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  1. TractorGuy

    Rant on shipping

    I've never had so many packages get lost and mis directed. Actually I don't think I've ever had any packages lost and mis directed until this year. And the person that came up with "SMART POST" should NEVER work in shipping logistics. I had one last week with a UPS tracking number that got...
  2. TractorGuy

    Counterweight build

    Looks good! Since we all have some advice that might be needed: You might want to weld the top to the square tube. That much weight has a lot of stress on the top link connection. I built a frame and used 2 inch 1/4 wall tube at the top link. Mine weights in right around 1200 lbs. It bent the...
  3. TractorGuy

    Smoothing a Field of Grass

    I agree but I checked his other posts and he seemed to be on topic without repeating the fake grass plug.
  4. TractorGuy

    Acetylene regulator issues

    I've not had any trouble with my cheap regulators. To avoid damaging ANY regulator you need to close the tank valve, bleed the pressure off, then back the regulator off after use. Always open the tank valve very slow sos not to blast the regulator with high pressure. Then set the regulated...
  5. TractorGuy

    to those with a 6.2l gas ford super duty

    My SOHC 4.6 engines have been absolute mules. My 99 Mustang has 119,000 on it with probably 30,000 of those being track miles. My F150 has towed a car trailer with my mustang all over the SE and has 190,000 on the clock. NO internal engine troubles with either so far.
  6. TractorGuy

    Smoothing a Field of Grass

    That Artificial Grass stuff looks fakey as all getout!!! I bought a tiller to work the land over and built a homemade drag to smooth it out. Grass seems to just pop up natural without planting on my land so I guess I'm lucky. Mowing is much smoother since this thread originated.
  7. TractorGuy

    to those with a 6.2l gas ford super duty

    I would disconnect pipes at the engine, deflect air flow, and try back blowing with a leaf blower. Crap coming in from the engine side has no chance of clearing through the honeycomb of a catalytic converter. Restricted converters will likely overheat the new engine quickly.
  8. TractorGuy

    Deere 955 Parts

    joecdeere is an extremely valuable TBN member!!! Especially for us Deere owners.
  9. TractorGuy

    to those with a 6.2l gas ford super duty

    I considered buying one of these with a tapping noise. It would have been a steal if it could be fixed with valve springs. I couldn't get past the cost of the gamble if I lost. I had a low mileage 2003 Z06 Corvette that reportedly had valve spring issues. I didn't read about it until a few days...
  10. TractorGuy

    Bad day brush hogging... need FEL advice

    Sounds like it might pulled the piston bolt if the rod moves with the cylinder retracted. Try extending both all the way out and see if there is any movement in the rods. You may have to pull them apart to see exactly what is going on there. I would check other areas 3 times before I condemned...
  11. TractorGuy

    Need help with metal buildings

    I had a Carolina Carports barn built last year and was very satisfied. I think you would have to have a separate contractor for the foundation and any inside wiring. They will erect the building, install windows, doors, and insulation. They have pdf download price brochures. You have to start...
  12. TractorGuy

    Thoughts on primeweld cut 60 plasma cutter

    I bought a Colossal Tech CUT50 with pilot arc in March of 2019. I haven't used it a lot but it works fine for my needs when I do.
  13. TractorGuy

    Hydraulic 3-point leveler

    If you use it enough to warrant I guess the hydraulic version would be a great add on. If like me you DON'T use the leveling feature much then freeing up and lubing the existing link makes it more usable. If yours still moves you are ahead of the game. Mine was frozen so it took and hour or so...
  14. TractorGuy

    Anyone Have an Iphone 11 PRO?

    Not sure what models my daughter has has but she usually upgrades to the latest every year. She got fed up with the iphone and went back to android this year.
  15. TractorGuy

    Thread Sealing Tape?

    For fuel or oil application on pipe threads I use a dab of Permatex Aviation Form A Gasket.
  16. TractorGuy


    You might can just put a coil in the hoses and zip tie them. Won't look as neat but probably keep from tearing them off. If you are lacking in lift you might be able to upgrade to some 2 inch bore generic cylinders. You would have to bush the ends and possibly need different hoses. Be sure to...
  17. TractorGuy

    Cordless Tools vs. Other Options

    Upgrade to 20v. You can get an adapter for the 18v tools. I even bought an adapter to use my Dewalt 20v batteries on my Craftsman 19.2v tools. Chunk the old nicad batteries.
  18. TractorGuy


    Looks pretty good except for the hoses almost dragging the ground. How much lift capacity do you have left? The 70A didn't have a lot to start with.
  19. TractorGuy

    Looking for a JD to replace my Craftsman

    The main thing I will add to the conversation is to beware of the deep 54 inch decks. I was given one that I adapted to my F725 and cut quality is crap. I have set tire pressure and blade levels to the book and for some unknown reason it leaves an uncut strip. To get a clean cut I have to...
  20. TractorGuy

    Landscape rake tine quality

    I have a un branded rake I bought from Agri Supply. I have torn up and rebuilt the frame twice. Mostly due to my abusive use. Never broke a tine. They get bent out of shape every now and then but I can bend them back by hand.
  21. TractorGuy

    Towing a CUT with a nissan titan

    If the trailer is new retorque the wheel lugs every 50-75 miles until they no longer take torque.
  22. TractorGuy

    Anyone having issues with delivery on metal carports?

    Delivery on metal anything is a problem nowadays. I got lucky on my timing for a metal building. I bought early in 2020 and had it completed in 6 weeks. Tried to buy a new garage door this year and got nothing but run around. Gave up and fixed my existing door.
  23. TractorGuy

    Towing a CUT with a nissan titan

    You may have to put the loader back on or back the tractor on to get the tongue weight correct. Look up 4 to 1 scale for measuring tongue weight.
  24. TractorGuy

    Top link off center?

    Aren't you going to a lower input speed? Just asking. Does your tractor have a two speed rear PTO?
  25. TractorGuy

    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    Belts are good 5L size. The design is very simple. It has two identical belts. Each one goes around the drive pulley, center pulley, and one side pulley. Both are tensioned by adjusting the gearbox in relation to the center double pulley. I check them pretty much every time I mow and they...
  26. TractorGuy

    F-150 dying question...

    If it's old enough to have a distributor I would throw a cap and rotor at it. Have seen the distributor rotors open when they are hot.
  27. TractorGuy

    F-150 dying question...

    Without knowing the year you are pissing in the wind looking for answers.
  28. TractorGuy

    Breaking up very hard dirt clods.

    Get some tiger teeth for the backhoe bucket. I put the single point type on mine. Come straight down on the clumps and they don't stand a chance.
  29. TractorGuy

    Burning Wood at Night.

    Round here a permit is required for any pile over 8ft in diameter. Must light after 9 am and be totally out before dusk. I gave up trying to comply and keep my piles below the size requiring a permit. Doesn't change the rules but so far they haven't bothered to come put one out on me.
  30. TractorGuy

    Insurance is strange!?!

    Get ready for the next communication with your insurance company. You may get a non-renewal noticed until proof of said tree removal has occurred. I have a huge oak behind my house and I worry every day the insurance company will want me to have it cut. Had I know when I built the house I could...
  31. TractorGuy

    Hand held Brush Cutter

    For about 4 grand you can get one of these.
  32. TractorGuy

    Hand held Brush Cutter

    Jump to the 3:30 mark.
  33. TractorGuy

    Hand held Brush Cutter

    Is the area too steep for a walk behind brush mower? I guess engine oiling would be a problem if it was too steep.
  34. TractorGuy

    MFG/Dealer Price Differences

    I recently entertained the idea of buying a newer F150. I just wanted a newer version of the truck I have but with the Coyote V8. My current truck is a 2003 extended cab with a 6-1/2' bed, 4.6 V8 engine, 3:55 posi rear, and factory tow package. It tows everything I have a need to tow with ease...
  35. TractorGuy

    Funeral Costs

    Sorry for your loss. I ran into similar costs when my mother passed. Back then the most expensive coffin was about $2700 if I remember correctly. They had it right inside the door of room all the models were on display in. All the other, less expensive, coffins looked more like see something at...
  36. TractorGuy

    Really good small tire changer...

    Last small lawn tractor tire I changed I just clamped the hub of the wheel in the vise, soaped both beads, started the bead, placed vise grips on the bead of the wheel, and spun the tire on. After doing the bottom I pushed the top bead on and repeated. Worked like a charm.
  37. TractorGuy

    Implement bearings...check them

    Good reminder. I buy PGN bearings in 10 packs off eBay. End up with left overs but you never know when you will need one. Haven't checked the ones in my finish mower but they are 4 years old and it has been a little louder.
  38. TractorGuy

    Land plane for driveway

    Might work. Let us know how it goes. I prefer a grader blade for road and driveway shaping.
  39. TractorGuy

    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    A little but not by much. I usually try to run it at the next mark beyond the PTO mark on the tach. It tends to drop RPMs as I mow and I have to keep bumping the throttle up. I need to look into adjusting the tension on the throttle. Ideally you want to increase blade speed but most PTO finish...
  40. TractorGuy

    Anyone like traffic circles-roundabouts?

    That's MADNESS! I don't mind a simple single lane but even a double lane is stupid crazy.
  41. TractorGuy

    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    No I just stacked and tacked. I didn't bother to check for evenness. Identical blades would only be a 1/4" different but these are two different brands so they may have a different offset. The top blades are original and the bottom blades are Caroni. After mowing the whole field I wasn't as...
  42. TractorGuy

    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    I've been wanting the try out the dual blade idea on my finish mower for some time. My current blades didn't really need sharpening but I touched them up while they were off. I sharpened an old set and put them on top of the better blades. I tack welded them together to keep them square if I hit...
  43. TractorGuy

    How many have wives who make work for you.

    Who has a wife that doesn't?
  44. TractorGuy

    Love Letters. Real Estate

    I have received post cards advertising"we buy houses". As long as it's sent legally through the mail I just treat it like any other junk mail. I have neighbors that sometimes leave notes in people's mail boxes about road maintenance. I don't like anybody going in my mailbox other than the...
  45. TractorGuy

    Grapple style preference

    One other thought. There are times I don't want to pick up small limbs in my yard with the grapple because it's hard to to without damaging the grass. With type one it's easy to open and tilt back to hand load it. I think type 2 would be great for rakeing roots BUT. There are 3pt root rakes...
  46. TractorGuy

    Grapple style preference

    Whichever one you get you will find times the other would work better. I have #1 and there are times I would like #2. Either one will beat none and you will be glad you have it. Type 1 will handle a pile of brush fine.
  47. TractorGuy

    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    49 Dodge 1/2 ton PU.
  48. TractorGuy

    Ehydro issue

    All I can say is if I turn my 4310 eHydro off and restart it with load match turned on it won't hardly move until I turn load match off.
  49. TractorGuy

    Ehydro issue

    Load match switch turned off? I don't use mine often but if I forget to turn it off the tractor is very sluggish when I start it back up with the switch on.
  50. TractorGuy

    Showroom Shock !

    I drove by a Massey dealer in Quincy FL yesterday and it looked like they were flush with new tractors.