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    4550 maintenance

    I did my 50 hour service last summer and the tractor is close to the 100 hour mark. Looking at the owners manual, and it reads the next major check up is the 400 hour mark. How often do you guys change motor oil and hydraulic oil ? 400 hours seems extreme.
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    Sometimes this all gets confusing

    Went and looked at some tractors today . Want to buy one with a loader and a 60 inch deck. Stopped by my Mahindra dealer and he quoted me $17,000 for a Max 24 HST. Also looked at a eMax22 Hst for $ 15,000. Since I shop a lot before buying I looked at a Kubota 2380 with loader and a 60 inch...
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    450 Mahindra.

    I know this is a dumb question but here goes. I have an outdoor woodburner and decided to empty the firebox and ash tray. Got the 4550 out to put the ashes in the FEL and noticed the hour glass flashing in the speedometer panel. I only have 28 hours on this but I never noticed it flashing...
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    Mahindra 4550 temp gauge

    Well took delivery of my new Mahindra but the temp gauge is barely moving. wondered where the sending unit is on the engine. Trying to check the little things before I call the dealer.
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    Trading my New Holland in for a Mahindra.

    Looking at a new 4540 Mahindra with Fel. Thinking of trading my New Holland TC-30 in. Wondered if anyone here has a 4540 and if they were happy with it.
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    1120 D Kubota side X side

    I have 50 hours on my Kubota and stopped at the dealers for filters and oil. According to the owners manual at 50 hours you should change engine oil and filter. Service man told me to change the filters only on the engine Transmission and Hydraulic and top them off. Said you don't need to...
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    Kubota 1120 RTV

    I just bought a Kubota 1120, will be delivered next Tuesday. Just wondered if anyone on here has one and if they like it. I was looking at 855 J.D. Gators but for less money I feel like I got a lot more machine.
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    3 Pt. Backhoe

    Does anyone on here have a New Holland T C 30 with a 3 Pt backhoe? Just wondered if it works well for you.
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    Liberty Implements

    I have just purchased a 3 pt backhoe from Liberty Implements. They assure me that all I need to do is hook it up and start digging. From what I have read on here maybe I will need a sub frame on the tractor. Liberty tells me no. Any advice?
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    New Holland T-C 30 owner

    Hello all, stumbled onto this site by accident. This looks like some good info on here!