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  1. Localmotion

    Kioti DK551C - Good or not & what to look out for..?

    I am going to view a used 2008, 900hrs Kioti DK551C with FEL tomorrow and would like some pointers of what to look out for - common faults, wear points etc... The tractor appears to be priced too cheap, but I do know of the owner (a competitor) and know he is getting out of contracting because...
  2. Localmotion

    Global Milk Price - is it affecting you?

    Although now living in Spain, I originate from the UK where I had a dairy farm milking 400 NZ Jersey x British Friesian cows. During my time milking there were some very tough times where the price we received did not cover the cost of production for long periods - and while this was not my main...
  3. Localmotion

    Jinma / Siromer 244E Hydraulic Failure - ideas please...!

    Had a call this morning from my neighbor - I normally service and do any repairs for him in exchange for borrowing his tractor if we need an extra one for our contracting business. My problem is that I am currently working away and don't get home until late - so any ideas or experience on...
  4. Localmotion

    New Holland 366 Baler

    I'm hoping some one can help me quickly.... I've got to ship a NH366 small baler from UK to Spain - but cannot find the dimensions / weights anywhere to get a quote. I can't access to the baler for a few days so can't measure it myself. Does anyone know (or know where i can find) the...
  5. Localmotion

    New Holland 366 Baler Specifications Needed Pls!

    I'm hoping some one can help me quickly....:confused2: I've got to ship a NH366 small baler from UK to Spain - but cannot find the dimensions / weights anywhere to get a quote. I can't access to the baler for a few days so can't measure it myself. Does anyone know (or know where i can find)...
  6. Localmotion

    Feeding Round Bale Alfalfa Silage

    Hola all ! Just wanting some suggestions / ideas from anyone who has experience feeding round bale silage. I have plenty of experience making and feeding both clamp and baled silages in the past - but since my true farming days are behind me, I have a new problem as rather than feeding several...
  7. Localmotion

    Customised Bonnet Figure

    Thought you might like to see my new bonnet mascot on my Fiat New Holland 50-86vi... :D
  8. Localmotion

    How To Build A Traditional Hay Stack?

    As the title says - looking for tips from those who have experience of building a proper loose hay stack... I have plenty of experience of baling when I was in the UK, but around here balers are few and far between and contractors charge heavily!. Often when we clear plots of land there is...
  9. Localmotion

    Help! My engine's running backwards...

    I'm hoping someone here more mechanically minded than myself might be able to help / advise me... :confused: First I apologise that this is not a machinery question, but instead relates to my 14 year old Petrol Mitsubishi Carrisma - in my experience the quality of mechanical advice is far...
  10. Localmotion

    Where Are You On Google Earth?

    One of the things I love about TBN is interacting with people from all over the world, living in different climates, dealing with different terrain and especially (when posters include photos) seeing the different landscapes... So I got thinking - wouldn't it be great to be able to take a...
  11. Localmotion

    New Quadtrac World Record

    Just thought this article may be of some interest: Farmers set Quadtrac Guinness World Record - 7/30/2012 - Farmers Weekly Also a short video of the event:
  12. Localmotion

    Back Hoe -vs- Excavator... Which do you prefer?

    I stumbled across this video on YouTube - obviously a PR stunt for Neuson, but quite interesting all the same... I will fly my flag for an excavator when it comes to "digging" everytime, although I must conseed that there are times when a backhoe is much better simply because of its...
  13. Localmotion

    Home Made Tree Planter

    Really need some good advice / ideas on this one please... :confused: We have a job coming this winter which will involve the planting of about 500 Olive & Almond trees, probably with rootballs of c.30cm. While we could plant by hand, or scrape individual holes with the excavator, I think it...
  14. Localmotion

    Buying Advice CAT 302.5 Excavator Review...

    I've been offered a CAT 302.5 mini excavator by a friend who is packing up. The price is great (no quibble there), but having used the machine a couple of times long ago, my impression of it wasn't as good as our existing Case CK28 (even though the case is much older and worn). Has anybody has...
  15. Localmotion

    Siromer & Case Working Hard

    I have had problems uploading my vids, but wanted to share this one of our Siromer 204S and Case CK28 excavator grading and filling an old water deposit in Spain Enjoy... :thumbsup: Grading Land & Infilling Old Swimming Pool / del relleno Piscina Antiguo con machina - YouTube
  16. Localmotion

    Youtube Videos Problem

    Recently I tried to upload some of our videos hosted on Youtube onto TBN. I used the "Add from youtube" button and the video's appear to have been addedl, but will not play. For an example see: Siromer 204s Ploughing - Tractor Videos - Kubota, John Deere, New Holland and More. The description...
  17. Localmotion

    Loader Jinma 204 FEL Bypass Valve

    Hi All Really hoping someone may be able to help here, as despite being a Siromer (Jinma) dealer here in Spain, we have hit on a major "supply" issue for a part we need.... We operate a 2007 Siromer 204 (same as a Jinma 204) fitted with a 2008 Jinma FEL. Above the joystick control on the spool...
  18. Localmotion

    What Grass For Hot Cliamte?

    Hey All, Here's a question for anyone keeping livestock in a hot climate....:cool: As many of you know we live in Spain. We have just aquired a couple of donkeys and (along with our other livestock) I want to establish some paddocks with grazing. If I was back in the UK I'd know exactly what...
  19. Localmotion

    Briggs & Stratton Leaking Oil

    Just had a customer call (11:30pm on a Sunday!) - he has a small ride on lawn mower powered by a vertical shaft Briggs & Stratton Engine... He was mowing his lawn this evening, and noticed a trail of oil following him - luckily he had the sence to stop the engine immediately and look for the...
  20. Localmotion

    How to stop a pond from going green?

    Following my thread about how to line a pond ( I now need some advice on managing the water quality... The pond is going to be approx. 50m x 20m, with a maximum depth of 3m. As we are in Southern Spain, the heat here is...
  21. Localmotion

    Check Your Ramps!

    I'm sure my fellow TBN don't need reminding about safety, but thought it wise to share my little mis-hap that happend today... We move all our machinery using a 7.5 tonne lorry - however to save on operating a second vehicle ours is fitted with a tipping body. While not a problem for our...
  22. Localmotion

    Now that's what I call a Grader!

    Take a look at this: YouTube - PTH-Grader Zusammenschnitt That's what I call a tractor mounted grader - and some extreem grading at that!!! :laughing:
  23. Localmotion

    Best way to line a pond?

    Hi all - need some advice about building a pond please.... We are looking to construct a small pond about 50 metres by 16 metres (164' x 53'). The land here is light clay topsoil, but only to a depth of about 2' afterwards it turns into sand / light stone before getting to marble at a depth of...
  24. Localmotion

    What Royal Wedding Gift?

    Next Friday will see the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey, London. Those familiar with the Royal Family will know that William's father Prince Charles is a very keen organic farmer. As such Charles will give part of his Duchy of Cornwall estate...
  25. Localmotion

    Fiat New Holland Wiring Diagram

    Hi All. I'm after a wiring diagram for a Fiat / NH 50-86. Can anyone help please? :thumbsup: Ian.
  26. Localmotion

    What's your operating costs?

    Hi all :) Just a bit of general interest chit chat... Given the different regions of the world we all live in, I'd be interested to know the differeces in input costs of operating our machines...! Where I am (Spain), I just paid 1.03€ per litre (approx $6.75 per gallon) for a can of red...
  27. Localmotion

    Problem Splitting Fiat 50-86

    Hi All... I have a Fiat / New Holland 50-86 vi tractor. In recent months it has been getting difficult to change gear, and now the clutch is slipping. Today I have tried splitting the tractor but run into difficulty - having disconnected all hydraulic lines and wires / cables which connect the...
  28. Localmotion

    Oil & Fuel Fiat 50-86 v/i Hydraulic Filler

    Hi All... hope you are ready for a daft question?! :confused: I have a Fiat / New-Holland 50-86 vi vine tractor. Despite several hours of looking, I cannot find the hydraulic filler? Does anybody know where it is located on this model? Maybe I am having a blonde moment, but can't seem to...
  29. Localmotion

    Case CK-28 Excavator

    Hi - Info needed please! I have a Case CK-28 excavator, but can find no literature for it anywhere! Does anybody know where I can get a workshop manual (either hard copy or download)? Also any other info would be greatly appreciated. :confused: