of the time.
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    Grapple Which type of grapple is best suited for...

    1st and second pic you can see the added bars on the bottom to keep the wood from falling through and the walkway grating and added steel straps at the back. The 3rd pic is with the sides on [I know they are not painted but they work] The 4th pic is loaded with 2 rows of green hard maple [yea...
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    Time to remove chains [finially]

    Lets see April 16 and I will remove the chains on the tractor, just plowed 3 days ago sheesh. Winter did not want to come, now it wont go away. We still have over a foot of snow on the ground. CJ
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    Rusty, I can help you with everything but the shaker [I am sure that can't be too hard, fixed on for a local company last year]. Here is a pic of a unit that I designed last year for a system a little more complex than a processor. It will run 6 circuits at once and has 10 different circuits. CJ
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    Mckee 720 snowblower experiences

    I have found a nice looking Mckee and will use it mainly to open roads and blow banks back. Is it a good unit? durable? CJ
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    Opening Road

    Spent the better part of 5 hours opening a 2 mile road for a friend. Tractor did well considering it was mostly hardpacked/frozen ice from the rain/-15 below temp swings we have been having + being packed in by snowmobiles. The factory bucket is just next to useless in snow. I will be looking...
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    New Grapple exceeds expectations

    Funny I actually prefer the L shaped grapple for digging out trees and root systems, It allows the tines to get under the roots and break them. It also works good for lifting concrete pads. It will break them up when you get underneath them. I am good friends with the local rental company and...
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    Only front chains?

    Coyote, DO NOT get a Snoway plow with the lexan moldboard. I have broke at least 3 of them and just patched them with steel. The plow is good just a poor idea with the lexan. Included a few pics of my rear chains also. I finially figured out how to do it. [computer handicapped!] CJ
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    I also have a 10' insert out of 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" tube that I can use for a extension. This will easily pick up a 800lb 20+ft long power pole. The tractor will pick it up but will not curl it, so I have to be careful not to overload the curl,rollback cylinders. It was only about 4 hours to build...
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    Boom pole

    Before paint
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    Boom pole

    A few pics This one showes it's plenty strong.
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    Boom pole

    I will be building a boom pole on a quick change attachment for my DK50. I have a 24' 2x3 tube that I will be using. Just curious what would be a good length to cut it to. I am thinking 15' but would like some personal experiences with these CUTs as to what they will handle. May also add a...
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    Well we had our first snow, 18" of heavy wet stuff. I purchased a 8' heavy duty snow box and the Kioti handled it great. I was looking for a blower but after this weekend I don't need one. I did 4 large driveways and 1 parking lot from my old plowing accounts and it pushed very well. Most of the...
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    Snow pusher

    looks like my 8' snow pusher will be done next week sooo now I have to find a blower. looking forward to using the pusher this year!! just got to get the V-plow sold. CJ
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    Trailer with dovetail or not?

    I have been around heavy equipment for years and 1/2 of my trailers had dove and the other were straight. I am going to have Loadtrail build a trailer for me and I cannot decide. The option I am looking at is the 4" miltipurpose equipment dove assembly on a 22' trailer. Either that or a 2' with...
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    450 or 440 inner air filter

    Rumor has it the the Bobcat tractors have a inner and outer air filter. If someone could get me the inner PN# for the filter I would appreciate it. My tractor looks like it has a place for it and I would like 1 in it. CJ
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    looks like it will more than likely be a PJ 20' with a 2' dovetail, just looking for experiences with this brand. It will be hauling my DK50 at 8K lbs and a small loader at 11500 lbs. It will be outfitted to 15k rating. CJ
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    Like the title says I am going to buy a 20' trailer with 2' dovetail. Has to have fold down ramps w/springs for the rear. Looking for opinions or a good source, drive over fenders would be nice but not required. So far Loadtrail is the one I am looking at the hardest. CJ
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    50 HR service and a few observations

    Just completed my 50 hour service. I was going to save the oil for use in my woodsplitter and other misc stuff but after draining it I got my mind changed. The stuff is nasty. Very very dark almost black in a white bucket. Would need to be filtered to 3 mic or so to get most of the coloration...
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    Hose end size and threads?

    Does anyone know what connections are on the loader hose ends? I pulled 1 off last night and the look like BSPP but I did not have time to measure it up. CJ
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    2 Wildkat econo's on the way

    Just like the title says 2 of them on the way, 1 for a customer, 1 for myself. I also have the hydraulics for both tractors. I am going to use mine then mod it as needed. I wanted a 66" but with the flex on these small loaders it makes me nervous, so the 48" it is. CJ
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    6'Gannon box with roller selection? HELP

    I am going to look at a 6" box with a selectable blade? you are supposed to be able to select betweem scafier [sp] std blade and a scoop. These are all on a roller so you can change it out on the unit. Does any body know if this is a good unit? And what it is worth. I am going in 2 hours, just...
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    New tractor on Saturday

    The DK50 finially will be here on Saturday! The 50's seem to be in demand had to wait for it to come across the pond. Big thanks to Bob at M.I.E. So far he has gone out of his way for me and I have not even got the tractor. Saved me a bunch of $$$ also. :thumbsup: CJ
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    I have read enough posts both positive and negative about a snow box for these CUTS. Why do some feel these units can't push one. I see them on skid steers all the time and in my personal experience a skid steer is just about useless in snow. My best estimate is the tractor will weigh in at 7K...
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    NEW 50HST

    I am awaiting delivery of my new tractor, [a little impatiently I might add] so I figured I would ask a few questions. I have been around heavy equipment most of my life and this is my first compact. I went with Kioti because of the specs and value for the dollar. How does the FEL perform? Can I...
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    Now don't beat me up too bad, I am new to the compact tractor thing and I never thought I would own one but here I am. I have ran and worked on and built heavy equipment all my life so it was hard to talk myself out of buying a full sized loader but the reports on these smaller machines and what...