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    Not Charging

    Looking at the above pictures, that looks to me to be an alternator, not a dynamo. I do not know this set up, but, if it was mine I would set my volt meter to AC, then put the positive lead to one of the two output wires and the other to earth [ground]. Take a reading and then check the other...
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    Crazy idea?

    A lot of power steering motors today are electric. Maybe easier to fit.
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    JD D140 part ID please

    The main use is to stop you burning yourself on the hot exhaust.
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    Iseki TX2160 K3A Engine starting issues

    As a wild guess, it seems as the starter motor is not spinning it over fast enough.
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    A new Texas delicacy

    As someone said before, when we used to kill a pig on the farm for the family, Everything was used except the `pigs squeal`. Then, many years ago, I was passing a farm and the guy had `Pigs Squeal` for sale. I couldn't resist so I stopped and bought some. It turned out to be home made...
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    Question about cylinder head on first gen toolcat with Kubota V2203

    If you get the head off, clean it, and find a good bit of glass, get it on a flat surface, put some ink on it, gently lay the head on and move it about and you might see if it has any distortion or low spots.
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    Need help finding compression TDC to adjust valves on kubota D1105.

    When the exhaust goes down, then come up, as soon as it up all the way the inlet immediately starts to open. I've always been taught `the valves are on the rock`. So if you turn an engine over slowly, you will see number one valves go on the `rock`. Number one is the front of the engine...
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    What works against rodents

    We used to have a big old she cat that walked around the farm. She was half wild, put your hand down and she'd have all your skin off before you realized you'd made a mistake. Our farm dogs wouldn't go anywhere near her and my mother would sooner stop in the house if she see her. If the cat had...
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    Need help finding compression TDC to adjust valves on kubota D1105.

    Ahhh. it seems its a 3 cylinder. So, hold down the rocker arms on number one cylinder. Turn the engine so one arm [the exhaust] goes down. It will go down then come up. When it gets to the top, the inlet will immediately start to go down. STOP. mark where the crank is, turn it exactly one full...
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    Throttle won't stay open

    My understanding has always been that. Here in England, a jerry can be, first a large pot that was kept under the bed, so if you `had to go in the night`, it was `handy`. This is when the `loo` was down the bottom of the garden, and the `posh` name for jerry was `a chamber pot`, Now secondly `A...
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    Interesting Clutch Problem

    I don't know your tractor, but if it helps, my dad had a couple of tractors `David Browns`, that had a standard foot clutch and a hand clutch along side of the drivers seat. The hand clutch lever did exactly the same as the foot clutch, but if you was not in gear, and wanted to stop something...
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    Need help finding compression TDC to adjust valves on kubota D1105.

    Forget `all the valves`, just hold down the two back [No' 4 cylinder]. Turn the engine over the right way. You'll feel the last one go down, then come up, when it gets to the top, the next valve along will start to drop. STOP. you've just past `top dead centre` on number one cylinder.
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    Need help finding compression TDC to adjust valves on kubota D1105.

    Like jaydee above said but a slight variation, put in the last two push rods, number 4 cyl. , turn the engine and the rear rod will lift, turn slowly, it will go down but as soon as it gets to the bottom, the .next rod will start to lift. Stop. As soon as that rod starts to lift, you have just...
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    Smoking farmall a

    If you run it with the oil filler cap off, and a `lot` of gasses come out, it'll give you an idea of how much is going past the rings.
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    Front tire goes flat with tube

    I had the same problem once, turned out to be one of those Chinese tubes that had the tinyiest of leaks on what looked like a molding join. New tube, no more problem.
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    Deck replacement

    I've got a small jetty `dock` on the river in front of my house, and have just rebuilt it using recycled `plastic`. The boards and posts come in different sizes, in black or brown and are a sort of melted plastic reinforced with a aluminum wool. They work out about twice the price of timber, but...
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    Failed attempt to smooth property, how to correct?

    I'm not an expert, but I would think a rigid lightweight harrow that was big enough to go from one high point to the next, would move a little bit of soil every time it passes. A small one behind the mover, and eventually it might get slightly smoother every cut.
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    Failed attempt to smooth property, how to correct?

    To me it seems the problem is that you want soil off the high bits and moving to the lower bits. A heavy flat roll to some extent would do this, but will compress the tops of the high bits and make them harder than the low bits that the roll does not touch. Perhaps a fine, large area, rigid...
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    Advice needed with JD 2240 rear rim replacement

    Emmm. New nuts and bolts, now where's that angle grinder with the cutting disc.
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    General Maintenance Question

    The engine in a MF 135,is only a smallish engine and can be man handled without hoists, although not all together a light weight. Firstly though, these engines were built to last, and I would advise, `don`t fix it unless it's broken' Also back in the 1960s when these tractors first come out...
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    Economical means for treating wooden fence posts

    My understanding is that a `pressure' treatment plant works by, The timber is put in an air tight container, The container is filled with the treatment liquid. A vacuum is applied to the tank. A short time is allowed, then the pressure is released. Another time limit is allowed. The liquid is...
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    Farm Tractor won't start

    If you have those cable ends that have two bolts that tighten onto the cable, it's a good idea to put a bit of metal between the bolt ends and the cable instead of just screwing down onto the cable ends. On my boats, I always used to cut some copper from copper water pipe, and let the screws...
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    Farm Tractor won't start

    It sounds like a dud battery. The simple test would be, is to get another battery from somewhere, and try to crank. If it goes, then it's simply a dud battery, irrespective if its a new one. If the symptoms' are the same, then it's time to do more research.
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    No steering joint boot available.

    I`ve just looked on Ebay on this side of the pond, and there quite a few `universal track rod end rubber boots``..
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    No steering joint boot available.

    I`ve seen cut off concertina boots made for steering rack and pinions used on occasions when replacement boots were not available.
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    No steering joint boot available.

    Would `self amalgamating` tape over the bad boot hold, until new ones are available.
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    Newer style Victor mouse traps.

    The mice and rats around here seem to like chocolate as best bait.
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    It`s rare to have an alternator completely give up, usually one of the smaller components give up and are easily replaced or cheaply by a auto electrician. You say no warning light. it might be worth checking the lamp/bulb, if it gives up it would effect the charge and maybe the rev counter...
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    1987 MF 375 not charging batteries

    There are two `types` of tach. Usually the older types are run by a cable that spins like the old speedo`s. More modern types are driven by a small electric pulse. To get this pulse, sometimes a magnet is put on a crank pully and this spins past a fixed coil that sends a pulse every time it...
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    Diesel Running Backwards

    Years ago we had a lad with a three cylinder two stroke Saab. He sat at the traffic lights and the engine sounded strange, and when the lights changed he slammed into the car behind him.
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    1987 MF 375 not charging batteries

    When you get it charging, you`ve still got the problem of why a fuse blew, and the tacho not working. Good luck with that one. Unless something metal might have touched that single wire on the alternator when it was running. It might be an idea to put a bit of insulation tape or self...
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    1987 MF 375 not charging batteries

    It needs to be 12v, and only small. An interior light bulb from a car should do the job. You might need the key on if it opens any fuel valves.
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    1987 MF 375 not charging batteries

    You could run a wire from the battery to the single terminal, but it should have a small torch size bulb in the middle somewhere. The resistance of the bulb will tell the alternator to keep charging. Disconnect the wire at the end of the day or it will run the battery down.
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    Twine bunching up on my knotters

    I`ve no idea, but the twine has a twist, so what about taking the twine off and feed the lead out of the opposite end of the ball of twine. One way the twine will slightly twist tighter, whilst coming out the other end it will come out with less twist.
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    3-Point Hitch 3pt hitch arm extension

    Many years ago I see some draught arms that were in two parts with holes drilled at equal lengths along each part. The farmer would undo a couple of nuts and bolts, select what length he wanted and find two suitable holes to put the bolts back in. But as I said at the start, I`ve not seen any...
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    Mounting side mirrors?

    How about using some 2 part epoxy to fix some bits of wood to the arms, then screw the mirrors to the wood. If something does go wrong, the manufacturer will not have an excuse.
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    1987 MF 375 not charging batteries

    Here`s a simple drawing
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    In theory you should be able to pump water over an indefinite distance. But frictional loss and change of height stop this. Frictional loss is caused by many things but primarily the internal condition of the hose/pipe is the biggest drag. Loss is increased proportional to the speed of the water...
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    1987 MF 375 not charging batteries

    Test the wire, you need your battery voltage there when you turn on the key. This wire `tells` the alternator when the battery is full.
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    1987 MF 375 not charging batteries

    Mind you don`t ground that wire when the key is on, or it will blow a fuse.
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    1987 MF 375 not charging batteries

    With that single wire off, is there a full 12v or what every your battery is at, ``at the wire`, when the key is on, and zero when the key is off.
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    1987 MF 375 not charging batteries

    It`s difficult to answer your problem not being there, but I would start by taking the single wire off, and with a volt meter or bulb, check that when you turn the key on you get the battery power there, and it goes to zero when you turn off the key. You say the tacho stopped a few days ago, so...
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    OK, so sorry about the metric but its what we talk a bit this side of the `pond`. You say the pump will do 90ft head, well that`s about 27 metres so 2.7 bar or about 40 psi. At that pressure it would do your 500 ft, although you would loose a fair bit of pressure as you say due to frictional...
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    Looking for some rear ballast ideas

    A guy near me looks as if he made his own. It looks as if he`s got a 45 gallon barrel, cut one end off, and got a bar through the middle, then filled it up with concrete to the width of his draught arms. He just backs up to what looks like a flat roll, slips on the arms and lift. I`ve no idea...
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    Anyone build their own small no till seed drill?

    I`ve not actually built a drill, but I was at one time the outside service engineer of a factory that made 3D Direct Drills, that I used to go out to service and repair. Ours were big things for farmers and contractors but were basically....A large V shape hopper, Ours had two one in front of...
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    Starting problem on MF231

    After having a think, you show you`ve a MF 231, I think this has a P3152 engine. Perkins 3 cylinder 152 cu inch. Many of these engines were fitted with a Lucas pre engage starter. If yours is this starter, then sometimes they can be serviced with a few basic tools. Sometimes the solenoid on...
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    Starting problem on MF231

    Sounds like the starter solenoid is sticking, or a bad connection. To test for a bad connection, you could try turning the key and holding it in start. Look for signs of a connection getting hot, but be careful they can get really hot. If there`s no heat it could be the switch, but I`d be having...
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    This press cutting has just come up on another page
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    Removing rocks from soil.

    My old grandad used to say `Never plough more than you intend to farm` So, what crops are you intending, and would simply just clearing the biggest rocks, getting some top soil from some where else, and remember not to plough too deep, be the answer.
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    Need help setting valves??

    When the exhaust has just closed and the inlet is just about to open, you set the valves on the opposite cylinder. If you look it will be at TDC on the flywheel mark. After that if you turn the crank one complete turn, the other valves will be `on the rock`, and the timing mark will again be on...