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  1. LittleBill21

    Now able to move tractor from backhoe position. Push Button, 3D Parts, Should have come from the factory this way.

    Some of you may remember my complaining about not being able to move the tractor with the seat reversed, while using the backhoe. I thought this was crazy, as who just sits in one place and digs (guess I need to dig ditches). After trying a stick for about an hour i said screw it and designed...
  2. LittleBill21

    Wiring Diagram Max26

    anyone have one of these, looking to see if the accessory wire is tied up somewhere on the tractor.
  3. LittleBill21

    Another 3D printed part to the rescue.

    Got to be honest, getting slightly annoyed with the design of stuff, my mahindra has to loop back the lines for the 3pt/hydro to work with the backhoe off. this loop would just hang, and rub on the pto guard, enough to where its starting to mark the QC. Made this, pretty happy with it, nothing...
  4. LittleBill21

    Sick of Paying Tractor Part Prices.... Make Your Own....(3D Printed)

    I bought a 3d printer out of interest, and for a specific project. Coming to find out I have a million uses for this thing. All of my dust covers were ripped or removed from my mahindra backhoe /3pt. and they are ALL different sizes, plus some of them appear to be like 13-14 bucks a piece for...
  5. LittleBill21

    air filter max26 appears to still be letting dirt in

    I am going to ask a huge favor, do you have the air filter housing where there is a screw in the middle instead of a latch on both sides? if you do would you be willing to open it up and take pictures of both side of where the filter compresses in the housing (the clean side). I bought this...
  6. LittleBill21

    max 26, cruise control not holding.

    my cruise control lock for my hst will not hold my tractor pedal down all the way to the floor, it slowly lets it backup to about 3/4 pedal, which unfortunately is not fast enough for some of the work I do. does anyone know if there is an adjustment?
  7. LittleBill21

    I thought curl was suppose to be stronger then lift?

    so I have been using a set of pallet forks (Bolt On) on my mahindra, what I find interesting, is that curl is weaker then lift, all the video i have watched the curl is suppose to be stronger, yet when picking up my land plane and some tree's i am apparently over the curl limit, but not over the...
  8. LittleBill21

    Mahindra 60" belly mower

    does anyone have one of these, do you have the manual? looking for service and oil type.
  9. LittleBill21

    I apparently don't understand oil weights

    Some one please explain to me how this chart works. why is 5w-30 only rated to 50f, but 10w-30 is rated to 80, yet 10w-40 is only good to to 80f, yet 15w-40 is good to 100? I thought the last number was its "hot temperature" so shouldn't 40w be the same regardless of the cold W number?
  10. LittleBill21

    I don't know how to bend steel.

    so this is a brush guard for my tractor, it was hit at some point. i am struggling how to bend this back into place, without cutting it out of the brush bar and getting it on a flat surface and hammering/pressing it straight. any idea's before i get the torch out?
  11. LittleBill21

    I'm a Believer... No Not the Song... R4 Tire Grooving

    First go around since I grooved the tires, big big difference, I don't know if the snow was different, it was definitely heavier, but significantly less trouble this time, almost 0 spinning and hills i needed diff lock and had to spin my way up, i went in reverse (no diff lock at all). To those...
  12. LittleBill21

    Guys.... Why the heck did I waste money buying a metal snow plow?

    Guys I think the dealers are pulling the wool over our eyes.... the link below shows why metal snow plows are a waste of money. apparently these come in multiple sizes, this is a 50 inch model Snow Plowing JD with TV Box on a serious note, I hope everyone who is there is doing the best they can.
  13. LittleBill21

    Well I'm prolly ******.... Air Filter leak?

    Bought it 2 weeks ago used from a dealer out of state, runs fine, how long I have 0 clue. I can't even in good conscience sell it to someone else. was the wrong filters used at some point? it appears the filter was changed as the new one (which looked slightly used) looks identical.
  14. LittleBill21

    max 26 maximum rpm

    I am curious what the max rpm you can achieve on this unit. full throttle for me is just a hair over the mid pto line, so maybe 2600? I am just curious as i do plan to mow, but thought it would have a bit more buffer.
  15. LittleBill21

    Debris Forks Vs Piranha Bar

    Hello, Picked up a loader and backhoe, i have a lot of blown over trees and tree work i need to do, i was planning to get a piranha bar, then learned about debris Forks which seems to be a much better option, I don't own enough land for a grapple. that said does anyone own both? i have a...
  16. LittleBill21

    mower won't drop with 3pt control

    I am new to this, will the mower deck move with the backhoe on? its not moving at all, hst fluid is also low, but tractor moves. new to my used machine and getting a bit nervous max 26xl I don't know if related, but my tractor does not go up a big hill in HI with the load and hoe on, it...
  17. LittleBill21

    Just Bought a 26xl

    Spent 2 years looking, asked prolly 900 questions here. bought one today, wasn't even planning on it, nor was i even looking. that said it comes monday its a 15 330 hours, i don't believe any fluids have been changed, i will need to figure out what has been changed, whats the oem hst filter...
  18. LittleBill21

    woods backhoe on a max26xl

    what are people's opinion of adding a woods backhoe to a machine? a dealer quoted one on a brand new max26xl, its a subframe mount quick connect with dedicated seat are there any pro's/ con's to the factory unit?
  19. LittleBill21

    I want to buy your tractor... what will you accept

    so you have a tractor for sell. outside of cash, what would you take that would make you comfortable for a person to pay you the day he takes the tractor. personal check? cashier check? wire transfer? paypal? it seems private people have been ruined by scammers, business have 0 issue with...
  20. LittleBill21

    Confusion on models, a 26xl has a stronger backhoe then a 3016?

    guys im confused Mahindra 316 tractor information Mahindra Max 26XL tractor information first question is why are the tractors almost the same price, more importantly how does the backhoe have more dipperstick force on the 26xl when the 3016 is substantially...
  21. LittleBill21

    Has haggling died?

    in the past couple years, im noticing a trend with used stuff, where the seller refuses to budge even a dollar, I bought a van over 21k used, that the sales guy even said they couldn't move for 2 years, yet only after showing up and walking out door, got 200 dollars off. I am now actively...
  22. LittleBill21

    Hauling Costs

    I'm trying to get numbers on shipping a tractor, i've been told 1.5-2.0 a mile, is that round trip or one way? do they charge for the return empty generally? I'm using Uship, are there better options?
  23. LittleBill21

    emax 25 whine normal?

    guys what do you think of the whine at 43 seconds? do they get louder if they have been running longer or heat up? i have no idea how long the machine was running in this first video YouTube sounds a bit different then this one Comparisons between the Mahindra Emax 25 HST and the Max 26xl...
  24. LittleBill21

    help a guy out what do we think on the price of this? what would be a ball park cost to get it trailered home 200 miles? first larger tractor anything to be aware of on these models? what would i expect to pay...
  25. LittleBill21

    WoolWax aka FluidFlim, best price?

    Hey guys need another gallon of the new woolwax (fluidfilm) last time i bought it with the undercoating gun from kellys, does anyone know the cheapest place to just buy the gallon?
  26. LittleBill21

    PowerArc 160 scratch start tig setup

    i got a PowerArc 160 from mark on here a while back. im looking for a scratch start kit to see if i like tig. i know i need a tank for it, but will this work? anyone know what dinse size it uses? Convert your stick to tig! this is about the cheapest i have seen it, anyone know of a better price?
  27. LittleBill21

    Pump water above ground without freezing

    so i have a couple projects where i need to run a sump pump out to a yard, and dump the water above ground. my issue is figuring out how to deal with the pipe that goes from below frost level to above ground to get rid of the water. there is no way to drain to a lower area, has to just be pumped...
  28. LittleBill21

    Unexpected generator run time

    got an odd call from my cousin who lives in the city, asking if i had a generator (i have several). i said yes then asked why, he tells me there was some kind of administrative discrepancy at the power company and another house with the same street name (in another city) had a past electrical...
  29. LittleBill21

    weld rusty metal

    weld rusty metal i have just learned about 6010/6011 and its ability to weld rusty metal without cleaning, is this possible on MIG? sometimes i do exhaust work and grinding cleaning is not allways possible, would i be able to turn down the power arc 160 thats being sold in the other thread...
  30. LittleBill21

    Synthetic oil worth it? 18k hour yamaha generator says no.

    I know this is going to start a war, figured I post it anyway link is below for a EF2000iS using Pennzoil Conventional 10W40 Motor Oil that has run 18,000 hours. Actually he has multiples over 10k in hours. Yamaha EF2000iS Portable Generator: Product Review | Ghost32Writer I never thought a...
  31. LittleBill21

    WEN Inverter Generator 1600/2000w Yamaha Clone engine 389+Tax+5 dollar ship

    this was linked on another site to me, figure i would pass it on. i did end up buying one, reviews seem very solid! Woot: Daily Deals for Electronics, Computers, Home, Tools, Garden, Sport, Accessories, Kids, Shirt, Wine, & more review on amazon WEN 56200i, 1600 Running Watts/2000...